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August 8, 2014

Matchbox Studio

4. Matchboxes

 Happy Friday, everyone! We’re thrilled to be featuring Portland jewelry designer, Matchbox Studio. We can’t wait to see these pieces in person at our Portland Mini Market this Saturday and Sunday!

1. Alki Earring

Matchbox Studio was born out of the designs of Megan McKean and Agnieszka Zoltowski. Two designers with their own individually unique styles and techniques began to artfully blend their love of making with deep attention to create something new. Matchbox Studio is the result of jubilant play in the studio, and delight in the processes of creativity and construction. Each piece is handmade in their lovely workshop in Portland, OR. 

2. Alki Necklace and Salix Earrings

The design duo balances one another in every aspect from design to day-to-day business tasks, and this constant striking of balance between their aesthetics and proclivities is what makes their work and brand special. Megan loves to play with form, while Agnieszka is obsessed with color palettes. 

3. Yukta Earring

The current collection combines traditional metal smithing techniques with peyote stitch, a highly intricate bead weaving technique found in historic Native American beadwork often used to decorate items used in peyote ceremonies. Each bead is meticulously added one by one to create a fabric that is then sewn to the piece.

5. In progress - Shushumna

Megan and Agnieszka are full of ideas, finding inspiration everywhere. Most recently they look to their industrial neighborhood in Portland where their space is filled with plants and open windows and nature fills their studio. The joy that Megan and Agnieszka feel from what surrounds them is infused into every piece they craft.

6. Our tiny beads..,

We cannot wait to see the beautiful new collection Matchbox Studio will be showcasing at our first-ever Portland Mini Market starting tomorrow! Browse their full line on their website and be sure to follow them on Instagram! See you all tomorrow!