Tips for Vendors- Designing your Renegade Booth

Newbie vendors, take note! We’re sharing posts every Wednesday in October about preparing for an amazing selling experience at Renegade. We want to empower you to take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business by selling at Renegade, and this series of post delves deeper into some FAQ that we get from vendors.

somethings hiding in here booth

Booth design isn’t always the first thing our vendors work on when they are preparing for fairs (we know you’ve gotta make work to sell, too!), but a well thought out booth design can help make for a very successful show. Creating a space that highlights your work, while also communicating vital information (your brand name and your prices), helps to pull shoppers into your booth and gets them engaged with the items you have for sale. The booth featured above is one of our all-time favorites – Something’s Hiding in Here‘s ambitious booth design from Brooklyn Renegade back in 2009!

Some things to remember when designing your booth:

  • What size space do you have to work with? Don’t forget to leave space to enter/exit your booth, and a place to sit down. If you want to create a mock up of your space at home, lay down tape on the floor to get an idea of the measurements of your booth space.
  • Are you sharing a booth? Keep your partner in mind! Discuss your ideas about booth design ahead of time, and take care to share the space in a way that highlights both of your brands. Talk to each other to plan for table or tent rentals, as well as what you might be able to share with each other.
  • Show off your brand! Create signage with your name so that shoppers can find you later. Veteran Renegade seller Kristen from Pommes Frites suggests, “A catchy booth display and clear signs indicating your business name will make it easy for people to find you again.”
  • Is the event indoors or outdoors? Keep the location in mind, and plan accordingly. If the event is outside, think about how your displays will be effected by sun, rain, or wind.
  • How will you transport your displays to the venue? Consider what will fit into your car and can be comfortably carried by one person.
  • Make your prices clear. Some customers are too shy to ask for prices, so consider making a easily visible sign of the prices of your items.
  • Get creative and work with what you have! Use items you already own to create engaging display elements.

poster display

booth displays

Having a booth at a craft fair offers you the opportunity to set-up your own pop-up shop.  It’s fun to approach setting up your booth as you might set up a retail storefront.  A booth at Renegade provides you with a blank canvas that you can customize with your own furniture, displays, accessories, props, backdrops, decorations and more.

The more creative and well put-together your booth display is, the more eye-catching it will be to attendees looking to soak it all in. Take decorating your booth just as seriously as you would crafting your handmade items.  The end result will be that your set up compliments your work, and helps you to make more sales and draw attention to your brand.

pinterest booth ideas

If you’re looking for booth design inspiration, check out our booth design inspiration board on Pinterest! Or you can browse photos of previous Renegade Craft Fair booths on Flickr – see what catches your eye, and think about how you can incorporate those elements into your own booth design!

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