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Susie Daly

Creator + Director

Susie is the Creator + Director of RCF, steering Renegade’s creative and strategic growth; from scouting new cities and venues to jurying applicants for each Fair, she strives to make each event inspiring and dynamic. Susie co-founded Renegade in 2003 as a Maker herself and gradually expanded the fair to several of her favorite cities. RCF is the realization of a dream for Susie, combining her love of art + craft + design with her knack for small business in support of the creative economy.

Favorite Medium: Ideation
Favorite Artist: James Turrell
Favorite Color: Prism Light
Current Inspiration: Frank Ocean
Favorite RCF: London!
Favorite Pastime: Traveling | Hiking | Ashtanga Yoga

Mat Daly

Director of Development

Mat aims to take RCF to new heights and has been instrumental in helping grow RCF over the past decade. He works to build creative partnerships with our Sponsors, who are invaluable to our continued success, as well as designs all of our screen-printed, limited-edition posters to commemorate each Fair.

Favorite Pastime:  Music Making
Favorite Color: Mauve
Favorite RCF: All of them have their charms for me, but New York is my fave.
Favorite Medium: Serigraphy, Sound, Atmosphere,
Favorite Museum: The Mattress Factory Pittsburgh, PA
Favorite Artist: A duo from Berlin called Re:Surgo made up of Christian Gfeller and Anna Hellesgård. Insane Screen Printers.
Current Inspiration: Space.


Julia Kepler Andorka

Associate Director

Julia loves sandwiches, sweet treats, and her dog Clementine. She has a B.F.A in Art History and a Masters in Public Administration, degrees that were sought after to enhance her ability to support local artistic communities through smart operations management. In her role as Associate Director, she helps support every aspect of what goes into the beauty that is Renegade Craft Fair – from supporting the RCF Gang day-to-day, to working hard on the behind the scenes operations — she loves seeing it all come together on Fair day!

Favorite Pastime: Currently, I love reading recipes on how to make decadent desserts.
Favorite Medium: Yarn! I love to knit and get inspired by Purl Soho.
Favorite Color: Right now I am into mustard yellows and coral pinks.

Lauren Nelson

Operations Director

Lauren joins the Renegade team as the Operations Director, bringing years of experience in Event Planning, Vendor Relations, and Team Management. She helps to manage RCF’s various projects, and provides guidance and support to this talented team. She loves logistics, details, to-do lists, and making the impossible possible. Earning her BFA in photography at Columbia College Chicago, her dream-home would include her own darkroom. (Film forever!) In her free time, Lauren loves roadtripping, crocheting, thrifting, and petting any cat she meets.

Favorite Museum: I’m a big fan of non-traditional museums, like House on the Rock and City Museum.
Favorite Artist: It’s constantly changing, but I always come back to female photographers. Mary Ellen Mark, Sally Mann, and Nan Goldin are some forever fave’s.
Favorite RCF: Chicago. It was my introduction to Renegade many years ago, and I love seeing my talented friends rocking their booths.
Current Inspiration: I could look at Pony Reinhardt’s work for hours. I would love to wear a piece by her one day!

Madelon Juliano

Assoc. Creative Director

Madelon wrangles all things decorations and signage, makes fun gifs and icons for our website + social media, and juries and curates the events. Outside of RCF she’s extremely food focused and is working on slowly remodeling her little house. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a focus in fiber and materials, but also loves painting, drawing, surface design and making lil’ clay thingys.

Favorite Pastime: Getting started and completing (personal) creative projects.
Favorite RCF: Seattle (my favorite changes all the time though!)
Favorite Medium: Gouache
Favorite Color: Pear Cactus Green
Favorite Art Space: MOMA PS1
Current Inspiration: I’m very inspired by all of the female artists/illustrators out there and I’m especially loving this feed >

Sam Majerowicz

Marketing Director

Taking on the role of Media + Marketing Manager, Sam oversees advertising strategy, media relations, branding, and creative content generation for RCF! He cut his teeth in the editorial world developing original content for an assortment of lifestyle brands and digital & print publications, and is an avid design, art, food, music, and travel enthusiast with a deep passion for craft and a fondness for wanting to document nearly everything. Current obsessions include electro dream pop, artisanal doughnuts, mid-century architecture, and Kentucky mules.

Favorite Pastime: Cat photography & summer music festivals.
Current Inspiration: Vienna
Favorite Medium: Avocado on toast.
Favorite Artist: 
So tough! Currently Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Favorite Color: PANTONE 331 C

002-2016Staff-Hollin-3011 (1)

Hollin Brodeur

Creative Content Manager

Hollin creates and coordinates all of Renegade’s creative content, from managing the blog and social media, running around the city to meet makers in their studios, to assisting in art direction and photographing the Fairs. With a degree in English and experience in fashion design and photography, Hollin is passionate about these creative endeavors and strives to brighten the spotlight on RCF, its participating makers, and the independent design community at large. Outside of RCF, you’ll find Hollin hanging out in Southern California with her dog, Molly, obsessing over interior spaces, trying to learn how to dance, and eating all the food.

Favorite Pastime:  Molly / television / interiors / flea markets / baking
Favorite Color: Always orange, currently: terracotta
Current Inspiration: The creativity and confidence of @personalpractice
Favorite Medium: Textiles!
Favorite Artist: Yasuji Hanamori

Ogechi Anyanwu

Web Producer

For the last two years Ogechi has participated in Renegade events as a vendor for her bag line Eye of the Sun! Ogechi joins the RCF gang as our Web Producer. She brings years of experience in event planning, community engagement, and technology! In her spare time, you can find Ogechi developing designs for Eye of the Sun, scouting for jumpsuits, dancing, and hosting dinner parties!

Favorite Pastime: Traveling!!! Creating and collaborating! Yoga! Thrifting!
Current Inspiration: Too many! Chimamanda Ngozi AdicheAzede Jean-Pierre, Mickalene Thomas, Kehinde Wiley!
Favorite Medium: Leather, leather, leather! Honestly, I love anything related to textiles – Shibori dyeing techniques!

Justin Rathell

Sr. Production Manager

Justin works closely with our venues and oversees production of all events, making sure everything goes off without a hitch. With a passion for detail, he spends many hours organizing and coordinating the nuts & bolts that go into every fair.

Current Inspiration: love this place!
Favorite Medium:Sounds
Favorite Museum:The Mattress Factory
Favorite Artist: James Turrell


Rachel Dolnick

Vendor Relations Manager

Rachel lives in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin, where she helps guide RCF Makers to have the most successful Fair possible! She loves all things handmade (even her bumper sticker says so!) and is constantly in awe of the spectacular talent that vendors ensue!  After hours, you’ll probably find Rachel doing yoga, canoeing, practicing the ukulele, or attempting to sew a lil somethin.

Favorite Pastime: Potlucks + clothing swaps, Saturdays spent roaming the Dane County Farmer’s Market, and camping adventures.
Favorite RCF: September Chicago will forever hold a special place in my heart as we’d always gather up the ladies in Madison and drive down. Nostalgia aside, I love the vibe of our Seattle Fair.
Current Inspiration: Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Yayoi Kusama, her mom Judy
Favorite Medium: Making stop motion videos + homemade chocolate

Emily Owen

Operations Manager

Fresh out of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received her Masters Degree in Arts Administration and Policy, Emily loves all things artist-driven!  A maker herself, Emily loves working collaboratively with other artists and is looking forward to working with all the amazing RCF artists and artisans to make each fair a success.  Outside of work, you’ll likely find her scouring thrift stores for treasures, tinkering and making artwork, trying to convince others her pet frog is cute, or home brewing with her boyfriend, Arthur.

Favorite media: Screen printing, small hobby motors, wood
Favorite color: Recently, azurite
Current inspirations: Theo Jansen, Elisa StrozykEtienne Jules Marey, Claire Sherman

Kendall Olson

Operations Coordinator

Kendall helps to keep Fair Operations running smoothly in the office, and also helps to prep the RCF Gang for the road. She has been an attendee at Renegade since her first year in Chicago, and now gets to be involved in many different aspects of putting on the Fairs! She loves teaching and spends a lot of her time doing volunteer teaching, as well as teaching ESL and Mandarin. In her free time, you’ll find her experimenting with food, (e.g., fermenting kimchi, making yogurt, steaming duck baozi), playing music, or losing track of time walking the beach and skipping stones with her hubby.

Favorite Pastime: Long days at the beach (Michigan side!)… The many roadtrips, as well as overseas trips, I’ve taken with my husband. We’ve seen so many amazing things together from tropical beaches, to ancient ruins, to giant fjords.
Current Inspiration: Really loving Miranda Skoczek’s  paintings lately. Especially the abstract pieces that combine bright, striking colors with cool greys.
Favorite Medium: Currently playing around with watercolors, just for fun. Also, yarn.., and gouache! Guess I can’t pick a favorite.
Favorite Museum: Can’t possibly choose! Some highlights I have been thinking about a lot lately are the Carnavalet in Paris and the Vasa Museum in Stockholm.

Madeline (Mady) Renn

Marketing Coordinator

From writing, to making, to photography, Mady loves to tell stories in all different shapes and forms. She is always trying to learn something new, and loves meeting new people. As Marketing Coordinator, she assists with social media, photography, and everything in between. After the fair, you can find her frolicking in Echo Park or planning her next adventure.

Favorite Pastime: Belly laughin’ & bread bakin’
Current Inspiration: ShiShi Yamazaki, Domingo by Caetano Veloso & Laura Berger
Favorite Medium: Stop motion film, textiles & paper (for writing, folding, or wrapping)
Favorite Museum: Palm Springs Art Museum



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