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December 5, 2014

Melissa Weiss Pottery

Today we have the pleasure of featuring Melissa Weiss Pottery! Melissa will be bringing her beautiful pottery to our Chicago Holiday Market tomorrow and Sunday!IMG_4650
Melissa Weiss is a North Carolina potter and is the definition of a true handmade maker. Each pot contains clay that Melissa’s digs up from her land in Arkansas. From there, she drives to clay back to her studio in Ashville where she makes a clay body incorporating the wild clay.
Melissa makes a variety of ash and celadon glazes and fire the pots in a gas reduction kiln.  Not only is Melissa’s pottery handmade and one-of-a-kind, it is also functional and food safe.IMG_3926IMG_5536
Melissa’s inspirations are deeply rooted in her childhood memories of spending time at her grandmother’s house. The house was filled with smells, sounds and colors she can recall to this day for the life they possessed. Melissa make pots to belong in these memories; Dishes to celebrate family and tradition, utilitarian objects rustic, useful, simple and beautiful to be granted a place at her grandmother’s table for Sunday dinner. IMG_5549
Melissa’s childhood memories infused with her passion for african tribal art and her deep love for pottery have come together to produce such a unique mix of rustic yet breathtaking pieces. IMG_5145
We are so glad Melissa Weiss will be joining us in Chicago for our Holiday Market this weekend at the Bridgeport Art Center! Inspire yourself at Melissa’s website and be sure to say hello to her in person. You can also see what Melissa is up to on Instagram. See you all tomorrow!