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Renegade Craft Fair

Chicago Participation Kit

Congratulations on your acceptance to Renegade Craft Chicago!

We are so excited to have you as a part of our community! Please read through our Participation Kit to get ready for the Fair. Please take a moment to click through and read each section, which has detailed and important information. We can’t wait to see you and what you’ve been making!


Show us what you're up to leading up to the Fair to and tag us on Instagram @RenegadeCraft ☺︎


Prior to the Fair, send us your questions and ideas via email to Info@RenegadeCraft.com. We will get back to you asap during regular working hours M-TH.

During the weekend of the Fair, you can find our team at the Rc Info Booth located on the North side of Division St. at Wood St (see map).

There is not an official check-in, but please feel free to pop by our Info Booth at anytime to say Hi, ask a question, share ideas, or meet the Renegade team.

You can also call or text our on-site crew on the Rc hotline phone. That number is: 312-723-5867.

We will have complimentary enamel pins and stickers available while supplies last.

Meet our team here ☺︎

venue + address:

W. Division St. between Damen Ave. + Ashland Ave.
Wicker Park
Chicago, IL 60622

    • The Fair will be open 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. both days.
    • The event will be held outdoors, rain or shine!
    • Leashed pets and service animals are welcome to join in on the fun!
venue character:

Our Flagship Chicago Fair takes place on Division St. in Wicker Park. The Fair is 7 city blocks-long, from Damen to Marshfield. There are many spots on Division St. to grab a drink and bite, but expect to be preoccupied with lots of customers – so bring provisions and/or a helper! The average temperature in mid-September is around 70°F with a chance of weather, so prepare to bring a tent, layers, and your wonderful self to meet our lovely Chicago community!

This event is held on Division St. which is a city street that’s ground level and accessible via sidewalk ramping. Please be advised that city streets may present obstacles for some disabled persons, such as uneven terrain, potholes, sewer grates, etc. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have.

We produce all of our events with the health + safety of our community as our first priority, following local and national recommendations as our guide. Read our health + safety plan here.


Head here to reserve rental items, including canopies, tables, chairs, garment racks, and table linens.

+ Canopy Rentals are due August 12.
+ Table, Chair, Garment Rack, and Linen Rentals are due August 26.


If you’re interested in bringing your own canopy we found this E-Z UP. For canopy weights (a must!), we recommend these eco-canopy weights or these water weights. For extra protection from the elements, you can find white or clear sidewalls for your canopy.

While we can’t offer electricity rentals, we found this portable power station that will offer you some juice throughout the weekend.

WiFi is not available at this Fair. We recommend contacting your cellular service provider for a mobile hotspot, running offline sales, or this universal hotspot (though we cannot guarantee it is a good fit for everyone, please confirm with your cellular provider). In any case, please test your tech before the event.

To guarantee direct lighting on your display, we recommend bringing cordless/portable lights. For ambient lighting, we recommend this led light ballrechargeable globe or these string lights. For more direct light, we recommend this table lamp or this circular lamp.

PS – if you use these links to purchase we may earn a small commission.

At the Fair

If you rented tables, table linens, chairs, or clothing racks through us, you will need to pick them up from the Rental Depot located closest to your booth during load-in.

Rental depots are located in two areas:

  • Northeast corner of Wolcott + Division
  • Southwest corner of Hermitage + Division

If you rented a canopy, it will be set up and weighted by the rental company for you in your booth space. Please note that rental canopies do not come with sidewalls, so be prepared to have your own in case of weather.

Depending on which size booth you applied for, your footprint at the Fair measures 5’x10’ for a shared booth, 10’x10’ for a full booth, or 10’x20′ for a double booth.

Please note that shared booths most typically are oriented with the shortest side facing the aisle. Please work with your booth partner and plan your setup and rental needs accordingly. Read more about shared booths below.

If you are a mobile vendor, your set-up should be no larger than 5’ x 10’ and should be maneuverable throughout the fair.

If you signed up for a shared booth, you will receive your booth mate’s contact information after curation, around August 22.

Please get in touch with each other as soon as you are introduced to discuss your shared booth setup and rentals as needed before the rental deadline.

We will be pairing vendors who rented a shared canopy, so canopy rentals are due before we curate booth shares. If you didn’t rent a shared canopy, please be sure to coordinate a tent with your booth mate if needed. If you rent a shared canopy and don’t end up needing it, we can cancel your order and offer a refund until August 29.

Shared Booth Setups

Please note that shared booths most typically are oriented with the shortest side facing the aisle. Shared booths at this Fair are 5′ wide x 10′ deep. Please work with your booth partner and plan accordingly so that shoppers can browse both of your setups. Read more on sharing a booth here.

Here are a handful of diagrams to give you some ideas on how you could set up a shared booth space. The diagrams are to scale, so please notice how the displays fit within the booth and how much space is available for attendees to browse both of your products.

For outdoor venues, we encourage white canopy/tent tops as they allow for the most natural light, and won’t cast a color on your work. This is not a requirement, just a tip we recommend.

Weighing Your Tent/Canopy

  • Important! It is required for you to weigh your canopy/tent.
  • Be sure to use a minimum of 40 pounds per leg and and securely fasten with a sturdy rope or heavy gauge zip-ties.
  • Securing multiple tents together is not safe for anchoring.
  • Lowering one’s canopy at night and covering all sides will help protect against wind and weather for overnight. An even safer practice is to remove the top and use it to tarp your displays, eliminating all possibility for wind to lift your canopy.

If you rent a canopy through Renegade, our production company will ensure it has the proper weights and setup. Please note canopy rentals don’t come with sidewalls, so be prepared to have your own.

If bringing your own canopy and outfitting, we recommend this E-Z UP, these eco-canopy weights or these water weights , and these white or clear sidewalls.

PS – if you use these links to purchase we may earn a small commission.


Booth assignments, the Roster, and Map coming soon! We’ll email an update on or around August 22.

Click the tile for your business and make sure all looks great. Here you will find your:

  • Booth Assignment
  • Artist Profile
  • Location
  • Instagram Link

Your tile and profile will also be added to our Collective, you’re in great company! Please reach out if you need any updates.

If you requested a corner placement in your application, we’ll try our best to accommodate your request, however corner placements are not guaranteed. Please see the map for your booth placement.


Coming soon!

Coming soon!

After loading in, you can find paid street parking in the area, but it can be hard to come by and is not guaranteed.

We have some security roaming throughout the siteplan overnight, but please note that this is a public area; we strongly encourage you to take your merchandise and anything valuable with you for the night.

If you choose to leave your displays, merchandise, etc., please note that anything you leave overnight is done so at your own risk. Renegade Craft Fair will not be responsible for any damages or theft that may occur. We also recommend you lower your canopy in case of any weather.

Breakdown begins at 7 p.m. on both days and cars will not be allowed on Division until after 7:30 p.m. Please do not pack up early! Load-out will happen the same way as load-in.

Please help us make this a smooth and easy load-out by packing up your booth prior to loading out. Due to the high traffic nature of the area, we encourage vendors to hand-cart or carry your items back to your vehicle at the end of the event. If you do need to bring your car around, please have absolutely everything packed and ready to go and be prepared to wait until the Fair site is mostly clear.

Vendors are responsible for disposing of their own trash at the end of the night! Thank you for doing your part, we appreciate it.


We have your credit card stored on file and will charge your booth fee on or shortly after August 15thThank you!

If you requested an upgraded corner placement and received one, we will charge your credit card on or after August 23rd.

If for any reason we’re unable to charge your card, we will send you an invoice. Thanks!

In the event you must cancel your participation:

  • If you cancel before the cancellation deadline of August 12, we will not charge the booth fee. If you cancel your participation on or after the cancellation deadline of August 12, we cannot offer a refund.
  • The $50 application fee for each event canceled is nonrefundable.
  • Once you cancel, you forfeit your spot in the Fair and you are not permitted to sell or trade your space.

Note: If participants have to cancel up to 5 days in advance due to testing positive for Covid, we are able to refund the booth fees you paid in 2022, or carry your credit forward to another event.

All vendors making sales in Illinois are required to report and pay all tax due based on their total receipts within ten (10) days of the close of the Fair.

Once accepted into the event, you can use the Illinois Department of Revenue Special Event Tax Coupon to send to the Department of Revenue along with your payment.

For more information about Illinois sales tax, please visit Illinois Revenue’s website. Renegade takes no responsibility for calculating, reporting, or otherwise having any involvement with such reporting, other than to make you aware of the requirements based on our understanding of IL State regulations with regards to sales at Special Events.

We are required to supply a list to the IL Department of Revenue with participating vendor information, including:

1) the name of the business
2) business address
3) individual contact person
4) IL Department of Revenue tax account number (IBT Number) if you have one

How and When to Pay:

If you are an existing business in the State of Illinois with an IBT number, and you regularly make payments to the State, you can include your sales at Renegade with your regular filings.  There’s no need to make a separate payment using the coupon provided in the Participation Kit.

If you are not an existing business in the State of Illinois, don’t have an IBT number, or don’t make regular payments to the State, simply use the coupon found in your Participation Kit to remit payment within 10 days of the event as per the instructions on the coupon.

The following materials are required of all food vendors to participate in the event. Please submit your materials via this form or email attachments to info@renegadecraft.com as soon as possible and no later than the deadlines below.

Concessions Vendors:

  • Due immediately:
    • Copy of Temporary Special Event Food Single Event License (apply here) -OR- Copy of 180-day Special Event Food License obtained from the City of Chicago.
    • Chicago Summer Festival Sanitation Certificate. The city requires that one person with the certificate be present at the event at all times.
  • Due September 2:
    • Chicago Department of Public Health Inspection Record -OR- inspection record/sanitation certificate from the City/State where you reside.
    • Certificate of General Liability Insurance, listing Renegade Craft Fair, Inc. as additionally insured. Our address is 420 W. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60654.

Pre-Packaged Vendors:

  • Due September 2:
    • Certificate of General Liability Insurance, listing Renegade Craft Fair, Inc. as additionally insured. Our address is 420 W. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60654.
    • Diagram showing booth layout and location of gravity fed hand wash station. It is preferred that you have your own sink within your booth footprint, but if needed, one hand wash station will be provided at each concessions area of the fair, and pre-packaged vendors are permitted to use the concessions sink. We can share the locations with you, but they won’t be placed at your booth.

Food trucks:

  • Due September 2:
    • Copy of Food Truck Permit

An Important Note: Any risk in not providing the above documentation is assumed by the vendor and not Renegade Craft. We don’t know ahead of time whether or not an on-site inspection of our event will occur. Safety at our events is paramount, and it is on the individual vendor to remain compliant. For questions about health and safety requirements and permitting, please contact the Chicago Department of Public Health at (312) 747-9884.

We’d love to hear about your experience after the Fair. Take our 3 question survey to let us know. You could win a free booth at an upcoming fair ✿