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Renegade Craft Fair

August 4, 2014

Alibi Interiors


During a road trip up the coast of California, we had the pleasure of meeting with Chris and Paige of Alibi Interiors. Since Alibi Interiors started showcasing their wooden frames and boxes at our West Coast Renegade Craft Fairs, they’ve continued to produce stunning work and booth displays season after season. Alibi Interiors is based out of Santa Cruz, CA. Their workshop is a bright and open space, stocked full of salvaged wood and hundreds of frames ready to go to out to shops and new homes. We were thrilled to be able to talk to Chris and Paige more about their thriving business.


Alibi Interiors was established in 2012.  It started as a hobby, but grew quickly once we had multiple businesses asking us for our reclaimed wood frames.  We dedicated more and more time to growing the business- moving into a warehouse, developing a website, signing up for craft fairs, establishing more wholesale accounts, etc. etc.  We soon realized we were making a living off this hobby and have felt blessed every since.


We inspire each other.  Chris builds out a simple table and I’ll give feedback and together we’ll mold it into something else.  Our home by the sea and our lifestyle inspires us.  I’ll take a bath and think how convenient a wooden bathtub tray would be for my glass of wine and book.  The next day, Chris brings one home and we use it and refine it until we’re happy with the product.  I wanted a frame with depth and dimension so that I could display my collection of apothecary bottles and, voila!  Our shadowbox was born.  


Reclaimed wood garden beds, book shelves, tables, planter boxes for our succulents, these products were all developed because we wanted them for our own home.  


2014-RCF-AlibiInteriors-0081Our neighbor delivers fence boards to our home, where we pull nails out of and wire brush each board.  The boards are stacked and brought to our warehouse (2 miles away) where they are ripped down to the size needed, depending on whether we are making picture frames or planter boxes.  The routed boards are nailed together, first the inner frame, then the outer frame, and finally all stapled together.  Next, they’re taken to the finish / details station, where brass hangers are hammered into the wood, glass and backing are placed in the frame, a point driver is used to tab the back closed, and the final logo is branded in.


Alibi Interiors wouldn’t be what it is without our business partner from Young America Creative, Brian Friel.  He is the architect and mastermind behind our booth designs.  The three of us create a fantastic trio- Chris and his wood working skills, Brian and his architectural and graphic design skills, and my interior design skills, all make up the dynamic trio we’ve become.

Chris and I say every day to each other: “I can’t believe we’re doing this.”  Its pretty incredible that we’ve grown as much as we have in the two years we’ve been in business.  We feel blessed a thousand times over, and honestly owe a lot of our success to Renegade.  They’ve boosted our connections ten fold- THANK YOU TEAM RENEGADE!


Some sage advice from Alibi Interiors: Keep your start up costs as minimal as possible.  Hire professionals to do what you’re no good at- it leaves room for you to do what you are good at.


Thank you, Chris and Paige for letting us spend the day with you in your studio! And, congratulations on all those upcoming wholesale orders! If you want to learn more about Alibi Interiors, visit their website as well as follow them on instagram to stay up to date!