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Day Dream Marbled Circle Pipe


Two clay colors are mixed while pouring to create this one of a kind marbled look! These round pipes provide an elevated smoking experience! The compact design is perfect for traveling or an afternoon on the couch, and weighs only 18 grams. Enjoy long, rolling puffs and be amazed by the deep bowl.

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This pipe measures approximately 2.25″ across, and 2.5″ top to bottom.

Holds the highest volume and produces the most smoke – perfect for a person looking to smoke the whole bowl, as these pipes produce long, rolling puffs, and the whole bowl can be smoked with 2-3 ignitions, better if you have a higher tolerance or are looking to share with another person – these are held closer to your face – you can always ignite the bowl away from yourself and then bring it closer to inhale!

Made by: contraband

Shipping included to the US

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