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July 31, 2014

Combed Thunder

combed thunder-rcf-2

Today we are so thrilled to be featuring Portland maker, Combed Thunder. We cannot wait to see these wall weavings in person at our Portland Mini Market on August 9+10 outside Rejuvenation! If these weavings look familiar to you, it’s because we featured Combed Thunder in our flyers!

combed thunder-rcf-5

Combed Thunder was born of Natalie Novak’s desire to share her love of weaving by making small but complete pieces that are accessible to everyone and at home anywhere.

combed thunder-rcf-3

In 2012, Natalie Novak stumbled upon a little weaving school in Damascus, Oregon. Being enthralled with southwestern weaving and wanting to learn the techniques herself, Natalie began to meet with a group of weavers at a little 1800s school house in Damascus. Since Natalie’s beginnings as a weaver, she has collected 3 looms at home, including a large upright loom in the Navajo style. She continues to weave with others in Damascus, sharing in the extraordinary wealth of knowledge she’s collected from her teachers and fellow weavers.combed thunder-rcf-4

 Natalie’s style of weaving draws from traditional indigenous motifs with a modern edge. We love the variety of colors and patterns Natalie designs on her loom. Although sometimes a sketch is drawn out first, many of Combed Thunder designs are created right on the loom as if its second nature to her.

combed thunder-rcf-process

combed thunder-rcf-1

We are so thrilled that Natalie will be bringing a collection of her Combed Thunder weavings to our first-ever Portland Mini Market!  Be sure to check out her website as well a preview all her weavings on Etsy.  If you want to stay up to date on Natalie and her creations, follow her in Instagram!