Renegade Craft Fair


As of right now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration states that it is unlawful to add cannabidoil (CBD) to food or drink products. Renegade Craft expects vendors to comply with this matter.

Please refer to these state government resources for more detailed information on CBD products. Renegade Craft is not an authority on this issue and can not offer any legal advice. We offer the below resources as a starting point and do not claim them to be comprehensive.

More info and Contact: OR for non-consumables:

More info and Contact: 617-626-1700

More info and Contact: 217-782-4345 OR

More info and Contact: 720-913-1501 OR

More info and Contact: 800-292-3939 OR

Los Angeles
More info and Contact: 916-650-6500 OR

New York
More info and Contact: 646-632-6001 OR

More info and Contact: 503-986-4652 OR

San Francisco
More info and Contact: 415-561-4743 OR

More info and Contact: 360-902-1800


  • Miami: December 17 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.
  • Los Angeles: January 24 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.
  • New York Women in the World Summit Boutique Curated by Renegade Craft: February 6 – March 3. Notifications: March 7.
  • San Francisco: January 24 – February 10. Notifications: February 15.
  • Chicago: January 24 – March 3. Notifications: March 6.
  • Austin: January 24 – March 3. Notifications: March 8.


  • Brooklyn: April 1 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.
  • San Francisco: April 1 – April 28. Notifications: May 2.
  • Chicago Pitchfork Music Festival Pop-Up: April 1 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.
  • Seattle: April 1 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.
  • Portland: April 1 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.


  • Chicago: May 20 – June 30. Notifications: July 9.
  • Detroit: May 20 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.
  • Denver: May 20 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.


  • Boston: July 22 – October 30. Notifications sent.
  • New York: July 22 – September 23. Notifications sent.
  • San Francisco: July 22 – August 25. Notifications: August 30.
  • Los Angeles: July 22 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.
  • Austin: July 22 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.
  • Chicago: July 22 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.
  • London: July 22 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.
  • Seattle: July 22 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.
  • Portland: July 22 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.
  • Brooklyn: July 22 – Rolling. Notifications will go out on a rolling basis.

Renegade is a juried event, and we review each application carefully and thoughtfully. We base our aesthetic vision for the Fairs on current and forward-thinking trends, and the jury criteria below:

Your work is innovative, contemporary, and avoids over-saturated themes. We encourage you to expand your work into new and dynamic places!

You use high quality materials and techniques to make your work. Items are beautiful, durable, and market ready.

Your online and onsite presence is well designed and aesthetically appealing. Presentation should be on par with your offerings while your online presence represents your most current work and general aesthetic.

Your work is designed and/or handmade by you, and not sourced in an unethical way. If you outsource your work in any way, please apply using the Ethically Sourced option in the Makers + Designers category.

Your work is cohesive and consistent, and you provide clear examples for us to see this in your online portfolio.

If you are a returning vendor or applicant, your work has progressed since you last applied. We’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas.

The average price of your items falls within what is typical at Renegade Craft, providing a balance of quality and accessibility for our attendees.

+ Makers + Designers vs. Ethically Sourced

Renegade Craft Makers + Designers unite inspired design with quality craftsmanship. As the heart of Renegade Fairs, we look for emerging and established Makers + Designers that create inspired and original products made with exceptional quality, innovation, and care.

Renegade Craft will consider select designers with ethically sourced or lightly manufactured goods that fit into the Fair’s aesthetic. This includes fair traders and designers who may outsource the production of their goods. Please be as descriptive about your product and process in your application as possible.

+ Refreshments vs. Pre-Packaged Foods

Serving food + drink prepared onsite, Refreshments include food trucks, food stands, and ready-to-serve goods such as ice cream and coffee. Our interested and culinary-savvy crowds expect high quality, exciting and innovating offerings.

Small batch, local ingredients, and beautiful presentation: Pre-Packaged Vendors appeal to attendees looking for high-quality handmade snacks and gifts.

+ Experiential vs. Installations

Experiential activations are those offering an experience or service to attendees such as workshops, games, vintage wares, photo ops, beauty bars, portraits, and more. Experientials who charge a fee for their activity or service or sell things in addition to their activation pay the Maker + Designer rate, since they are vending creative products or services.

If you are interested in creating a free or in-trade activation or installation – DJs, installation artists, free workshops – please contact us here and select “I would like to create an Experience or Installation at a Fair.” We’re excited to work with you!

Renegade offers creatives an opportunity to connect with engaged fans and enthusiastic shoppers. There are many additional benefits that come along with joining our events! Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Your Booth space. Create your own pop-up shop to showcase and sell your work to an engaged audience!
  • Inclusion on our roster. Our website’s 150K+ unique pageviews per month will put your linked site in front of a variety of buyers and shoppers both before and after the Fair.
  • Wholesale opportunities. Buyers head to Renegade to discover unique makers and products like yours, and many reach out during and after the show to set-up accounts with their store.
  • Networking and collaborations. Tap into our vibrant creative community by connecting with neighboring makers for potential collaborations, resources, and other exciting opportunities.
  • Potential social features. With a thriving following of nearly 300,000 fans and followers online (nearly 200k on Instagram alone), we handpick and feature exceptional makers and participants on our social media.

Renegade’s 25+ events range from intimate to Flagship: with each Fair or Pop-Up having their own unique personality, aesthetic, and audience. Your work will connect differently with each event, consider the two questions below when applying.

  • Is the Fair indoors or outdoors? Think about lighting, weather (and if it can affect your product), access to power, wifi, tent, etc.
  • How many Makers + Designers are selling at this Fair? Consider how an intimate event will bring an attentive audience to your booth, while a Flagship event will bring lots of fast moving eyes. Both have their strengths!

See the Fair Guide above to see more information about each event.

A Fair is a two-day, curated event located in a thoughtfully chosen city and space. Fairs are established and recurring, always evolving and growing.

A Pop-Up is an intimate and more selective event usually in partnership or collaboration with a like-minded venue, event, or brand. Pop-Ups can range from being one-day to multiple.

  • Please note that we take all booth fee deposits upfront.
  • We use to process all payments. Payment must be completed at the bottom of the application. Please note that we do not jury unpaid applications.
  • Should you not be accepted to the Fair, we will refund your booth fee deposit, less a $50 jurying fee per Fair.

In the event you must cancel your participation:

  • We offer full refunds less a $50 jurying fee per Fair up to one month prior to the event.
  • After that, we offer a 50% discount on cancellations until two weeks prior to the Fair.
  • If you cancel within two weeks of the Fair, we do not offer refunds of any amount due to the proximity of the event.
  • Once you cancel, you forfeit your spot in the Fair and you are not permitted to sell or trade your space.

This policy applies to both standard and rolling applications.

  • Renegade recommends that your business complies with your local tax regulations by registering your business, collecting sales tax, and reporting and remitting sales tax. While we cannot offer specific guidance about tax compliance, if you have questions we recommend you consult with an accountant or for more details.
  • We welcome international Makers + Designers join us from abroad, but we recommend you contact the customs department and learn what you need to do directly from them. Renegade Craft does not provide any sales tax or customs advice.

Once accepted to the Fair, we offer furniture rentals and other amenities, varying per venue. Rentals often include tables in a variety of sizes, clothing racks, chairs, tents for outdoor events, wifi, and early load-in, as available. Rental orders can be placed through the Participation Kit upon acceptance.

  • If you are sharing your booth space with another maker, be in close contact with them! We send out a booth share email shortly after notifications go out so you can begin planning your set-up as soon as possible. Make sure you connect and discuss all of your plans for the Fair and your booth set-up together.
  • If you requested a specific booth mate and they are not selected to participate in the Fair, we will pair you with another vendor who compliments your products and aesthetic.
  • If you are participating in an outdoor Fair, make sure you connect with your booth mate, especially if you plan to share a tent or rent tables.
  • Please note that most shared booths have to set-up side-by-side with the shortest side of your display facing the aisle, so please plan your booth layout accordingly along with your booth mate.
  • If you have attempted to contact your assigned booth mate, and have not heard back, please reach out to us via our Contact Form.

97% of attendees would return to Renegade Craft.

Attendees spend around 2 hours and $50–$300 at the Fair.

50% of vendors make sales before and after the Fair due to their inclusion on our roster.

Annually, Renegade works with 3,000+ participants, and attracts 300,000+ attendees.

Over the course of 16 years, Renegade Craft has grown and evolved with the help of like-minded Sponsors + Partners. They have been instrumental in keeping Renegade accessible to vendors with affordable booth costs, and inclusive for attendees with free admission. We strive to be thoughtful with our Sponsors + Corporate Partners, and only collaborate with those who share our vision and mission of accessibility and inclusivity.

“Imagine if Pinterest and Etsy exploded everywhere for a mile long craft fair” – Michelle, Attendee, Chicago

“It’s great to have a thoughtful piece in my home that was carefully made and has a great story.” – Melissa, Attendee, San Francisco

“Had our first date here and later got married.” – Matt, Attendee, Los Angeles

“I literally do not buy one Christmas present from big name stores anymore. Every single present I give is from the Renegade Holiday Fair in Chicago. I LOVE it!” – Lauren, Attendee, Chicago

“I love peeping out the website to see fun new designs and inspirational works from other artists. The selection of designers is thoughtfully curated for a unique collection of pieces you can’t find together anywhere else!” – Jenny, Online Fan

“As a new crafter, it’s easy to feel alone in my day to day routine. I love the sense of community and nourishment I get from following Renegade online. Thank you Renegade for curating the best maker festivals around. I can’t wait to be a vendor!” – Stacy, Online Fan

“We have met dozens of wholesale vendors through Renegade Craft events, and that has been invaluable. We also love the enthusiasm of the customers that attend Renegade Craft events, and the fellow vendors are a family to us.” – Meghan, Participant, San Francisco

“I had a customer this last summer during the Seattle show mention that she was getting married later that same day on Saturday. She had invited her entire wedding party to the Fair – I thought it was very cool that on her big day she wanted to come to the Fair with her friends and family.“ – Lindsay, Participant, Seattle

“We are a magazine all about the Midwest. We LOVE attending Renegade because we get to meet so many creative people living in this region and we get to meet a ton of our readers and contributors! Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into making this event a success year after year.” – Anna, Participant, Chicago