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Renegade Craft Fair

Booth Sizes

Our standard booth size and recommended option for each Fair.

  • Full Booths can range from 6’x6’, to 8’x8′, to 10’x10’ depending on the venue, so be sure to keep this in mind when choosing your booth size for each event.
  • We encourage the Full Booth for those interested in a dedicated booth for their bizz, have average-sized products and displays, and/or have a generous amount of inventory to sell. Full Booth layout and display options are more open and versatile, offering the best selling (and buying) experience.

For vendors with small products, limited inventory, and who can sell from a smaller footprint, we offer a Shared Booth option.

  • Of special note: Booth sizes vary per venue, so please confirm whether you can fit within the shared booth size at the Fair(s) of your choice.
  • Shared Booth size can vary from 3′ wide x 6′ deep, 4′ wide x 8′ deep, or 5′ wide x 10′ deep. When paired with your booth mate, overall booth sizes can range from 6’x6’, to 8’x8′, to 10’x10’ depending on the venue.
  • Oftentimes, Shared Booths are oriented side-by-side with the narrow side facing the aisle. Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing your booth option at each event, as you will need to ensure customers can fit within that space to shop your and your booth partner’s goods.
  • You can request to share your booth with another artist if you’re both accepted, or we will pair you with another accepted participant with complementary work. Communication and coordination with your partner is key for a successful Shared Booth.

Double Booths are equal to two Full Booths side-by-side.

  • This is an excellent way to showcase larger work and displays, increase your offerings, interact with many customers at once, or host an Experiential activation (for example, a demonstration or workshop). It’s also a great option for Collectives, Galleries, or Organizations to have a showcase at the Fair.

We love to work with food trucks, pop-up-shop trailers, and other specialty carts and vehicles to add unique pop-ups to the Fair.

  • Booth pricing for trucks, trailers, and carts selling products and goods is determined by the vehicle’s footprint and is usually priced at the artist booth rate. Please be sure to include dimensions and a photo with your application if you have them and we’ll be in touch with more details asap.
  • Pricing for food trucks is 15% of gross sales, $200 minimum for the weekend.