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What is a linesheet and how do I build one?! We’ve had a lot of vendors reach out asking this question and so we whipped up a super simple example to help the process along!

By definition, a linesheet is a sales sheet used by makers to provide wholesale information on products they sell. It includes images, descriptions and details on how to buy the products.  

Think of this as a template for selling your work. Buyers need to see the products, they need information on said products and they want to know a bit about you, too! They also want to see what’s new, what’s a best seller (if applicable) and how to place an order – because that’s the whole point. You want to SELL SELL SELL!

We spotted this super helpful article by the Indie Retail Academy that breaks down what they are and how to build one for your brand!

Remember that your photos or scans of your products could make or break a sale. Also include variations of your products like colors and sizes. Think of this sheet as a need-to-know piece of paper/PDF that will get your items across in a direct way.

Seasoned wholesale sellers will tell you to include policies to cover all of your bases. For example, include how returns work or what your maximum/minimum orders are.

Phew! That was a lot of info, but you see how all of these details are super necessary for potential buyers and boutique owners.

Have a pro-tip to share on linesheets? Share the love below!

2 thoughts on “Linesheet Quick Tips

  1. Hi Samantha! Linesheets are definitely beneficial for business looking to expand into wholesale. Glad this post was inspiring to you!

  2. Hi,
    I’m based in the UK, I’m a watercolour Artist and Textile Print Designer at the House of Redgrave. I designed back in the late 80’s / 90’s for John lewis, Marks and Spencer, and Dunoon Ceramics when I worked for a design house “Tootal Fabrics”. I now create wearable Art & Design pieces.
    I’ve just read your blog and found it inspiring. I compiled a small brochure of images of my commissions and take it with me to events for customers to look through but I really like the idea of this line sheet. I’m definitely going to create one for my best sellers.
    Thank you for sharing this with us. As a creator and maker time is precious when working in your studio. You have deadlines to keep to if you’re working on a commission you have to prioritise. Finding other avenues other than social media to promote your business is always helpful so adding this to the list is a must!
    Thanks again,
    Owner/Designer House of Redgrave

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