RCF Insider Tip ~ Awesome Booth Display Ideas

One of our favorite things about putting together the Renegade Craft Fairs, is walking around the fairgrounds the day of the show and seeing everyone’s amazing booth displays.

While the highlight of the fair is all about is all of the wonderful handmade goodness to be seen and purchased at the event, it’s the booth display that really draws people in closer to see what you have to offer.

So, we’ve decided to put together this blog post to show you examples of some of our favorite set-ups, and to offer artists some tips to help them brainstorm ways to make a booth stand out among the rest!


Give it a Personal Touch!

Having a booth at a craft fair offers you the opportunity to set-up your own little shop within a designated 10’x10′ spot.  It’s fun to approach setting-up your booth as you might set-up your own little storefront.  It provides you with a blank canvas that you can customize with your own furniture, displays, accessories, props, backdrops, decorations and more.

The more creative and well put-together your booth display is, the more eye-catching it will be to attendees looking to soak it all in.  So, make it yours! Take decorating your booth just as seriously as you would crafting your handmade items.  The end result will be that your set-up compliments your work really well, and make your booth seem nice and cohesive.


Show Your Work in Action!

The best way to sell your items is to best represent them.  What better way than showing people how your things are used?  Props can help you do this, while also adding character to your booth.

Above we have wine toppers being displayed in wine bottles, and some really nice bookends on display using vintage books.  Below, we have a Dutch-inspired artist using Dutch themed props to display small accessories.  The avocado salt + pepper shakers below are displayed as avocados might be displayed at a produce market, in a wooden crate with a cute little sign.  Nice!

Think Outside of the Box!

Literally. While your booth space is typically a square 10’x10′ spot, you don’t necessarily have to make a perfect square footprint. You can create an environment where you have your own free-standing structure, or non-traditional piece of equipment so as to really wow the crowds.

Below, we have a vendor who created more of a store-like environment by making a checkout window inside their booth.  Another artist brought his own solar-powered sewing machine, so that he could make sewn artwork on site!

Keep in mind the logistics of making  your own free-standing structure ahead of time.  It may take some time and tools the morning of the show to assemble it quickly and efficiently within your designated space.  So, plan ahead and think of ways you can make it collapsable and easily transportable.

Keep it Light!

Nothing makes a booth more warm and inviting than adding some light to your booth.  This is especially true if your products use light to work.  But, it’s also a nice touch to have and makes your booth more attractive.

This is really good to keep in mind for the holiday events, because you can use lights to make your booth more festive.  If you don’t have access to an outlet, you can always use flameless candles and other self-powered lighting options.


Deck the Walls!

If you make artwork, prints, posters and other large flat items, it could be a good idea to make walls for your booth so you can display your work gallery-style.  Plywood, painted cardboard, trellis, chipboard, foam core, heavy canvas and other materials all work well for this.  Make the most use out of your space and hang your work on both the inside and the outside of your booth (weather-permitting).

Walls are great for allowing you to maximize how much you can fit inside your space.  You can create shelving on the walls to display things.  And you can use hooks/nails/pins to hang things as well.  This is a really great idea if you make many different things and need a lot of display options.

Prepare for the Elements!

When participating in outdoor shows, there’s always a risk of running into bad weather and having it damage your wares. It’s best to be prepared no matter what the circumstances are weather-wise. You should plan ahead for rain, wind, and even sunshine to prevent sunburn and heat exhaustion.

A tent is a must, because weather it’s sunny or rainy you will be protected from sun/heat/water.  Make sure your tent is weighed down heavily.  Sidewalls are always a good idea, and bringing tarps/plastic to line the inside of your tent will help keep it waterproof.

Sometimes the worst element to encounter is the wind.  That is because it can blow your tent over in an instant, knock your display items down, make your products blow over or away, blow dust and debris into your booth, and cause things to fly away and potentially hurt people.

So make sure everything in your booth is well secured, and you’ll be happy you did.  If you come prepared, you can still have a good show even in bad weather!

Have Fun with It!

And with that, we will let you have at it! Go all out, and make your booth display reflect your work and personality as best as you can.  Who knows, you might end up being featured in some post-event wrap-ups, online photo pools, and future promotional materials for events such as ours!

Lastly, be sure to be friendly, helpful and outgoing to attendees.  You have a lot of competition out there, and people might be more willing to buy something from the artist who gave a good first impression.  So, be welcoming and inviting and put your best foot forward!

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  1. Larry Dubia says:

    I love the ideas you presented here. They are shown in some very interesting ways. I have a wood art business and sometimes displays can be quite challenging. One thing I notice in every booth display is the varying levels of the displays. This is essential in keeping the eyes of the customer moving. They don’t get stuck in one area and become bored with it. I have not perfected my display yet but I am working on it constantly to make it appealing as well as delightful to my customers.

    Mystic Woods Creations

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