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May 12, 2016

Floral Cocktails


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Hey everyone, Hollin here! This month we’re blushing over the Spring weather, bright colors, and blooming flowers popping up around us. Our director, Susie and I thought it’d be especially fun to craft some floral cocktails! So set your alarm to 5 p.m., because this drink is refreshing and light, perfect for spending time outside in the extra daylight this season!

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Things you need:

Champagne flute (or a pretty glass)

Dried flower petals, herbs, or tisane tea

Honey Liqueur

Moscato or Prosecco

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Let’s talk flower petals for a moment. There are a lot of awesome ways to steep flower petals in simple syrup or even purchase rose water. However, being Renegade Craft, we get to meet so many incredible makers and artisans who create amazing products. Our pals at T-We Tea sent us over their Cocorosa tea as well as a perfect way to spike it. It’s an herbal tisane tea that features rose petals, coconut, and orange slices. Being a California native, this sounded extra appealing.

Don’t have tea on hand? No problem! Steep some dried flower petals and herbs, don’t be afraid to experiment with flavor combinations!

002-2016RCF-Floral Cocktails-4087

004-2016RCF-Floral Cocktails-4092
Step One: Steep dried flowers or tea overnight in the fridge. 2 teaspoons per cup of water.

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Step Two: Once the cold brew tea has chilled overnight, pour in 15 ml (approximately 1 tablespoon) of honey liqueur at the bottom of a champagne flute (or in our case, a semi-tall, but aesthetically pleasing glass).

007-2016RCF-Floral Cocktails-4098

Step Three: Add in the strained cold brew tea about halfway up the glass.

009-2016RCF-Floral Cocktails-4103

Step Four: Top off with some bubbly moscato! We used a pink moscato from Trader Joes in order to achieve the perfect pastel coral hue.

013-2016RCF-Floral Cocktails-4116
010-2016RCF-Floral Cocktails-4105

Step Five: Garnish with an edible flower! You can locate a list of edible flowers for your next foraging adventure (just make sure they are pesticide free), or you can pick up some buds at specialty grocers like Whole Foods. 

014-2016RCF-Floral Cocktails-4117

And there you have it. A delicious cocktail is 5 easy steps!

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