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November 4, 2014

Oxgut Hose Co.

Oxgut Bronson_Chair_v1_cropped

Today we are featuring Oxgut Hose Company. An incredible California housewares company that salvages retired firehoses. We cannot wait to see these goods in person at our San Francisco Holiday Market this weekend!Outdoor_Hose_Stack_V1 copy

Each of Oxgut Hose Company’s “exclusive designs with a heroic past” are hand-made using retired fire hose salvaged from U.S. fire departments. While the name Oxgut honors the very first fire hose of Ancient Greece, the designs are fresh and modern—from sleek chairs, to tote bags, colorful floor mats and even wine bottle holders and wall art.

1410-Oxgut-53-Log Carrier Wide

With the help of Kickstarter LauraLe Wunsch’s dream turned became Oxgut, which works to keep this amazing material out of landfills, incorporating it into beautiful products, exciting both design-minded and eco-conscious individuals. Oxgut even works to give back to the community via The Children’s Burn Foundation.

1410-Oxgut-223-retouched 1410-Oxgut-252-seamless rug

Oxgut finds and chooses the most interesting decommissioned fire hose to put into the hands of local designers and artisans, who help give the hose a whole new purpose. They’re always coming up with new ways to integrate the amazing, resilient material into beautiful, hand-made pieces.

Oxgut Handbag_v1Backdraft_v1_Door Stopper

Because of the many color combos and all that the hose has been through, each design is unique and tells a story. On some pieces, original stenciling can still be seen, such as the original San Francisco Fire Dept. “SFFD”. In others, the hose is simply a pristine, gorgeous fabric, backed by a great history.


Oxgut truly shows the incredible durability and ingenuity of the firehose material. What can you not make out of retired firehoses? We can wait to see the floor mats and Bronson chairs in person!

Oxgut Rug_Collection_V1

We are so excited and thrilled that Oxgut will be bringing their housewares and goods to our San Francisco Holiday Market this weekend! Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, plus browse their collection online so you can prepare yourself for the awesome shopping ahead. See you all soon!