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July 10, 2015

Blume Studio

Blume Jewerly Headshot-01648_1 Today we’re featuring inspired jewelry by Blume Studio. These pieces will be at our LA Fair this weekend (only two days away!) at Grand Park.


Blume studio is a collaboration between Rina and Chen Blume; a Mother/daughter duo with a passion for hand made jewelry design and the beauty and uniqueness of nature.
DSC00839Blume Jewerly Headshot-01635Architecture, graphic design, construction sites, city life inspires all of Rina and Chen’s work. They love simple shapes coming together to created something three dimensional. 
Rina and Chen’s favorite part of forming jewelry by hand is that they are limited by the materiality of metal, and that frees them up to play with shape, and dimension.
 The Blume Studio collections are aptly titled and partnered with a singular question, opening up a rather beautiful way of interpreting jewelry and human nature. The Linear Collection, one of our favorites, simply asks “What forms when you don’t rely on  measurements or computer aided designs?” The collection, as described, is a series striving to reach geometric symmetry and perfection, but cannot hide the natural human element of imperfection.
IMG_0222The idea of “perfect imperfection” has grown and thrived (most notably, the wabi sabi movement) for good reason: perfect is boring. For Rina and Chen, hand building is essential to their craft. The raw or imperfect aspect becomes even more apparent when they focus on linear and geometric shapes. Blume Studio finds magic in that intersection between the strive for perfection/symmetry and the less perfect human touch. IMG_0223 IMG_9953

Blue Studios works primarily with sterling silver and brass. When inspired by a specific theme, Rina and Chen will sometimes use rocks or other found objects, what matters most is how their jewelry answers the question at hand.


We can’t wait to see Blume Studio at our LA Fair, and we hope you’re able to stop by their booth to say hello. You can find Blume Studio online here: