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June 12, 2015

Kelly and Co.

Cheers to wonderful Friday! We are so thrilled to be returning back to Brooklyn for our second installation of our Pop-Up series at East River State Park. Today we’ve got a lovely feature on wood and textile maker, Kelly & Co., who will be bringing their wares to this Saturday’s Pop-Up only – so be sure to stop by!
waxed linen
Kelly & Co. is a delightful small and sturdy collection of thoughtfully designed handmade goods for the home. This niece and uncle team join forces using their expertise craftsmanship with linen and wood to create products that are sustainable, durable, and beautiful. Erin and Don live in the same tiny town in the hills of Western Massachusetts and have joined together to create Kelly & Co. linen dollsErin designs and stitches simple, sturdy and stylish goods for people and their homes in an earthy palette of sustainable fibers- linen, hemp and waxed cotton among them. A few miles through the woods Don turns heirloom worthy rolling pins on one of his many lathes, using recycled and reclaimed hardwoods.
Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 2.13.56 PMpasta pinErin and Don’s family collaboration has created a line of simple and functional goods that seamlessly complement one another. From rolling pins and aprons, to lunch sacks and linen coffee filters, Kelly and Co. has created a petite shop with everything you may need.

erins shop

Both have been at their chosen crafts for many years- so long that it feels perhaps their crafts chose them. Each will wax poetic about their materials if given the opportunity, and family dinners may find them appreciating the tiny luxuries of working where they live.

dons shop

We can’t wait to see this New England duo at our Brooklyn Pop-Up tomorrow! Want to learn more about Kelly and Co? Find them online here: