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March 3, 2014

The Bower Studio


Today we’re featuring Massachusetts’ Maker, The Bower Studio.  Vincent Frano and Isa Wang are the minds behind the exquisitely designed and crafted soaps, salves, and illustrated gifts.  Educated in fine arts, illustration, and herbalism, The Bower Studio strives to bring both beauty and utility to their line of products.


Vincent and Isa’s partnership began in 2011, with molded curiosity soaps like these robin eggs and bird skull soaps.  Their appreciation for design is perfectly captured in the intricate detail of the ivory skull and the characteristic speckles of the robin’s eggs.


The Bee Project, started by The Bower Studio in 2013, is a line of cards and prints in which 100% of the profits go directly to The Honey Bee Health Research Project, raising awareness about the myriad of obstacles honey bees face today.  The illustrated bees, such as the one depicted on this card, is not only an example of affection The Bower Studio has for nature, but also a reminder of the beauty and necessity bees offer to our world.



The Bower Studio remains true to their handmade aesthetic.  From designing and illustrating logos and labels, to creating soap molds and packaging, Vincent and Isa’s passion for their work can be seen in the variety of soaps they create.  Not only are these products well-designed and aromatic, they are created by a genuine herbalist – so you know that there are amazing benefits to these soaps as well!  We are particularly excited about their line of herbal soaps and salves, such as the Goat Milk + Red Clover Soap.


The Bower Studio took its inspiration and namesake from the bower bird, an Australian bird known for collecting feathers, shells, and berries to embellish its nests.  The name is quite fitting, as The Bower Studio looks to nature and the Cabinet of Curiosity as their source of inspiration and herbal insight.


We are so overjoyed that The Bower Studio will be presenting their exquisitely crafted soaps, salves, and illustrated work at The Renegade Craft Fair: SXSW Edition in Austin from March 13-15.  Visit The Bower Studio’s website and blog for their full line of products and come to our Austin March Market to see their Amethyst Crystal Soap with your own eyes!