Renegade Craft Fair

Starbucks Craft Walk Curated by Renegade Craft Participation Kit

Congratulations on being selected for the Starbucks Craft Walk Curated by Renegade Craft!

You have been handpicked for our Craft Walk celebrating Chicago’s best in craft and design! We were given the opportunity to invite twelve of our favorite artists to participate (for free!) at Starbucks’ Annual Retreat, and would love for you to join us.

We’ve created this handy Participation Kit, which has detailed and important information. We cannot be held accountable for mishaps or misinformation that may arise as a result of participants not reading through the content provided, so please read carefully!



Starbucks Craft Walk Curated by Renegade Craft
September 6
5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Please check in with Danielle Ricciardi (312-342-0687) when you arrive onsite to receive your vendor credential and booth location assignment.

United Center

Parking Lot K, on the south side of the arena.

1901 W Madison St. 
Chicago, IL 60612

This Craft Walk will be held outdoors, rain or shine!

Maker vehicle parking is located in United Center parking lot G, directly west of the United Center.

Parking lot can be accessed from the east side of S. Damen Avenue between W. Madison Street and W. Monroe Street.

Designated maker parking spaces are located along the south perimeter of this lot (row closest to event).

(1) vehicle is allowed per maker booth.

Directions to the venue itself can be found here.

Service animals are welcome! Sorry, pets are not permitted.

The Craft Walk is a highly curated and invite-only event, with 12 participants.

There will be a captive audience of 11,000+ attendees, with the Craft Walk being the only shopping option!

Prior to the Fair, send us your questions, concerns, and ideas by emailing Rachel. We’ll email you back asap.

During the weekend of the Fair, you can call or text our on-site crew on the Rc hotline phone!

That number is: 312-342-0687.


We encourage you to accept credit cards and cash at the Craft Walk. Many mobile card readers now provide offline mode capabilities for your device or tablet, which allows you to accept swiped card payments when Internet service or your connection is giving you trouble.

Internet will not be provided. If you are using a processing device without WiFi, still keep in mind that the network sometimes gets a little crowded. If you’re having trouble, we recommend taking down the customer’s credit card information/telephone number and running the charge later when you have a stable connection.

Your footprint at the event measures 10′ x 10′, and includes the following:

  • 10×10 covered tent (no side walls)
  • (1) 8’ table
  • (2) folding chairs
  • Power – 1x110v
  • Lighting in tent

Please note that Makers may not play music or any other audio from their booth unless approved by event management via Renegade representative.

Your booth display is entirely up to you, and we encourage you to make your set-up just as creative as the goods you are selling.

All merchandise displays must be self-supported and not add weight to tent infrastructure beyond signage needs.




The following items are included with your participation, and will be placed in your booth:

• 10x10 covered tent (no side walls)
• (1) 8’ table
• (2) folding chairs
• Power – 1x110v
• Lighting in tent 

Additional rentals will not be offered. If you require additional items, you must provide them.


COLUNGA Jewelry – Booth 5
Daily Routines Ceramic – Booth 12
La Familia Green – Booth 4
Lindsay Lewis – Booth 2
Lingua Nigra – Booth 11
Norman Leigh – Booth 1
Rare Bird Preserves, Inc. – Booth 6
Samuel Ethnobotanics, LLC – Booth 3
Soap Distillery – Booth 8
Sol Y Mano Studio – Booth 9
TAK TAK – Booth 10
Well Made – Booth 7


  • Vendors may arrive to begin booth set up starting at 2pm on Friday (day of show).
  • Vendor booths must be fully loaded in and set up by 5:30pm.
  • Vendors must provide all carts needed to move merchandise to and from booth.
  • Load-out begins at close of event (9:30-10pm).
  • Vendors may not break down prior to event close.
  • Vendors must plan to share space and be patient with all movement in and out of parking lot G.
  • Vendors must provide all carts needed to move merchandise to and from booth.

Vendors are responsible for disposing of their own trash at the end of the night! Thank you for doing your part, we appreciate it.

Guidelines on Social Posting

Since this is a private event, see the guidelines below regarding posting on social media platforms.

Social posting is acceptable if it is related to your booths and your business during the event.

This event is private, so please no promotional posts. Promotional posts would cause confusion. We don't want people showing up and not being able to get in. Some of the performances are surprises, so we don't want any revealing posts to be made prior to the start of the party. And, of course, any posts disparaging the event or Starbucks would be really disappointing.


It’s an exciting experience to come out of the studio and into a vibrant marketplace, so we’ve come up with a few tips that can help you make the most of your participation.

Give a smile, say hello, tell attendees about your products, offer samples, and make a connection! Shoppers might be put off if you’re on your phone or iPad, so keep that in mind when trying to make the most of your participation.

There is no dress code requirement, but please be mindful of the corporate nature of this event.


You can also take this opportunity to promote your Fall Fair participation that weekend!

Business cards, buttons, postcards, catalogs, and other promotional materials are a great way to start the conversation with your potential buyers.

Include a mailing list sign-up at your booth, with signage to let folks know how to get in touch with you after the Fair, or how to follow you on social media.

Most people’s priority is to sell their work at the Fair, but also remember your work is being seen by thousands of attendees. This is your chance to make a lasting impression on a large audience, which often leads to future online sales, wholesale orders, editorial features, and other amazing opportunities.

We strongly suggest bringing plenty of water, coffee, and snacks with you to keep you energized throughout the event. It is also helpful to bring a friend along to help run your booth and hold down the fort so you can take a couple of breaks throughout the day.

Please note the alcoholic beverages onsite are for event attendees only.

Port-a-potties and luxury comfort stations will be located throughout the event. If you are running your booth solo, please arrange with helpers from Renegade to cover your booth if you need to step away.

A shipping option will be available via FedEx for out of town customers so that they are free to purchase from you without the burden of carrying the items home. Feel free to recommend this option to customers to encourage purchases. Customers pay directly with shipper for all shipping costs. The shipping booth is located at the South end of maker village.

State of Illinois Special Event Tax Collection

All exhibitors making sales in Illinois are required to report and pay all tax due based on their total receipts within ten (10) days of the close of the exhibit. The current tax rate for the location of the special event is printed on the coupon to assist you in calculating your tax due.

Renegade Craft Fair does not provide tax advice. If you have questions regarding this process, please call the State of Illinois Department of Revenue at (847) 294-4475 or email Ms. Barbara Wagner at

More information can also be found here.

Business Tax + Permitting Information

For Business Tax + Permitting Information, please visit our FAQ page.

Rc Staff Contact Information

Please check in with Danielle Ricciardi (312-342-0687) when you arrive onsite to receive your vendor credential and booth location assignment.

During the night of the event, you can also call or text our on-site crew on the Rc hotline phone!

That number is: 312-342-0687.