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Day Dream Marbled Pop Tab Pipe


A one of a kind marbled look! Timeless stylish pipes make a fun addition to any smoke session. Designed with a wide and shallow bowl for easy cleaning and repacking, the pop tab pipe is perfect for spot hitting – and provides a mild and smooth puff.

Take care of this style by soaking in hot (not boiling!) water and dish soap, or tuck it in the dishwasher with your silverware.

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Pipes measure 1.5″ across x 3″ top to bottom x and are .5″ thick.

Holds a modest amount of herbs and produces a intermediate amount of smoke – perfect if you are still looking for a spot hit pipe so you can be more mindful of your consumption, but may have a higher tolerance or are looking to share with another person during a session

Made by: contraband

Shipping included to the US

In stock