Renegade Craft Fair


“Imagine if Pinterest and Etsy exploded everywhere for a mile long craft fair” – Michelle, Attendee, Chicago

“It’s great to have a thoughtful piece in my home that was carefully made and has a great story.” – Melissa, Attendee, San Francisco

“Had our first date here and later got married.” – Matt, Attendee, Los Angeles

“I literally do not buy one Christmas present from big name stores anymore. Every single present I give is from the Renegade Holiday Fair in Chicago. I LOVE it!” – Lauren, Attendee, Chicago

“I love peeping out the website to see fun new designs and inspirational works from other artists. The selection of designers is thoughtfully curated for a unique collection of pieces you can’t find together anywhere else!” – Jenny, Online Fan

“As a new crafter, it’s easy to feel alone in my day to day routine. I love the sense of community and nourishment I get from following Renegade online. Thank you Renegade for curating the best maker festivals around. I can’t wait to be a vendor!” – Stacy, Online Fan

“We have met dozens of wholesale vendors through Renegade Craft events, and that has been invaluable. We also love the enthusiasm of the customers that attend Renegade Craft events, and the fellow vendors are a family to us.” – Meghan, Participant, San Francisco

“I had a customer this last summer during the Seattle show mention that she was getting married later that same day on Saturday. She had invited her entire wedding party to the Fair – I thought it was very cool that on her big day she wanted to come to the Fair with her friends and family.“ – Lindsay, Participant, Seattle

“We are a magazine all about the Midwest. We LOVE attending Renegade because we get to meet so many creative people living in this region and we get to meet a ton of our readers and contributors! Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into making this event a success year after year.” – Anna, Participant, Chicago