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Blooms and Buds Bath Tea


Blooms and Buds Bath Tea is a soothing blend of flower buds, blooms, and petals ready to swirl and dance in water for use as bath tea, facial steam, or a ritual soak.

Each flower has properties to soothe and calm stressed and tired skin.

Add a handful to bowl of steaming water for a cleansing facial steam.Add a handful directly into bath or fill a tea strainer with buds to create a luxe tea soak. Create a ritual bath soak experience for ceremonies, and life transitions.

Made with *rose petal, *calendula, *roman chamomile, *life everlasting flower, *chrysanthemum, *cornflower, *lavender, essential oils of geranium and *helichrysum *indicates organic

**Do not eat or drink**

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Made by: Poppy California

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