Los Angeles

Our Field Guide is your road map to our fav spots in Los Angeles! 


Dune 3

Dune 1

Dune 2

˙∆  Dune ∆˙

Easy to miss but hard to forget, Dune serves the freshest falafel on house made pita with tahini and hummus at their unassuming Atwater counter. Photos courtesy of Dune.



˙∆  Journeyman ∆˙

Step through the newly-opened doors and walk up to the long open kitchen counter to discuss the daily menu with the chef themselves. The ambitious Atwater bistro Journeyman hopes to usher in a new era of dining to LA–one that focuses on a seamless experience, small bites, and local ingredients. Photo courtesy of Journeyman.


Jon and Vinny's 1

Jon and Vinny's 4

˙∆  Jon & Vinny’s ∆˙

Classic Italian dishes served small-plate style with quality ingredients. Jon & Vinny’s is comfort food at it’s best, served at wooden booths and friendly digs. Photos courtesy of Jon & Vinny’s.


˙∆  Gjusta ∆˙

From the lauded minds of Gjelina pizza comes Gjusta, a simply perfect artisanal bakery in the heart of Venice. Serving an expansive menu of in-house baked breads, pastries, salads and sandwiches, Gjusta’s counter has something for everyone to take to their quaint patio furnished with milk crate seating. Photo courtesy of Gjusta.


Botanica 2

Botanica 1

Botanica 3

˙∆ Botanica ∆˙

A vegetable-centric cookery from the minds of editors and writers, Botanica is a culinary magazine in real life, with artfully plated colors on every dish. The light and open space echoes the healthy and satisfying fare, with a promise of an inspired, balanced and fulfilling meal. Photos courtesy of Botanica.


Grand Central Market 2

˙∆ Grand Central Market ∆˙

Sip on a G&B drip coffee as you wait for Eggslut’a famous breakfast sandwich at LA’s reinvigorated Grand Central Market. The historic 1917 culinary hub is home to an emporium of eats and treats from wood fired pizza to oysters, as well as a Summer Nights lineup featuring live jazz, Drag Queen Bingo, and Trivia Tuesdays. Photo courtesy of Grand Central Market.



Block Party 2

Block Party 1

˙∆ Block Party ∆˙

Part beer garden, part brewery, Block Party celebrates community and inclusivity at their Highland Park picnic-tabled patio. Guests are welcome to bring their own food to enjoy  alongside the select menu of craft beers, small batch wines and food truck bites. Photos courtesy of Block Party.


The Slipper Clutch 2

The Slipper Clutch 1

˙∆ The Slipper Clutch ∆˙

Punk, neon and hidden behind Downtown’s Bar Calcson, The Slipper Clutch is good for a game of pinball and a reworked rum and coke or vodka cranberry, both housemade and poured from a soda gun. Photo courtesy of The Slipper Clutch.



˙∆ Civil Coffee ∆˙

What started as a DIY mobile coffee bar in Chinatown is now a bright and airy brick and mortar in Highland Park equipped with a full food and drink menu, an assortment of quality roasted beans and the best espresso. Photo courtesy of Civil Coffee.


Maru Coffee 2

Maru Coffee 1

˙∆ Maru Coffee ∆˙

Minimalist yet inviting, Maru Coffee is a Los Feliz treasure serving quality coffee with a focus on  beans sourced from high elevation. Artful pourovers are  presented in wabi-sabi style mugs by Portland’s Notary Ceramics. Photos courtesy of Maru Coffee.


Sidecar Doughnuts 1

Sidecar Doughnuts 2 copy

˙∆ Sidecar Donuts ∆˙

As you enjoy the fluffiest, most decadent doughnut topped with the inventive and delicious flavors, sip on Sidecar’s signature Forty Winks or Colt’s Tooth blends, created with Portland’s coffee authority, Stumptown. Photos courtesy of Sidecar Donuts.



Good Liver 1

Good Liver 2

Good Liver 3

˙∆ The Good Liver ∆˙

Embracing the ideology of quality over quantity, Good Liver offers an assortment of well-made goods built to last. The shop is meticulously curated with objects from homewares to outdoor tools, each with its own history and story. Photos courtesy of The Good Liver.



˙∆ Midland ∆˙

From the minds of event planners, Midland welcomes all to enjoy their assortment of well chosen goods. Ceramics from Ojai, dresses from California, cookbooks from around the globe–all featured to showcase the art of slow fashion and ethically made wares. Photo courtesy of Midland.


Big Bud Press 1

Big Bud Press 2

Big Bud Press 3

˙∆ Big Bud Press ∆˙

Made and designed in LA, Big Bud Press developed their line of vibrant threads and accessories at RCF Fairs and recently opened their brick and mortar in Echo Park. The inspired-by-rainbows shop offers a line of jumpsuits in every color, circle backpacks and graphic tees made with sunshine. Photos courtesy of Big Bud Press.


Shorthand 2

Shorthand 1

˙∆ Shorthand ∆˙

Curate your desk with Shorthand’s  beautiful selection of office supplies from  erasers to notebooks. Tucked in the heart of Highland Park, the shop is also home to Iron Curtain Press, which handmakes greeting cards onsite that are sold in store. Photos courtesy of Shorthand.


˙∆ Individual Medley ∆˙

Curatorially displayed trinkets, ceramics, clothes and accessories live at Atwater’s friendly Individual Medley. The airy, plant-clad shop offers one-of-a-kind pieces alongside locally handcrafted goods. Photos courtesy of Individual Medley.


˙∆ Broome Street ∆˙

Walking into Broome Street General feels like entering an aesthetic traveler’s home that is decorated with everything  from artful stationary to hand-whittles bowls. The general store also serves coffee and offers a quiet patio to work or hang out as you admire your new finds. Photo courtesy of Broome Street.



Craft and Folk Art Museum

˙∆ Craft and Folk Art Museum ∆˙

Along the historic Museum row, across from LACMA and tucked in a French Provincial mansion, LA’s little known Craft and Folk Art Museum is the place to find emerging artist, craft objects and folk art. CAFAM also hosts engaging workshops from natural dyeing and clay to hand weaving and DIY huarache sandals. Photo courtesy of Craft and Folk Art Museum.


˙∆ Cinespia ∆˙

Pack a blanket, a charcuterie platter and a bottle of wine for Cinespia’s summer film screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. From Wizard of Oz to Superbad, movies range from cult to classic, all to be enjoyed in the company of Hollywood’s past. Photo courtesy of Cinespia.