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June 4, 2015

Pink Midnight Jewelry

Necklace 3

Today we are thrilled to be featuring Pink Midnight Jewelry. These pieces will be popping up at our June 6th, 20th, and 27th Brooklyn Pop-Ups at East River State Park!Bracelet

Pink Midnight Jewelry is a limited edition, handmade jewelry line created by Natasha Ryan in Brooklyn, NY. Every piece Natasha creates is an extension of her personal history and finds joy when others feel beautiful wearing the pieces she’s designed.

Necklace 1

Natasha’s love of sculpture, art deco, sci-fi, desert tones washed over with a brilliant sunset, and photography greatly influences how she designs her jewelry. Each design is forged with the utmost detail and care, with an aesthetic balance of boldness and elegance.


Natasha loves jewelry that makes a unique statement with ethereal, minimalist designs. Each piece is carefully crafted with semi-precious stones, brass, and gold fill components into geometrically inspired arrangements. Natasha works within a very specific color palette and only uses gemstones that complements her cohesive collection. This strict adherence to color pays off – because not only does each piece complement each other, but we want all of them, too!

Necklace 2

Natasha finds herself an outsider to mainstream fashion, although sometimes she might incorporate certain ideas in her work. Most of the time, Natasha will draw from her own instinct, personal aesthetic, and the colors of her birthplace: the Sonoran Desert.


Natasha’s favorite part about making jewelry is learning endless new skills in the trade. There are so many different ways to make a piece, from metal-smithing to wax carving. For Natasha, ideas tend to generate as she works on a piece, making each design a unique, stream-of-creative-consciousness that directly infuses Natasha to her jewelry.DSC_7975


We cannot wait to see these gorgeous pieces at our Brooklyn Pop-Ups starting this Saturday! Be sure to check out the Pink Midnight Jewelry collection and Etsy shop, and see what Natasha’s been up to on Instagram. See ya’ll in just a couple of days!