Renegade Craft Fair

Visitor Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for our Visitor Frequently Asked Questions!

What's a Virtual Fair, anyway?

For more information on how we landed on hosting a Virtual Fair, head here.

I’d like to support Renegade. How can I do that?

We greatly appreciate your support! There are many ways you can support Renegade, and our platform of uplifting small businesses.

Support! The suggested entry fee helps us stay afloat, and ensures the future of Renegade events – both Virtual and in real life. Direct financial support is the best way to help our small and mighty business through this time. We appreciate it!

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Tell Your Friends! Expand our community while amplifying the voices of small businesses.

How do I navigate the site to get the most of this experience?

Glad you asked! We prefer to experience the Virtual Fair on a desktop, using the filters, and opening up multiple Portals in new windows (left click > open link in new window). Once the windows are open, interact with the livestreams by commenting, asking questions, liking and following, purchasing products, or making donations. No desktop? No problem! Head to the landing page on your mobile web browser and click on Portal links. Heads up that you may have to download or sign in to some livestream platforms. We hope you enjoy!

How long will roster and artist Portals be available?

Since we have Virtual Fairs every weekend from April 24+24 to May 29+30, rosters and artist Portals are available for a week (Wednesday before the Fair – Wednesday after the Fair). Before the Fair, plan your virtual visit, check out artists and their Portals, and be sure to tune into the Fair so you can get the full Fair experience!

The vendor I want to see isn’t live. Am I doing something wrong?

Nope! The vendor may not be doing a livestream for their participation, or is having technical difficulties (remember this virtual world is new for all of us, we’re doing our best. Thank you for your patience!).

Is your question not listed here?

Hit us up!