Linesheet Quick Tips

Wholesale Vendor Tips

What is a linesheet and how do I build one?! We’ve had a lot of vendors reach out asking this question and so we whipped up a super simple example to help the process along!

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Getting Retail Ready: The Art of Presentation

Wholesale Vendor Tips by Skue




Between product and customer, your packaging is on the front lines, the last layer in their line of sight before a sale. It’s natural that retailers get obsessive about packaging, an area that’s sometimes overlooked by emerging designers (getting the product right is hard enough, no?)

So what advice do top retail store owners have about packaging? At SKUE, our online wholesale marketplace, we invite indie retailers once a month to share merchandising insights as they source products. We’ll use some of the products from these buying rounds as examples.

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Well hello there, Catalogs

Wholesale Vendor Tips


There are a lot of necessary elements Makers have to face when embarking in wholesale, and these elements may be daunting at first. We’re here to help! In this next feature in our Handy Wholesale Tools series, we’ll be talking all about catalogs, and get some insider tips.

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To Shoot or Not to Shoot? Product Photography Tips

Wholesale Tools: Part One


This season we’re developing a Vendor Tips series to help Makers navigate the crazy world of wholesale. In the first part of our series, we’re going to look at product photography – a sometimes stressful topic for new entrepreneurs who are doing everything themselves. In this post Hollin, our Creative Content Manager + Photographer is going to look at some examples of product photography, get some advice from makers and business owners, and offer up some tutorials and resources.

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