The Future of Indie Retail

Vendor Tips by SKUE

Ethics & Why they Matter to the Future of Independent Retail

In the next Shop/Talk series, two retailers address an important topic few people talk about: ethics. We’ll look at two angles, supply and demand.

For designers who supply products to stores, Michele Varian discusses why it’s important for them to maintain consistency in their retail pricing with what they sell online.

David Auerbach from Dijital Fix talks about why ethics are just as important for customers. He explains that if one visits a retail space for the “in-store experience” and then turns around to buy those same products from an online discount retailer like Amazon, it is not only a disservice to the store, but also the designer, and the local community. The future of indie brick and mortar isn’t about beacons and emotion tracking software. It’s about where you choose to spend your dollars.

The next videos in this series will feature Kerri Johnson of Marion Rose Workshop and Jill Lindsey, two retailers who have found success by bringing their neighborhoods together with in-store experiences.

Vinit is the co-founder of SKUE, a wholesale marketplace where indie retailers guide designers towards making products customers want.

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