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July 14, 2020

Introducing the Mindful Shopper!

It’s on all of our minds – how do our dollars ultimately support our values? Enter the concept of mindful consumption. Just like practicing mindfulness, it’s becoming aware of how objects are made, who makes those objects, and where your money goes.

Shopping small is an easy step to becoming a more mindful consumer: think about how much easier it is to track your spent dollar with an artist than with a corporation. With the pandemic keeping us at home, out of stores, and away from Fairs, your support means the world to small businesses, now more than ever. You would have been shopping these amazing artists’ goods at our Spring Fairs anyway, so go for it and order gifts for your friends that you haven’t seen in months, sign up for their newsletters, or treat yourself to something beautiful. You deserve it! ☺︎

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