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August 6, 2014

Pigeon Toe


Today we’re so happy to be featuring Portland ceramicist extraordinaire, Pigeon Toe. In honor of our first steps into the Northwest, we’ve invited Pigeon Toe as well as a couple other Portland vendors who will be guest-posting on our Instagram account starting today until our Portland Mini Market this Saturday and Sunday! Follow us on Instagram to see the inner workings of Pigeon Toe’s studio, process, as well as some of their favorite Portland haunts. We’ve been told they have some grand plans in store for our followers.


After settling on art as her life’s focus in first grade, Lisa Jones, creator of Pigeon Toe, spent her adolescence exploring a variety of art mediums from painting to video installation before settling into product design with the founding of Pigeon Toe in 2009. Steering clear from the excess of mass-produced products, Lisa formed Pigeon Toe with a vision to create uniquely beautiful objects that incorporate and celebrate the extensive history of handcrafts.

PT 1

Realizing that understanding materials on an intimate level leads to refined and imaginative objects, Lisa’s work under Pigeon Toe has evolved with her own artistic enrichment and hands-on study of new techniques and mediums. This growth is fostered through relationships with other esteemed craftspeople, with a focus on building community through shared learning opportunities and love of making.


Lisa continually finds a fresh perspective through innovative material combinations, harking back to an era where artisans not only create, but inspire. We are constantly inspired by Lisa’s unique take on ceramic jewelry, such as her breathtaking Twined Quill Necklace.lg_arc_bangles_model

Pigeon Toe is a new perspective on the beauty inherent in every day. It is an exploration of the aesthetic potential of objects that populate and create our lives. Every piece from Pigeon Toe runs through a process of imagination and insight. It is then shaped through skilled hands; every form and mark placed with intent and purpose.


Pigeon Toe accentuates function and redefines form. We think Pigeon Toe’s adage is not only true but perfectly fitting.Twinedquill_model

Lisa was kind enough to offer a glimpse into her incredible studio in Portland. We are amazed by the expansion of her artistic vision and are so happy about her success!


We are so thrilled to have Pigeon Toe join us at our first ever Mini Market in Portland! The talent and quality of homemade goods that has reached out to this fair has been truly remarkable. Please join us this weekend at Rejuvenation from 12-6pm both days. In the meantime, browse the Pigeon Toe website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Plus, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to see a Day In the Life of Pigeon Toe!