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Renegade Craft Fair

Photography Style Guide

Thank You for Capturing the Fair!

To help you navigate the Fair and best capture the Renegade experience, we have created this handy style guide. Please read through and feel free to direct any Pre-Fair questions to our Marketing Director. Onsite at the Fair, our Creative Lead or Marketing Director are your points of contact and will provide oversight throughout the weekend. When you arrive at the Fair, please check-in at our Info Booth to meet our team.

  • Renegade requests approximately 100-150 of your best images from the Fair weekend (and additional shots if we have asked for specific photos). Please capture mostly horizontal and some vertical shots.
  • Always ask for permission from vendors and attendees when taking a photo where they are prominently featured.
  • Our goal is to capture appealing images that engage and inspire, to reflect the Fair experience and our mission of leading and uplifting handmade, and to illuminate the uniqueness of the Fair’s city. To do so, we encourage you to enjoy the Fair, shop around, and take part in the good vibes!
  • Focus on photographing the Fair’s offerings and capturing the Fair’s experience for both vendors and attendees. We love to see the candid moments as well as stylized shots. We love to see a good mix of candid and interactive moments with framed and posed shots.

Thank you, we are so excited to see the Fair come to life through your images. For your time photographing, have this list handy and feel free to ask the onsite Creative Lead for guidance!


  • Ask for permission before taking someone’s photo.
  • Capture dynamic and beautiful booth displays.
  • Represent the diverse amount of products and activities at the Fair.
  • Capture our diverse and inclusive audience.
  • Look through Renegade’s Instagram and Flickr to get an idea of our vibe and aesthetic.
  • Consider the whole experience – for vendors, attendees, and our online following – when capturing the Fair.
  • Remember that you are representing Renegade, and to be respectful towards vendors and attendees.
  • Feel free to ask the onsite Creative Lead for direction or help–we’re excited to collaborate and work with you!


  • Do not post or capture photos that make the Fair look empty–we want to reflect our bustling and alive event.
  • Do not ask for discounts from vendors.
  • Do not leave the sound on when shooting video at the Fair.
  • Do not shoot too many vertical shots – we prefer horizontal!

Check out the shot list categories and examples below to help you prepare for the event!


Use your creative eye to capture the bustling crowds and breadth of the event.


We love seeing participants with their work, setup, and style.


Feel free to ask stylish shoppers to photograph their ‘fits.

Extraordinary Booth Displays

Capture exceptional booth displays, being sure to get the best angle possible.

*Keep in mind that for our website, we typically use square images that showcase the whole booth.

Beautiful Products

At the heart of Renegade is products that are independently designed and crafted.

Experiential + Installations

Photograph workshops, art installations, seating installations, and anything interactive.

Attendee + Participant Interactions

We love to see the connections Makers and shoppers create at our fairs.

Artisanal Food Shots

Grab a bite from a food truck or concessionaire – including prepackaged goods, stands, carts, and desserts – and style it pretty.


We want to see how Renegade transformed the venue: show off our unique activations (seating areas, installations, experiential activities), surrounding area and wayfinding signs, and Renegade Craft flags and decor.


Be sure to photograph the bar and drinks.

Good Vibes

Our Fairs are in beautiful, often historic, venues and we love to see how Renegade looks within those spaces.


Capture attendees enjoying our sponsors’ activations, installations, and offerings.

*Feel free to ask a Renegade staffer to help point out sponsored activations.


We love seeing the Fair’s atmosphere, with a focus on pretty light and architectural elements.


Capture the sunshine, city views, and good vibes at our outdoor Fairs, including the food trucks parked, and crowds lined up to taste test.