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Renegade Craft Fair

July 16, 2015

American Mobler

American Mobler FurnitureIt’s a great treat to be featuring American Mobler today! These mid-century pieces will be making their way to our San Francisco Fair this weekend at the Herbst and Festival Pavilions at Fort Mason Center! Get ready folks, here we go!American Mobler FurnitureAmerican_Mobler-79Oliver Armstrong is the architect behind American Mobler. Oliver started restoring vintage Mid-Century Modern furniture as a way to de-stress after his consulting company went out of business a few years ago. He’d always liked the sculptural and architectural elements of Mid-Century design and quickly began experimenting with fun modern combinations.



American Mobler primarily focus on American designs from icons like Eames and Saarinen while adding unique twists along the way. In addition to their Eames inspired nightstands, American Mobler is designing original products with the aesthetic spirit of Mid-Century design while infusing a fun sense of modern style.


The trailblazing designers of the 50’s and 60’s believed our lives are impacted by the furniture we surround ourselves with, and thus they strove to provide beautiful and affordable furniture for the everyday man. Purple_Yellow_vignetteIt’s a philosophy that we share passionately at American Mobler and it drives every choice we make. Beautiful, Affordable, Custom designs for your home is what we live for. This July at Renegade Craft Fair, we’ll be unveiling our version of one of the most iconic American Mid-Century designs with that ethos in mind.
Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 3.11.17 PM We are so excited to have Oliver join us at Renegade this weekend in San Francisco. Hope you all our planning to bring one of these pieces to your home! You can find American Mobler online here: