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Renegade Craft Fair

Diversity + Equity Growth Grant

Our Renegade Craft Diversity + Equity Growth Grant aims to create access for emerging artists, makers, and small businesses in our creative community.

  • All artists are eligible to apply, including new and returning artists.
  • Growth Grant applications are considered based on the applicant’s story, journey, and creative process. We want to know how this Grant will help transform your business.
  • The Grant covers the cost of the booth fee the artist applies for.
  • The number of Growth Grant booths varies per Fair.
  • Grant recipients are responsible for the non-refundable $35 application fee, rentals, and/or corner upgrades, if applicable. Please reach out if this prohibits you from applying and we can waive your app fee.
  • Applicants that are not awarded the Growth Grant are still eligible to apply for a regular booth.
  • Recipients can only be awarded the Grant once.
  • Rolling applications submitted after the initial application deadline are not eligible.
  • If requested, recipients are paired with a previous Renegade artist as a Mentor to help guide them through the Fair.
  • Artists that have participated in Renegade before are eligible to apply to be a Mentor, and will be notified if chosen with further instructions.
  • Apply for the Diversity & Equity Growth Grant via our Participation Application. Step 4 will have information and questions for artists to apply.