Renegade Craft Fair

City Season Fair Participation Kit

Congratulations on your acceptance to Renegade Craft City!

We are so excited to have you as a part of our community! We’ve created this handy Participation Kit to get ready for the Fair. Please take a moment to click through and read each section, which has detailed and important information.

A friendly note from Renegade: Keep in mind that we cannot be held accountable for mishaps or misinformation that may arise as a result of participants not reading through the content provided, so please read carefully!


Month X + X
XX am - XX pm

Please click here to visit the homepage for this Fair, and share your participation with your friends and fans!

Venue Name (Link to Venue – New Tab)

Address Line 1 (Link to Google Maps Directions – New Tab)
Address Line 2

This Fair will be held indoors.


This Fair is indoors with some outdoor food trucks and features, and will go on rain or shine.


This Fair will be held outdoors, rain or shine!

Street parking is limited in the area and not guaranteed. -or- Other relevant parking details.

Leashed pets and service animals are welcome to join in on the fun!


Service animals are welcome! Sorry, your adorable pets are not permitted.

The City Season Fair has on average XXX+ participants.

[Established Fair] Historically, approximately XX,XXX attendees visit the Fair.


[New Fair] Since this is a new city for Renegade, we anticipate an estimated XX,XXX attendees.

Prior to the Fair, send us your questions and ideas through our contact form! We’ll email you back asap.

During the weekend of the Fair, you can call or text our on-site crew on the Rc hotline phone!

That number is: 312-342-0687.


We’re so excited that you are participating, and hope you are, too! Let your friends, family, and followers know by spreading the word and generating excitement for the Fair so we can make it as bustling, successful, and vibrant as can be!

Find all our promotional assets in the toggles below, yours to use!

Find us on social @RenegadeCraft to follow along, and join our Facebook Event and invite your community.

You can also let your friends and followers know you’re heading to Renegade by posting these graphics that come in multiple color variations to match your feed.

We love to see what you’ve been up to you–share your #RenegadeProcess with us, we always repost our faves. Be sure to use our hashtags when promoting your involvement in the Fair, so we can find your post! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook @RenegadeCraft.

#RenegadeCraft  ~ #RenegadeCity  ~ #RenegadeProcess

Tweet, DM, and share our Facebook Event with your community! Anyone you think we should be talking to or advertising with? Let us know in the Contact Form below!


We encourage you to accept credit cards and cash at the Fair. Many mobile card readers now provide offline mode capabilities for your device or tablet, which allows you to accept swiped card payments when Internet service or your connection is giving you trouble.

If you are using a processing device without WiFi, still keep in mind that the network sometimes gets a little crowded. If you’re having trouble, we recommend taking down the customer’s credit card information/telephone number and running the charge later when you have a stable connection.

Depending on which size booth you applied for, your footprint at the Fair measures X’ x X’ for a shared booth, X’ x X’ for a full booth, or X’ x X’ for a double booth. If you are a mobile vendor, your set-up should be no larger than X’ x X’ and should be maneuverable throughout the venue.

If you signed up for a shared booth, we will email an introduction to your boothmate soon. Make sure to contact and coordinate with your partner on your booth set-up and rental needs. Please note that shared booths most typically are oriented with the shortest side facing the aisle. Please work with your booth partner and plan your booth accordingly.

Your booth display is entirely up to you, and we encourage you to make your set-up just as creative as the goods you are selling.


For indoor venues, participants are not allowed to use tent frames due to fire code restrictions.


For outdoor venues, we strongly encourage white tent tops as they allow for the most natural light, and won’t cast a color on your work.


Given the venue -or- time of the event, consider whether your display may need additional lighting. If so, we recommend battery-powered lights as access to power outlets cannot be guaranteed.

If you have chosen a shared booth option please be sure to reach out to your booth partner to discuss how to best orient your booth for the best display.

When weighing your tent, please be sure to use a minimum of 40 pounds per leg and also make sure to securely fasten each with sturdy rope or heavy gauge zip-ties.

Securing multiple tents together is not safe for anchoring.

Lowering one’s tent at night and covering all sides will help protect against wind and weather for overnight. An even better and safer practice is to remove the top and use it to tarp your displays, eliminating all possibility for wind to lift your tent or canopy.

If you rent a tent through Renegade (see the Rental section below), appropriate weights and set-up will be provided.








All rental orders are due by Day, XX/XX, no exceptions! If you do not submit a rental request you are responsible for providing your own display items and furniture.

Make sure to consider your booth size and display when requesting rental items.

If WiFi is not available: Note, WiFi is not available for rent and is not provided at this Fair. Please plan accordingly.
If WiF is available: WiFi is available as a rental item for the weekend! Request it below using the rental form.

For Fairs Offering Early Load-In:
We are excited to offer (and strongly encourage utilizing) free early load-in on Friday X/X between 3–5pm, no RSVP required.

Head here to request rental items for this Fair.

Monday after PK2: Sorry, rentals for this Fair are now closed!
Sorry, furniture rentals for this Fair are now closed. WiFi is available for rent here until Day, XX/XX!

Friday Before the Fair: Sorry, rentals for this Fair are now closed!


We’ll be posting our Roster for the Fair to our website soon, you’re in good company!

R+R Email:
Our Roster for the Fair is now live on our website and it’s a one-of-a-kind beauty! Check it out, review your profile, and make sure everything looks a-ok including your icon, business name, bio, website, and Instagram.


Booth Assignments will be announced soon, once curation is complete. Stay tuned! You’ll receive another email in the coming weeks when this Participation Kit is updated.

Check out the Fair Page to view your Booth Assignment in the Roster and the Directory.
Please note: Booth assignments are subject to change.


Closer to the Fair, we’ll share specifics about load-in and out, rentals, and overnight security. Check back!

(nix “Check back!” above and include below copy)
We are excited to offer free early load-in on Friday XX/XX between 3–5pm, no RSVP required. We strongly recommend taking advantage of Friday load-in to make Saturday morning a breeze.

Check back later for more details!

(Toggles are added for PK2)

Load-in will be staggered into two groups between 8 and 9 a.m. on Saturday. Each group will be given 30 minutes to load into the Venue and will have until 11 a.m to set-up. Please be set-up by 11 a.m. both days to greet early shoppers. Detailed load-in assignments are shared below!

Group 1 / 8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. –  Booth Numbers 1-35 and 64-70
Group 2 / 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. –  Booth Numbers 36-63 and all mobile vendors

We suggest taking the first and closest parking space you can find and using a hand truck or cart to load in from there. All vendors must load in through the front doors or freight elevator, located at ADDRESS. Only commercial vehicles with commercial plates have permission to use the loading zone located in front of the building, so that area will be off-limits to all Renegade Craft Fair vendors.

There will be staff on-hand to help facilitate load-in. We will have a handful of handtrucks available for vendors to use for load-in and out. The handtrucks will be available on a first come first served basis and will require a photo I.D. as collateral.

Please note that vendors that arrive late or load-in after their assigned time without notifying the Rc team may have their booth forfeited at event start time. Vendors are also not permitted to spread out into empty booths outside of their assigned booth footprint.

Please know that if you have rented tables, chairs or clothing racks through Renegade you will need to pick them up from the Rental Depot, located next to the Info booth. They will be available during load-in. Please return them to the rental depot while loading out on Sunday evening.


The venue will be secured and closed overnight; however, we encourage you to take anything valuable with you for the night! If you do choose to leave your displays, merchandise, etc., please note that anything you leave overnight is done so at your own risk. Doors will open to vendors promptly at 9 am on Sunday, so please also keep this in mind when considering leaving anything overnight. The venue and Renegade Craft Fair are not responsible for any damages or theft that may occur.


We have security roaming throughout the night, but please note that this is a public venue; we strongly encourage you to take your merchandise and anything valuable with you for the night. If you choose to leave your displays, merchandise, etc., please note that anything you leave overnight is done so at your own risk. The venue and Renegade Craft Fair are not responsible for any damages or theft that may occur. We also recommend you lower your tent in case of any weather.

Breakdown begins at X p.m. Please do not pack up early! Load-out will happen the same way as load-in. Help us make this a smooth and easy load-out by packing up your booth before bringing your car around.

Vendors are responsible for disposing of their own trash at the end of the night! Thank you for doing your part, we appreciate it.


In California, your tent must have a CA seal of approval for flame retardancy either sewn into the fabric or provided with the literature that is packed with the product. Most tent manufacturers can mail or email this if missing or lost. The Fire Marshal WILL be checking for these, so please ensure you have this ready for inspection at the start of the event.

If you rented a tent through Renegade on the rental form, our production company will ensure that the tent complies with California regulations for outdoor tents.


All materials and furnishings shall be either made from non-combustible materials or treated and maintained in a flame retardant condition by an approved flame retardant solution process and meet the flame and smoke density ratings as stated below.

All fabrics should comply with CPAl-84 and be labeled or certified as such or be flame treated. Flame retardant treatments shall be renewed as necessary or after each cleaning. Identification showing the date, type of treatment, the firm that treated the material, and Seal of the State of California Fire Marshal shall be located on or affixed to all treated materials or posted in booth approved by the facility Fire Marshal.

Combustible materials having a flame spread rating of less than 225 and a smoke density rating of less than 450, as determined by ASTME 84 (Tunnel Test), and certified as such, comply with the NFPA codes listed below. Please reference NFPA 701 and 101-10.3.1, 10.3.5, and 12.7.5 (all) for more information.


+ Wood that is properly treated

+ Drapes, hangings, curtains, and props

+ Foam core board (PVC) shall be a certified flame resistant type – no exceptions

+ Poster paper and banners

+ Decorative fabrics

+ Motion picture screens

+ ALL other decorative materials, including plastics

+ Cardboard

+ Plywood under 1/4″ thickness

+ Oil Paper

+ Tar Paper

+ Nylon

+ Materials that cannot be flame treated

+ Untreated material

+ Literature on display shall be limited to reasonable quantities (one day’s supply).

+ Reserve supplies shall be kept in closed containers and stored in a neat and compact manner free and clear of electrical cables or junction boxes

+ Exhibitors shall ensure their booths are cleaned of combustible rubbish regularly

+ Storage of empty cartons in exhibit booth area is not permitted

+ Storage of any kind is prohibited behind back drapes or display walls and inside the display area

+ All empty cardboard must be broken down and taken off-site

+ All empty crates must be taken off-site

+ If your booth is along one of the walls, DO NOT place items in the space between your booth and the wall.

Please note these very important restrictions regarding Fort Mason’s fire code regulations.

The Fire Marshal will be inspecting each event and will require that all participants be in compliance. Self-treating or spraying your materials is no longer permitted.

These items must be treated by a certified professional. Fort Mason also requires that storage containers not consist of cardboard, wood, or other highly combustible materials. Metal or plastic containers are acceptable.

The venue recommends that if you must store merchandise and supplies in cardboard or wood, leave those items in your vehicles and retrieve your stock throughout the day as needed.

Please email with any questions you may have.


Please note this very important restriction regarding the City of Boston's fire code regulations.

The Fire Marshal will be inspecting each event and will require that all participants be in compliance. Cyclorama is a historic building and requires that any fabric used in ones decor or booth design have a flame retardant certificate issued by the City of Boston. You can submit samples of your fabric using the following form. They require a 12" x 12" sample of each kind of fabric you are using and it must be mailed in no less than three weeks before the Fair. Product you will be selling (clothing, tea towels, etc.) is exempt from testing.

If you have any questions regarding a flame retardant certificate, we recommend calling the Boston Fire Department at (617) 343-3527 with your inquiry.

Also be aware the following items are not permitted in the Cyclorama:
+ Helium balloons, glitter, confetti
+ Aerosol/spray paints
+ Drones/unmanned aircraft systems
+ Fog machines, haze machines, Ice Sculptures and/or dry ice, candles and/or any open flames
+ Tape or other adhesive materials cannot be used on grey perimeter walls.
+ Any enclosures (pop tents, ceiling treatments)


It’s an exciting experience to come out of the studio and into a vibrant marketplace, so we’ve come up with a few tips that can help you make the most of your participation.

Give a smile, say hello, tell attendees about your products, offer samples, and make a connection! Shoppers might be put off if you’re on your phone or iPad, so keep that in mind when trying to make the most of your participation.

Business cards, buttons, postcards, catalogs, and other promotional materials are a great way to start the conversation with your potential buyers.

Include a mailing list sign-up at your booth, with signage to let folks know how to get in touch with you after the Fair, or how to follow you on social media.

Let buyers know that your business bio and links to your website and Instagram are also on the Renegade Craft website, in case they lose your information. Renegade reserves the right to select roster images and photos provided by the links submitted in your Participation Application. Once our Roster is live, please check your business name, bio, and links are accurate.

R+R Email: Our Roster is live, please check your business name, bio, and links are accurate.

Most people’s priority is to sell their work at the Fair, but also remember your work is being seen by thousands of attendees. This is your chance to make a lasting impression on a large audience, which often leads to future online sales, wholesale orders, editorial features, and other amazing opportunities.

We strongly suggest bringing plenty of water, refreshments, and snacks with you to keep you energized throughout the Fair. It is also helpful to bring a friend along to help run your booth and hold down the fort so you can take a couple of breaks throughout the day.

R+R Email: We strongly suggest bringing plenty of water, coffee, and snacks with you to keep you energized throughout the Fair. Check out the Roster to see the Food + Drink participants that will be at the Fair! It is also helpful to bring a friend along to help run your booth and hold down the fort so you can take a couple of breaks throughout the day.


All vendors making sales in Illinois are required to report and pay all tax due based on their total receipts within ten (10) days of the close of our Fair. The State of Illinois asks us to collect your business’ Illinois Account ID Number for tax reporting purposes. Please use our Tax ID Submission Form to provide your Account ID Number.

If you do not have an ID number, you may use this coupon to calculate your tax due to the Department of Revenue.

Please note that Renegade Craft cannot provide tax advice. If you have questions regarding this process, please call the State of Illinois Department of Revenue at (847) 294-4475 or email Ms. Barbara Wagner at

For more information about Illinois sales tax, please visit Illinois Revenue’s website.


The City of Seattle asks us to collect your Business License number. If your application is pending, please be sure to provide your License number at least two weeks before our Fair date. Any vendor who does not provide an approved Seattle Business License by the City of Seattle will be required to pay Renegade Craft $20 to accommodate the city’s mandatory Trade Show Licensing fee. This is a requirement of all participants regardless of address.

Please use our Tax ID Submission Form to submit your Business License number or your $20 payment.

Please note that this number is different than the Washington State UBI number and that Renegade Craft cannot provide tax advice. For more information about obtaining a Seattle Business License, visit the City of Seattle’s website. If you are unsure whether you already have a Business License, you may look up your business using their online database.


The State of Washington asks us to collect your Washington State Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number. If you do not already have a UBI number, then you will have to go through the State of Washington directly to obtain one. Please use our Tax ID Submission Form to submit your UBI number.

Please note that this number is different than the City of Seattle Business License and that Renegade Craft cannot provide tax advice. For questions, please refer to the State of Washington Business License Service.


The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration requires that all vendors participating in our San Francisco and/or Los Angeles Fairs must have a Seller’s Permit to participate in our Fair. If you do not have a California Seller’s Permit, visit this CDTFA webpage and select “Register a New Business Activity or Location” to register for your Seller’s Permit for free.

Temporary Seller’s Permits are only valid for 90 days and are location-specific. If you already have a California Seller’s Permit, you may add our Fair location as a sub-location to your existing permit. Please use our Tax ID Submission Form to submit your California Seller’s Permit number.

For more information about Seller’s Permits, please refer to the following CDTFA sources: Temporary Sellers; Permits & Licenses; and Obtaining a Seller’s Permit. Please note that Renegade Craft cannot give tax advice. For questions, please refer to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

For All Fairs EXCEPT Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles: BUSINESS TAX + PERMITTING INFORMATION

For Business Tax + Permitting Information, please visit our FAQ page.


Rc Staff Contact Information

During the weekend of the Fair, you can call or text our on-site crew on the Rc hotline phone!

That number is: 312-342-0687.

There is not an official Fair Participant check-in, but please feel free to pop by our Information Booth at the Fair to introduce yourself, ask a question, share ideas, or meet the Renegade Team! Certain rentals require check-in; please refer to the rental section for further details.

We will have complimentary enamel pins available while supplies last.

Participation Perks

Renegade offers creatives an opportunity to connect with engaged fans and enthusiastic shoppers. There are many additional benefits that come along with joining our events! Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Your Booth space. Create your own pop-up shop to showcase and sell your work to an engaged audience!
  • Inclusion on our roster. Our website’s 150K+ unique pageviews per month will put your linked site in front of a variety of buyers and shoppers leading up to the Fair.
  • Wholesale opportunities. Buyers head to Renegade to discover unique makers and products like yours, and many reach out during and after the show to set-up accounts with their store.
  • Networking and collaborations. Tap into our vibrant creative community by connecting with neighboring makers for potential collaborations, resources, and other exciting opportunities.
  • Potential social features. With a thriving following of over 300,000 fans and followers online (over 200k on Instagram alone), we handpick and feature exceptional makers and participants on our social media.

Fun Facts*:

  • 97% of attendees return to Renegade Craft.
  • Attendees spend around 2 hours and $50–$300 at the Fair.
  • 50% of vendors make sales before and after the Fair due to their inclusion on our roster.
  • Annually, Renegade works with 3,000+ participants and attracts 300,000+ attendees.

*Based on responses from our annual survey.