Maker Spotlight: Cotton & Flax

Just thought we’d send a few eye-poppingly gorgeous textiles your way today. Today’s Maker Spotlight comes courtesy of LA-based Cotton & Flax. A shining example of rebranding done right (Cotton & Flax came to be after two other successful creative endeavors), maker Erin Dollar has created a line of home goods and paper art that might just make you want to redecorate your entire home. Or at least add a few new perfect pieces.

Another thing we love about Erin? She strikes a perfect (and difficult to achieve) balance between genius creativity and business savvy. Case in point: Finding that LA felt disconnected in regards to a creative craft community, she started a creative entrepreneurs group to bring together like-minded makers and creative folk so they could talk shop and feel more connected. As Erin says, “Having this community has made it easier for many of us to feel confident taking on larger or more ambitious projects, because we know that we have that support behind us.” Gotta love someone who sees a problem and makes their own solution.

Look for Erin and her lovely (and we mean seriously lovely) work at the Cotton & Flax booth (which she’ll be sharing with the equally awesome Small Adventure) at both the LA + SF Renegade Craft Fairs.

(All photos by Erin Dollar or Hollin Brodeur and used with permission)







One thought on “Maker Spotlight: Cotton & Flax

  1. mary says:

    beautiful work! can’t wait to see it at renegade.

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