Our Field Guide is your road map to our fav spots in Denver! 


Little Curry Shop

˙∆ Biju’s Little Curry Shop ∆˙

Bringing southern style Indian cuisine to Denver, Biju’s Little Curry Shop serves curry-centric dishes in an industrial-yet-vibrant space decked out with communal tables, murals and a fuschia counter. Photo courtesy of Biju’s Little Curry Shop.



Denver Market 1

Denver Market 2

Denver Market 3

˙∆  Denver Central Market ∆˙

Sip on a cocktail as you pick up artisanal ingredients at RiNo’s culinary epicenter, Denver Central Market. The beautifully restored building is home to a menagerie of local culinary vendors, including a butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer, salumeria, rotisserie, bakery, pizzeria, creamery, chocolatier and coffee counter. Photos courtesy of Denver Central Market.



Rebel Restaurant

˙∆ Rebel Restaurant ∆˙

Featuring menu items like Pig Part of the Day, Rebel Restaurant serves an adventurous menu of carnivorous dishes, plated delicately at their painted brick RiNo establishment. The New American restaurant also hosts events from pig roasts to music nights. Photo courtesy of Rebel Restaurant.




Ratio Beerworks 2

˙∆ Ratio Beerworks ∆˙

Tucked into the heart of RiNo, Ratio Beerworks serves brews from craft rarities to classic go-to’s. The industrial taproom also boasts a large dog-friendly courtyard with games and communal tables. Photo courtesy of Ratio Beerworks.



˙∆ Pon Pon ∆˙

Serving as both an art installation space and drinking hole, RiNo’s quasi-speakeasy Pon Pon pours a selection of wines, beers and cocktails at their ever-changing and ever-charming digs. Photo courtesy of Yelp. Visit Pon Pon.



Curio Bar

˙∆ Curio Bar ∆˙

Grab one of Curio Bar’s signature or classic cocktails, beer or wine as you peruse Denver Central Market’s emporium of vendors. The bar also hosts music nights, from jazz to folk. Photo courtesy of Curio Bar.




Black Eye

˙∆ Black Eye ∆˙

Single-origin beans are roasted in-house and then methodically served as pour over at Black Eye’s LoHi and Cap Hill locations. Communal tables and chic decor deck out both, but only at the Capitol Hill location does it become White Lies at night, where they serve a mean lineup of craft concoctions alongside craft brews. Photo courtesy of Black Eye.



Sweet Cooie’s

˙∆ Sweet Cooie’s ∆˙

Flavors from butterscotch to bananas foster are scooped at Sweet Cooie’s eggshell blue counter. The classic ice cream and confectionary also offers indulgent treats and homemade chocolates–all while supporting local and international charities (tip: everything tastes better when it’s for a good cause). Photo courtesy of Sweet Cooie’s.



Crema Coffee House

˙∆ Crema Coffee House ∆˙

Sourcing beans from acclaimed local and international roasters, Crema Coffee brews high quality joe at their communal space. Whether you are doing work are hanging out, staying for the signature pork-belly banh mi and Korean Reuben stacked with duck pastrami and kimchi slaw is a must. Photo courtesy of Crema Coffee House.




Fancy Tiger Crafts 1

Fancy Tiger Crafts 2

Fancy Tiger Crafts 3

˙∆ Fancy Tiger Crafts ∆˙

Fancy Tiger Crafts is a maker’s dream: a friendly shop run by knowledgeable staff with a huge selection of quality fabrics and craft supplies. The store also creates their own in-house patterns, natural dyes and washes, as well as hosts classes, events and retreats. Photos courtesy of Fancy Tiger Crafts.




Red Rocks

˙∆ Red Rocks ∆˙

Red Rocks is a one-of-a-kind music venue: the naturally-occurring acoustic amphitheatre is a rare geological phenomenon. Stop by the venue for a daytime soundcheck or grab tickets for a show–Red Rocks curates an eclectic lineup of concerts with artists from Die Antwoord to A Tribe Called Quest. Photo courtesy of Red Rocks.



RiNo Art District

˙∆ RiNo Art District ∆˙

Renegade’s two-day home and Denver’s creative soul, RiNo–River North Art District–has so much going on. From artisanal coffee houses to experimental eats, artist spaces to salons, RiNo has all the makings of a city on the forefront of craft culture. Photo courtesy of RiNo Art District.