Renegade Craft Fair

New York City
Women in the World Boutique
Curated by Renegade Craft
Participation Kit

Congratulations on your acceptance to New York City Women in the World Boutique Curated by Renegade Craft!

We are so excited to have you as a part of our community! We’ve created this handy Participation Kit to get ready for the Fair. Please take a moment to click through and read each section, which has detailed and important information.

A friendly note from Renegade: Keep in mind that we cannot be held accountable for mishaps or misinformation that may arise as a result of participants not reading through the content provided, so please read carefully!


New York City
Women in the World Boutique
Curated by Renegade Craft

April 10 - 12
9 pm - 11 pm, Wednesday (VIP Only)
11 am - 8 pm, Thursday
11 am - 3 pm, Friday

Please click here to visit the homepage for this Fair, and share your participation with your friends and fans!

Women in the World Summit

The Atrium at Lincoln Center 

10 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023

This Fair will be held indoors.

Street parking is hard to come by!

Click here for information on parking.

Service animals are welcome! Sorry, pets are not permitted.

The Women in the World Boutique has on average 10 – 15 participants.

Historically, the conference draws in approximately 2,500 attendees. The Boutique will also be open to the public.


We’re so excited that you are participating, and hope you are, too! Let your friends, family, and followers know by spreading the word and generating excitement for the Fair so we can make it as bustling, successful, and vibrant as can be!

Please share the eFlyer for the Fair and create an Instagram Story using the graphics provided here! Join our Facebook Event, and find us on Social @RenegadeCraft. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting with ads and promotion, but our collective voices are what make Renegade Fairs so successful.

We love to see what you’ve been up to you–share your #RenegadeProcess with us, we always repost our faves. Be sure to use our hashtags when promoting your involvement in the Fair, so we can find your post! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook @RenegadeCraft.

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Tweet, DM, and share our Facebook Event with your community! Anyone you think we should be talking to or advertising with? Let us know in the Contact Form below!


Mastercard and Synchrony are sponsoring a unique and innovative engagement at the Happy Hour on Wednesday (9 pm - 11 pm) at the Women in the World Summit!
All 200 VIP attendees at the Happy Hour will receive a contactless payment wristband with a pre-loaded monetary amount of $100 - $150 for each attendee to use!

As part of this activation, Mastercard and Synchrony want to ensure that every vendor at the Boutique Curated by Renegade Craft can accept payment through contactless transactions. To get started, let us know about your payment system(s) by Monday 3/11.

To allow support for Contactless Transactions and seamless customer experience, the sponsors are recommending vendors enable contactless transactions via the Clover Go device, if you do not already have a payment system in place. These devices will be provided to each boutique owner, you would be required to set up a free Clover account for these transactions if you do not already have an account. Contactless payment must remain an available option of payment for the three days of the Boutique.

NOTE! You will not be required to change your payment system, and your participation in the Boutique is not at risk if you do not have the hardware for contactless transactions. The sponsors will provide devices for vendors who do not have the necessary hardware.

We will share more details soon!


We encourage you to accept credit cards and cash at the Fair. Many mobile card readers now provide offline mode capabilities for your device or tablet, which allows you to accept swiped card payments when Internet service or your connection is giving you trouble.

If you are using a processing device without WiFi, still keep in mind that the network sometimes gets a little crowded. If you’re having trouble, we recommend taking down the customer’s credit card information/telephone number and running the charge later when you have a stable connection.

Your footprint at the Fair measures 8’ x 8’ for a full booth.

Your booth display is entirely up to you, and we encourage you to make your setup just as creative as the goods you are selling.

For indoor venues, participants are no longer allowed to bring in tent structures.


Please note that all rental orders are due on Sunday, 3/31, no exceptions! If you do not submit a rental request you are responsible for providing your own display items.

Make sure to consider your booth size and display when requesting rental items.

Head here to request available rentals for this Fair.


Our Roster for the Fair is now live on our website and it’s a one-of-a-kind beauty! Check it out, review your profile, and make sure everything looks a-ok including your icon, business name, bio, website, and Instagram.


Booth Assignments will be announced soon, once curation is complete. Stay tuned! You’ll receive another email in the coming weeks when this Participation Kit is updated.


Closer to the Fair, we’ll share details about load-in and out. Check back!


It’s an exciting experience to come out of the studio and into a vibrant marketplace, so we’ve come up with a few tips that can help you make the most of your participation.

Give a smile, say hello, tell attendees about your products, offer samples, and make a connection! Shoppers might be put off if you’re on your phone or iPad, so keep that in mind when trying to make the most of your participation.

Business cards, buttons, postcards, catalogs, and other promotional materials are a great way to start the conversation with your potential buyers.

Include a mailing list sign-up at your booth, with signage to let folks know how to get in touch with you after the Fair, or how to follow you on social media.

Let buyers know that your business bio and links to your website and Instagram are also on the Renegade Craft website, in case they lose your information. Renegade reserves the right to select roster images and photos provided by the links submitted in your Participation Application. Our Roster is live, please check your business name, bio,  and links are accurate.

Most people’s priority is to sell their work at the Fair, but also remember your work is being seen by thousands of attendees. This is your chance to make a lasting impression on a large audience, which often leads to future online sales, wholesale orders, editorial features, and other amazing opportunities.

We strongly suggest bringing plenty of water, coffee, and snacks with you to keep you energized throughout the Fair. It is also helpful to bring a friend along to help run your booth and hold down the fort so you can take a couple of breaks throughout the day.

Business Tax + Permitting Information

For Business Tax + Permitting Information, please visit our FAQ page.

Rc Staff Contact Information

During the weekend of the Fair, you can call or text our on-site crew on the Rc hotline phone!

That number is: 312-342-0687.

There is not an official Fair Participant check-in, but please feel free to pop by our Information Booth at the Fair to introduce yourself, ask a question, share ideas, or meet the Renegade Gang! Certain rentals require check-in; please refer to the rental section for further details.

We will have complimentary Maker pins available while supplies last.

Please fill out our survey after the fair to share your experience with us! If you have a testimonial or success story to share with us, we’d love to hear it. Thanks in advance!

Participation Perks

Renegade offers creatives an opportunity to connect with engaged fans and enthusiastic shoppers. There are many additional benefits that come along with joining our events! Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Your Booth space. Create your own pop-up shop to showcase and sell your work to an engaged audience!
  • Inclusion on our roster. Our website’s 150K+ unique pageviews per month will put your linked site in front of a variety of buyers and shoppers both before and after the Fair.
  • Wholesale opportunities. Buyers head to Renegade to discover unique makers and products like yours, and many reach out during and after the show to set-up accounts with their store.
  • Networking and collaborations. Tap into our vibrant creative community by connecting with neighboring makers for potential collaborations, resources, and other exciting opportunities.
  • Potential social features. With a thriving following of nearly 300,000 fans and followers online (nearly 200k on Instagram alone), we handpick and feature exceptional makers and participants on our social media.

Fun Facts:

  • 97% of attendees return to Renegade Craft.
  • Attendees spend around 2 hours and $50–$300 at the Fair.
  • 50% of vendors make sales before and after the Fair due to their inclusion on our roster.
  • Annually, Renegade works with 3,000+ participants and attracts 300,000+ attendees.