RCF + SKUE Brooklyn Recap

Most purchases are still made in the real world, at stores, but physical spaces come with their set of rules and quirks. Who better to turn to than store owners for cracking the wholesale market. Here are few insights compiled at our booth during interactions with top buyers checking out the RCF Wholesale Market in Brooklyn. 
Breaking into Saturated Markets
Tapa candles is testing out a new line with scents inspired by their travels. A few things that set them apart is  theletterpress printing, the packaging in old coffee bags and the ingredients. It was the ingredients that made all the difference. 
“I like the range of Northern California scents, especially the use of yuzu!” says Michael Levy of Paxton Gate. “More underused ingredients like that add originality and make the difference between a candle that sells, and one that sits on the shelf.”
“Might be helpful to specify the scents under the fragrance name,” adds Sylvia Parker of Magpie.
It’s also just fun to say Yuzu. 
Jewelry is another crowded category. Subcategories like laser cut wood jewelry have a tough time standing out.Diamonds are Evil break out with a new angle. That diamonds are well, EVIL. A stand against conflict diamonds. They follow up on their mission by sharing some of the proceeds to African charities.  
This design is very unique and different. says Zoel Fages of Perch, “and love the giving back story.” 
A story changes the whole experience. 
Getting Around Display Issues
The apron by XNasozi is quite the twist on the typical apron. Denim with removable leather straps. The problem at indie retail stores is display space. 
In our shop we always have a hard time selling aprons due to merchandising constraints,” says Allison McGowan of Teich. “We don’t have room for a dress form, but aprons tend to get ignored when folded. A well designed tag or belly band helps tremendously” says Allison.
Denim maker Nasozi agreed that if folded, a photo on the price tag would be a good solve. She’s considering it as part of the packaging.