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Renegade Craft Fair

September 3, 2014

Paper & Clay


Today we’re featuring the beautiful work of Tennessee ceramicist, Paper & Clay. We are beyond thrilled to have Paper & Clay ceramics showcased at our Chicago Summer Market this weekend!


Brit McDaniel is the ceramicist behind Paper & Clay. After enrolling in ceramics classes at a community art school in Austin, Texas, Brit immediately fell in love with the art and was determined to make a career of it. After running a successful Kickstarter campaign, Paper & Clay was founded in June 2013 in Memphis, Tennessee.

“I want my work to be beautiful, but also very usable. I’m very influenced by Scandinavian design, and look to a lot of American Mid-Century designers as well. Essentially, I try to create the pieces that I want to have and use in my own home, and it’s so rewarding when someone else wants my work in their house too!”


Each piece is handmade with careful attention to detail, and with usability in mind. Brit’s ceramic style is the perfect relationship between handmade and the sophistication of modern form. We’ve followed Paper & Clay for awhile now and have loved seeing Brit’s form and aesthetic grow into pieces that stand out and are unlike any other pieces out there. We’re so excited to see Brit’s newest collection of 22K Gold speckled mugs at our fair!


We love Brit’s color-blocked and gradient aesthetic! We can’t help but think of a beautiful sunset on the horizon, or staring through a foggy horizon line.


IMG_0689PC IGWe can’t wait to see Brit’s amazing work in person! I think each and every one of us will want to reset our tables with a brand new collection from Paper & Clay. Take a look at the collection on the website, and be sure to follow Paper & Clay on Instagram, her feed in gorgeous! See you all this weekend in Chicago!