Fair Prep + Planning, Oh My!

Vendor Tips


Preparing for your booth presence is one of the most essential components of your participation and it can be a lot of work, too. But, don’t sweat it! We’ve got a handy list of tips and tricks as you begin this exciting process!



If you are sharing your booth space with another maker, be in close contact with them! We send out a booth share email shortly after notifications go out so you can begin planning your set up ASAP. Make sure you connect and discuss all of your plans for the Fair. Maybe there’s an opportunity to collaborate and strengthen the presence of your brands.

Get the word out with your audience/fans. Articulate where you’ll be located so it’s easy to find you! Pop our online map in your promotions and share your booth number.



Make a production plan in order to have your goods ready in time. If you run into an unforeseen issue, don’t panic! Maybe your printer didn’t make the deadline so instead – you end up selling originals. Keeping a clear head and utilizing creative problem-solving goes a long way! Do you have a new line or product you’re looking to roll out at our Fair? Build anticipation by doing a sneak peek or giveaway via social media. If you sell out of a product, offer free shipping so booth visitors can still make the purchase.


Booth Design + Set Up  

Plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan out your booth set up. Always double-check what you signed up for (in your application invoice + application confirmation email) to fully utilize the dimensions you paid for! Practice setting up your booth in your house or yard to estimate the time it takes and troubleshoot. Be flexible. Are you sharing a space with another maker? Consider how this will affect how customers view and/or walk in to your booth. Think of your booth as a mini boutique. Gone are the days of a table with items laying flat. Think of ways to bring customer eyes up (horizontal space). Make your space inviting, chill and comfortable. We cannot stress this enough!



Will it just be you? Do you have friendly, approachable staff/friends/lovers/volunteers you can schedule? Try to always have a backup just in case – you never know! If you don’t have extra cash to pay for assistance treat your pal to dinner or incentivise them with a trade! Always pack snacks, beverages, meals (if possible), because these Fairs get busy and it’s not always easy to leave your booth when it’s bumpin’.


Sales at Fairs

Consider doing a bundle sale (3 for the price of 2, etc.) or offer a small free item with a large purchase. Have a mailing list? Offer a discount for people who sign up at the Fair! Have a pile of old wares that are not moving? Having a discount or a clearance box because everyone loves a sale! Include promotional materials so customers can connect after the Fair. This could be an eye-catching business card, sticker, button or post card. Keep your customers wanting more! Also, bring lots of cash to keep sales running smoothly! Some customers prefer to pay in cash, so change comes in handy.

Phew! Do you have killer tips of your own to share? We want to hear from you!

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