How to Expand Your Product Line

Vendor Tips with Skue

In this segment made in collaboration with Renegade Craft Fair,  we catch up with Lily Chau, owner of Acacia, on designing new collections around customer expectations.

Watch as Lily reviews the gorgeous steel Geo-Bowl by ElektraSteel, and talks about extending the line, pricing, and figuring out the right demographic.

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How Retailers Buy

Vendor Tips with Skue

OK, Google. How do museum stores buy…? If your goal is to confuse complex machine algorithms, ask this question. Independent retailers rarely have a formula for buying, the most you’ll likely hear is “we look for things that are unique and different.” Not much help is it?

But let’s see how close we can get to what guides their choices.

We teamed up with our friends at Renegade Craft to dig deep into the minds of our favorite retailers in San Francisco. Matt Bissinger of Maker and Moss and Shane Salvata, buyer for SF MOMA. We also requested feedback from some of our top rated retailers on our wholesale platform SKUE.

First, the top-line stuff
Shane Salvata a buyer for jewelry and accessories for SF MOMA talks about the top three things she prioritizes when sourcing product.

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The Future of Indie Retail

Vendor Tips by SKUE

Ethics & Why they Matter to the Future of Independent Retail

In the next Shop/Talk series, two retailers address an important topic few people talk about: ethics. We’ll look at two angles, supply and demand.

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Finding Retail Success: Shop talk with SF’s Finest Retailers

Vendor Tips with Skue

Giselle Gyalzen, Rare Device owner reveals her approach to curating designers.

“I look for makers who go beyond trends,” says Giselle of Rare Device and points to the signs she looks out for, in our chat series ShopTalk, made in collaboration with our friends at RCF.

Three things Giselle points out are longevity, wholesale readiness and a unique spin on an existing category.

We kicked off the series with by inviting eight top rated retailers to the Renegade Wholesale Market to guide emerging designers through their retail journey.

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Fair Prep + Planning, Oh My!

Vendor Tips


Preparing for your booth presence is one of the most essential components of your participation and it can be a lot of work, too. But, don’t sweat it! We’ve got a handy list of tips and tricks as you begin this exciting process!

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Linesheet Quick Tips

Wholesale Vendor Tips

What is a linesheet and how do I build one?! We’ve had a lot of vendors reach out asking this question and so we whipped up a super simple example to help the process along!

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Getting Retail Ready: The Art of Presentation

Wholesale Vendor Tips by Skue




Between product and customer, your packaging is on the front lines, the last layer in their line of sight before a sale. It’s natural that retailers get obsessive about packaging, an area that’s sometimes overlooked by emerging designers (getting the product right is hard enough, no?)

So what advice do top retail store owners have about packaging? At SKUE, our online wholesale marketplace, we invite indie retailers once a month to share merchandising insights as they source products. We’ll use some of the products from these buying rounds as examples.

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Well hello there, Catalogs

Wholesale Vendor Tips


There are a lot of necessary elements Makers have to face when embarking in wholesale, and these elements may be daunting at first. We’re here to help! In this next feature in our Handy Wholesale Tools series, we’ll be talking all about catalogs, and get some insider tips.

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To Shoot or Not to Shoot? Product Photography Tips

Wholesale Tools: Part One


This season we’re developing a Vendor Tips series to help Makers navigate the crazy world of wholesale. In the first part of our series, we’re going to look at product photography – a sometimes stressful topic for new entrepreneurs who are doing everything themselves. In this post Hollin, our Creative Content Manager + Photographer is going to look at some examples of product photography, get some advice from makers and business owners, and offer up some tutorials and resources.

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Getting Retail Ready For Your Favorite Indie Store

Vendor Tips: SKUE

“We’ve been described as Martha Stewart meets David Lynch” says Michael Levy creative director of Paxton Gate, a curiosities store and San Francisco institution with a predilection for the bizarre side of nature. For Andrea and Oscar of Biological Jewels, it was the store of their dreams.

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Vendor Tips: Top 5 Sales Tips from 5 Makers


The holiday shopping season is upon us! With the first Renegade Craft Fair of the season kicking off this weekend (and even more fairs happening all around the country), we thought we’d consult some of our Makers whose expertise lies in costumer service. We’ve seen many Makers in action thrive at what some might find incredibly daunting. For those who are shy (me, especially), it can be difficult to talk about oneself and one’s work to strangers. From personal experience, I can say from personal experience that it’s very difficult to not feel weird or gross talking about myself or my work. But fear no more! Here are some top 5 tips from Makers who we’ve seen engage effortlessly with shoppers.

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Vendor Tips with Kim Bauer: 3 Strategies to Boost Holiday Sales


Kate Stamas Photography

Kim Bauer is a former maker who now works tirelessly with small businesses and crafters, guiding them to go grow and develop a successful business. Renegade Craft is so grateful that Kim will be offering tips and advice on our blog while sharing examples of her past experiences.  Thank you, Kim!

3 Strategies to Boost Holiday Sales

Ready or not, the holidays are coming. And they’re going to bring out the holiday shoppers in full force. By planning ahead and by making a few strategic tweaks, you can appeal to the senses of the holiday shopper and boost your sales.

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Vendor Tips – What to Keep in Your Booth

Newbie vendors, take note! We’ve been sharing posts every Wednesday in October about preparing for an amazing selling experience at Renegade. We want to empower you to take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business by selling at Renegade, and this series of post delves deeper into some FAQ that we get from vendors.

Renegade Craft Fair weekends are fun and exciting for our vendors, but there are simple things you can do to prepare yourself for challenges you might run into over the fair weekend. Our veteran makers have offered up some advice for you that goes above and beyond the checklist available in your vendor kit.

genevieve santos

Genevieve from Le Petit Elephant has some snack suggestions. She makes sure to bring, “something sweet (chocolate covered almonds), something healthy (edamame and apples), something salty (Trader Joe’s olive oil chips.. yum!), and plenty of water. Just to cover full range of my cravings.”

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Tips for Vendors- Designing your Renegade Booth

Newbie vendors, take note! We’re sharing posts every Wednesday in October about preparing for an amazing selling experience at Renegade. We want to empower you to take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business by selling at Renegade, and this series of post delves deeper into some FAQ that we get from vendors.

somethings hiding in here booth

Booth design isn’t always the first thing our vendors work on when they are preparing for fairs (we know you’ve gotta make work to sell, too!), but a well thought out booth design can help make for a very successful show. Creating a space that highlights your work, while also communicating vital information (your brand name and your prices), helps to pull shoppers into your booth and gets them engaged with the items you have for sale. The booth featured above is one of our all-time favorites – Something’s Hiding in Here‘s ambitious booth design from Brooklyn Renegade back in 2009!

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