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December 2, 2016

Heather Lins Home

Maker Spotlight + Giveaway


Heather Lins Home is a DIY kit company founded by Heather Lins. Fusing her background in graphic design with a passion for embroidery, Heather has created the ultimate (and best packaged) DIY calendar kit!

Needing a perfect gift for a friend, or perhaps you’re wanting to learn something new in 2017? Now’s your chance! Heather is offering up one of her 2017 Stitch the Stars Calendar Kit to one lucky Instagrammer! To enter, follow Heather Lins Home on Instagram and tag a friend in our giveaway post. The winner will be chosen on Monday, December 5th.


What do you think sets your designs apart from others?

I design calendar craft kits. They are easy poke-and-stitch sewing cards in a calendar format. It’s an easy DIY for a person who wants to be creative but doesn’t have a lot of time. They are also low-commitment (Screw up March’s stitching? No problem! There’s always April!). When I design a kit, I think of it as an object but also as a tactile experience I’m leading the crafter through. I use extra details like textured papers and custom tape. These kits are often given as gifts so pretty packaging and an easy-to-wrap shape are a plus. Even if people are buying a calendar kit for themselves, a DIY project is really a gift of time to oneself so I want it to be a positive and tactile experience.


What has been your favorite moment since creating your business?

My favorite moments are when people use my craft kits to connect with others. For example, people teach children how to embroider using my Stitch Your Heart Sachet Kit. In another example, a sister, mother and mother-in-law who live in different cities complete calendar kits together as a way to stay connected — like a long-distance stitching bee. Another person stitches and sends a calendar card to her friend each month. Isn’t that sweet? You really don’t know what will happen when you put your work out into the world.

Have you always been passionate about design?

As a kid, art class was always my favorite. I enjoyed crafting, making stuff and using my imagination. In college, graphic design seemed a natural fit since I liked art and words. When put together, they can be very powerful and a lot of fun.


Why did you start working in this particular craft?

I am a self-taught crafter but I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years. My craft kits are an intersection between the two fields. People are often surprised to hear that I taught myself embroidery to make these kits (YouTube taught me; not my grandma). However, I think it’s very empowering. If you have an idea, you can learn just about anything to be able make it real.


What valuable experience did you have before starting your business?

I worked as a graphic designer for years at a small agency, as an in-house designer and did some freelance on the side. My graphic design experience shows in the craft kit’s packaging. I often get as many compliments on the packaging as I do on the projects themselves! As a graphic designer, I worked in a billable hours environment, which was very valuable experience. You learn to be cognizant of how you are spending your time.

What made you take this leap into being your own boss?

A number of things happened at once. My children started preschool. We needed more flexibility as a family. My business was getting traction and I was very optimistic about its future. Together with my husband, I made the decision to quit my 9-5 job. Honestly, I can’t imagine going back. While being an entrepreneur is not the easiest way to make a living, I find it to be the most rewarding.

What are some inspirations for your work?

I enjoy imagery from science, typography and natural history. I like my work to be beautiful, modern and accessible. I also like my design to have an idea working behind it — for it to have a conceptual bent.




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