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Energía Intention 53 Card Deck


This deck will help you create rituals to bring harmony and joy to your everyday life.

It’s designed to help you harness your feelings to attract new realities, the more energy you create, the more powerful your intentions become.

Each card features a power word and a magical drawing. The deck has 53 cards divided into four color-coded categories: “Spring”, “Summer”, “Fall”, and “Winter”. The intentions match the different energies of the year: spring symbolizes new beginnings, a fresh start. Summer represents adventures, boldness and fun. Fall is a time of inward focus, and reflection. Finally, winter is a time to contemplate and plan. The colors were carefully selected to match the mood. Playful and bright for spring, sunny and lush for summer, earthy and warm for fall, strong and minimal for winter.

This item is Made to Order and takes up to 2 weeks to produce. 

Made by: Ser Paraíso

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