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Mal Pais Incense


Located near the southeastern tip of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, the sleepy little beach village of Mal Pais is the kind of place you go to and never want to leave. Here the breezes are gentle, the attitudes laid back, and the sea a crystal clear turquoise blue. There’s just one bumpy dirt road that runs through it, lined with palm trees and dotted with surf shops and tiny cafes. Take any one of the little paths off the main road that lead you through the thick jungle forest and out to the uncrowded, unspoiled stretch of white sand beach and pretend that you just found your own secret paradise. Our blend of woody palo santo mixed with the fresh and clean aromas of cypress and mandarin conjure up memories of this incredibly beautiful place that we fell in love with years ago.

20 sticks of incense made with all natural Palo Santo, Cypress, Mandarin, and Black Pepper essential oils. Each stick burns for about 60 minutes.

Made by: Hewn

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