Renegade Craft Fair

Our Team

All Renegade events are produced and curated by our small yet mighty in-house team that is spread out all over the country, from coast to coast. We’re a friendly and creative group that travels to and works every event – so keep an eye out for us at the Fairs!

About Renegade

Renegade Craft is a curated marketplace of makers, designers, doers, and dreamers. Established in Chicago in 2003 and growing through steady, organic support, Renegade has become the broadest reaching craft showcase in the world: hosting over 3,000 artists at ~20 events in ~10 cities, and attracting over 300,000 attendees annually. To find your Renegade, check out our calendar here, or apply to participate here!

Our Story

In 2003, two creative and entrepreneurial friends sought out a modern marketplace to sell their design-driven work, gather with their local craft community and redefine what handmade and small business meant as a contemporary artist.

True to the DIY spirit, those friends founded Renegade Craft and hosted the inaugural event in Chicago’s Wicker Park with 75 participating artists. Over the years, Renegade not only established the marketplace they envisioned, but expanded to multiple cities all over the country, pioneered a movement that advanced the creative economy, empowered countless small businesses to succeed, and brought together a worldwide community of artists and tastemakers.

Renegade’s vision and approach are still embedded in its grassroots origins: every fair is produced by our in-house staff, powered by grassroots support and a community of conscious consumers, and curated with beautiful, handmade goods.

We hope to see you soon in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Austin, Seattle, Portland, Denver, and Boston.