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Renegade Craft Fair

July 17, 2014

JCR Work


Today we’re featuring Austin maker, JCR WORK!  We are so excited to have JCR Work showcase their wooden mobiles in San Francisco this weekend at our Summer Market!


JCR WORK was founded in 1979 as a creative output for Julio Carreon-Reyes. We love Julio’s description of what he does at JCR Work and think it is quite fitting: One man and one laser working together in the name of human / machine harmony.


Julio is inspired in equal parts by the natural and technological worlds. JCR Work draws upon the emergent patterns in animal and plant morphology.


The current range of wooden mobiles includes a family of native Texas birds, a collection of whale species drawn to scale, a shark, a bat, and a winged serpent. We’re personally big fans of the Narwhal, and of course the native Texas birds, which we included in one of our e-flyers.


At JCR Work, each piece is drafted by Julio in his Austin workshop, and then it is prepared using a layered method of laser engraving, cutting, screen printing and hand finishing.


Here at Renegade Craft, we are amazed at the quality and finite detail in each animal mobile JCR WORK creates. JCR Work believes these mobiles represent fragments of imagination for the home, and we couldn’t agree more!


We can’t wait to see JCR Work’s mobiles in person this weekend at Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco!  Be sure to check out the variety of birds, whales, and other animals on the JCR Work website, and follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things JCR Work.