Renegade Chicago Maker Spotlight: Milled Home Goods Co.

Get ready, today’s Renegade Chicago Maker Spotlight is a good’un. We more or less freaked out when we saw the work of Milled Home Goods Co.  Makers Matt and Hillary Voight are doing just about everything right, from their finely crafted work to their perfectly chosen painted accents. Please, join us in freaking out over just how great their work is.

All photos from the Milled Home Goods Co. website






One thought on “Renegade Chicago Maker Spotlight: Milled Home Goods Co.

  1. claire says:

    Wow, this work is amazing and something I’ve never seen in store. It’s so hard to find functional and beautiful, not to mention handcrafted furniture! So glad to learn about Milled Home Goods Co.

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