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Newbie vendors, take note! We’ve been sharing posts every Wednesday in October about preparing for an amazing selling experience at Renegade. We want to empower you to take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business by selling at Renegade, and this series of post delves deeper into some FAQ that we get from vendors.

Renegade Craft Fair weekends are fun and exciting for our vendors, but there are simple things you can do to prepare yourself for challenges you might run into over the fair weekend. Our veteran makers have offered up some advice for you that goes above and beyond the checklist available in your vendor kit.

genevieve santos

Genevieve from Le Petit Elephant has some snack suggestions. She makes sure to bring, “something sweet (chocolate covered almonds), something healthy (edamame and apples), something salty (Trader Joe’s olive oil chips.. yum!), and plenty of water. Just to cover full range of my cravings.”

Genevieve also recommends having a special place to keep business cards you pick up at the fair. “Inevitably business cards get lost in the shuffle once it’s quitting time. So to avoid missing out on a wholesale order or collaborative project because I’ve misplaced their card, I have a notebook where I tape the business card and write down notes about our conversation.”

Pommes Frites

Kristen from Pommes Frites suggests creating a craft fair toolbox to keep behind your booth! What’s in her toolbox? “Three or four Square readers, safety pins, clothespins, pens, sharpies, screwdriver and screws, x-acto knife, chalk, scissors, hand sanitizer, duct tape, Advil, and a pack of business cards (in case for some reason I forget my box of business cards. It’s happened).”

Oh Hello Friend

Danni from Oh Hello Friend also has a kit that she brings to every fair! Her handy kit includes: “Scissors, masking tape, band-aids, wet wipes, roll of quarters, extra small change like $1’s and $5’s, small stack of business cards, rubber bands, extra credit card reader, and extra pair of jewelry tools. Nothing too fancy but it’s helpful to have in case we ever forget one of these things.”

Renegade Booth 16 Sparrows

Donovan from 16 Sparrows offers this clever tip: “Bring a yoga mat (or a fancy cushion mat) for standing on [behind the booth]. Face it, you’re going to stand more than you sit; so you may as well make that asphalt or linoleum or concrete a little more forgiving for eight hours.” If you don’t own a yoga mat, at least wear shoes that you can comfortably stand in all day. Donovan also insists on packing,Duct tape & scissors. I always have these and I’m always loaning them out. So useful.”

MaryinkMary’s displays take up lots of space in her Maryink booth, so she keeps it simple, and makes her health a priority: “We really just keep the minimum in our booth since we seem to always be crammed for space. That being said, hand towelettes by Giovanni are my favorite luxury, since hand sanitizer only gets you so far. And we keep as much water as possible!



Finally, Christopher and Keir from T-We Tea suggest keeping healthy snacks (like carrots and hummus, and some coconut water), plus a little reserve of supplies for unexpected challenges. They never fail to bring, “Zot’s – adhesive dots from Container Store (they fix everything), hot pink duct tape (another fix all, plus it is hot pink), zip ties, and ribbon (to hang signs from anything).”

If you’re a Renegade veteran, what are some things you bring along to make the weekend go smoothly? If you’re a newbie, is there anything extra you’ll be bringing along from the advice above?

2 thoughts on “Vendor Tips – What to Keep in Your Booth

  1. Nicole LaBry says:

    Though I’m a Renegade newbie, I’m not new to shows. I keep a lot of the above mentioned things in my booth, but instead of zip-ties, I’ve discovered re-usable gear-tie found in my local sporting goods store. Here is a link:

    Additionally, I always like to have a battery-powered phone-charger with me. You never know when you’ll have limited access to power, and you will always need a way to keep that all-important credit-card-accepting device charged. CHARGE!


  2. My “important box” contains most of these things, and I am always sure to have a stash of gum and chapstick. Definitely don’t want to be at a show with dry lips and bad breath. You’d be surprised what you forget during those early start times! Great tips!

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