Studio Visit: Biken


Last summer while we were in California for our Los Angeles Summer Market we had the opportunity to stop by the Biken studio to visit with Ken Sugimoto and learn more about his products and his craft.


I have been an industrial designer for about 20 years. In this full-time job, I have been designing products for a lot of client companies, however, not for direct users. I have always wanted to make things that I wish existed and sell them directly to the customers. Meanwhile, I sometimes come up with product ideas when I am biking and thinking about bikes. Eventually I decided to try making bike accessories. 



At first, I thought about making the products with materials like metals and plastics. But I really wanted a way to realize my ideas more directly and quickly, so I got a sewing machine. That was 3 years ago. I named my shop Biken, from Bike + my name “Ken”. After signing up for some shows like bike events, I participated in Chicago Renegade last December. That was Biken’s first Renegade.2014-RCF-Biken-9808


I think one of the key features of Biken products is ingenuity. All the time I love thinking about the functions and the products that I wish for. I feel a strong attraction to functional products. I am always keeping in mind the idea of incorporating some features and innovations that are user-friendly into the simple design. Biken’s concept is to create products that can go from riding around town, to a cafe, or even to work2014-RCF-Biken-9825

Everything around me inspires me, not any paticular type of thing. I’m inspired even when I’m not riding.
2014-RCF-Biken-9833 2014-RCF-Biken-98452014-RCF-Biken-9857

The materials are chosen carefully for that concept. To realize my idea, I always look for materials from various fields. For example, the rivets on the messenger bag are primarily automotive brake rivets. Besides, I sometimes make the parts for the products by myself if I can’t find them.2014-RCF-Biken-98812014-RCF-Biken-9855
2014-RCF-Biken-9867 2014-RCF-Biken-9872 2014-RCF-Biken-9884 2014-RCF-Biken-9891 2014-RCF-Biken-9894 2014-RCF-Biken-9905 2014-RCF-Biken-9909

I am constantly thinking of the best ways to create the things that I myself would love to have and use. I’ll be happy if people who use Biken products feel the same way. 2014-RCF-Biken-9926

Thank you, Ken for hosting us at your studio and talking about your craft. You can see the full set of images in our new Studio Visits album on Flickr. Biken will be showcasing their bicycle accessories and clothing to our San Francisco November Market next weekend at the Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion. We can’t wait to see you all there!

Maker Spotlight: Artifact Skin Co. + GIVEAWAY

We’ve got a great Maker Spotlight for you today, plus a little surprise! Artifact Skin Co. is heading to San Francisco for our Holiday Market on November 8+9, and we can’t wait to try their masques for ourselves!


Artifact Skin was founded by Narae Kim and Elie Nehme, both graduates of Architecture and Design at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Narae worked as a cosmetician for a number of years during her studies and could not find any facial masque products out in the marketplace that were healthy, innovative, and beautiful.


This lack inspired Narae to create masques with unique and purifying ingredients such as rice and papaya extracts, Rhassoul Clay, and more. Thus, Artifact Skin was born.7

Narae and Elie set out to create a line of natural masques that would be based on cultural beauty secrets from around the world. What are the everyday rituals people around the world use to better their skin? What ingredients are they using? The result is a line of facial masques that combine the elements of aroma, memory, place and beauty traditions from across the globe.


Inspired by memories of her mother pulling ingredients from the kitchen to create healing mixtures that would help with her sunburnt, dry, adolescent skin, Narae created – a weekly blog based on DIY beauty and health tutorials. We love that Narae and Elie not only produce and sell facial masks, but they love to share and educate readers on how to better their skin and wellbeing. Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of a homemade coffee body scrub?


Narae and Elie have created a skincare line that not only utilizes beautiful clays of the earth, tantalizing extracts from fruit, they have also created the most lovely designed packaging – which is why we are so thrilled to be announcing that this holiday season, Renegade Craft is teaming up with vendors from each city for a Holiday Giveaway on Instagram!



Our makers are in the giving spirit this holiday season! Artifact Skin Co. is kicking off our Holiday Giveaway, offering their Glacial Coast Detox Masque and Brush to one lucky winner on Instagram.


– Follow Renegade Craft and Artifact Skin Co. on Instagram.

– Re-gram the Giveaway Picture and tell us why you want to masque using the hashtag #RenegadeGiveaway.

– The Giveaway will run from today, October 29 – Monday November 3. The winner will be announced on Tuesday from the #RenegadeGiveaway collection.

Good luck!

Maker Spotlight: Magszilla


Our first Holiday Market is just days away, starting on the West Coast in foggy San Francisco. One thing our team has noticed while combing through the applications is that our curated selection of makers continue to create some of the best handmade goods out there. Magszilla is no exception. Based in Pasadena, this husband and wife team will be trekking their wooden products up to San Francisco this November 8+9 to showcase their stunning craftsmanship.


Magszilla is the joint creation of Margaret and Justin. Working as a graphic design for over 13 years, Margaret yearned for to create tangible products. After receiving scraps of wood, Margaret brainstormed ways in which she could hone her woodworking skills, thus creating a maple wood iPhone stand. After more designs and experiments, Margaret took a leap of faith to dedicate herself full time to MAGSZILLA. Learning through self-taught education and hands-on trial and error experimentation, Margaret has mastered the geometric line and modern design of her wooden craft.


In contrast to his wife, Justin works part time at MAGSZILLA and also creates an exclusive collection of wooden vases under his Bjorn label. Each vase is one of a kind and blends the storied traditions of Scandinavian wood carving with Ikebana. We love how Margaret’s modern and sleek wooden docks, clocks, and objects are juxtaposed with Justin’s organic and earthly Bjorn vases. Their common love of walnut wood fuses the two very distinct lines of products into a well-rounded collection of goods pleasing those who love both the graphic modern and the natural.


All MAGSZILLA products are handmade by Margaret and Justin, utilizing conventional power and hand tools, as opposed to CNC machines and laser cutters. Time and care has been put into each piece to achieve high quality products with a human touch. The absence of high powered machinery seems to make MAGSZILLA’S wooden objects all the more visually tactile.


Margaret and Justin kindly gave us a sneak peek into their Southern California workshop. 
workspace_bench workspace_shelf workspace_tools

Don’t you just wish you could have a large studio space with tons of remnant woods at your creative disposable?

process_sandingWe can’t wait to see MAGSZILLA wooden charging stands and Bjorn vases go home with lots of eager shoppers checking off their gift lists at our San Francisco Holiday Market! If you can’t wait to see more MAGSZILLA before November 8+9, you can browse the full collection on the Magszilla website, plus follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on the happenings in their wood shop. See you at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in less than two weeks!


The San Francisco November Market is in Two Weeks!



Hello Everyone! We’re kicking off our Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Tour in the City by the Bay! We’re so excited to be back in San Francisco for our November Holiday Market. This year’s Fair will take place at Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion on Saturday, November 8 – Sunday, November 9, 2014. From 11am – 6pm you’ll be able to shop our curated selection of today’s best and brightest indie-craft Makers along with workshops, food and drinks, music, holiday spirit, and much more!

Shoppers will find an array of outstanding handmade goods at the Fair, perfect for checking off Holiday gift lists – ranging from holiday inspired stationery and gift wrap, unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry, clothing and shoes, to eco-friendly furniture, prints and posters, housewares and much more. Preview this year’s line up of 300+ talented makers, food and drink, and workshops here.

SF Holiday Roster

Bring your friends and family to the Festival Pavilion and give the gift of handmade this holiday season! DJs, Nick and Dillon, will be on-hand spinning rock, pop, soul, and holiday tracks all weekend to provide a festive shopping and crafting soundtrack for the fair. Plus, the venue and booths will be adorned with lights, evergreen, and holiday cheer.

Do you get hungry when you shop? Pick up some delicious food from Jicama and Tante’s, plus frozen treats from Post Street Creamery and wine sampling hosted by The Seeker Wine, among other artisan food vendors. Want a little craft education? Spend some time learning about appraising handmade products with The Pricerie. If you’re needing a shopping break, you can rest your tired feet and take comfort at Yellow Leaf Hammocks‘ rest station up in the Mezzanine. Don’t forget to stop by the free-to-use Magnolia Photo Booth and commemorate your visit!

Once you’ve purchased your holiday gifts, you can head over to the Renegade Craft Gift Adornment station to pick up gift tags, toppers, string, and whatever else you might need to spruce up your presents! To make the holiday giving season more convenient for shoppers, Renegade Craft is partnering with Shyp, the easiest way to send things anywhere in the world.

Getting There: Visitors are encouraged walk, bike, or take public transportation to the Fair. You can view the layout of Fort Mason here and route directions to our Fair here.


Want to spread the word? Join our Facebook event and invite your friends. Grab our e-flyer and pass it around. Add #RenegadeCraftFair and #RenegadeSF to your RCF-related Instagram pictures and tweets! We love seeing what our followers and makers are up to!

Renegade Craft is extraordinarily pleased to announce our partnership with Martha Stewart Living, the Official Media Sponsor of Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco and all Renegade 2014 flagship events.

For more information about this event, please visit the Renegade Craft Fair website,Facebook event, or browse the Makers on Pinterest.

The Renegade Craft Fair thanks its San Francisco sponsors:

SF Nov Details collage_edited-2

Studio Visit: Alibi Interiors


During a road trip up the coast of California, we had the pleasure of meeting with Chris and Paige of Alibi Interiors. Since Alibi Interiors started showcasing their wooden frames and boxes at our West Coast Renegade Craft Fairs, they’ve continued to produce stunning work and booth displays season after season. Alibi Interiors is based out of Santa Cruz, CA. Their workshop is a bright and open space, stocked full of salvaged wood and hundreds of frames ready to go to out to shops and new homes. We were thrilled to be able to talk to Chris and Paige more about their thriving business.


Alibi Interiors was established in 2012.  It started as a hobby, but grew quickly once we had multiple businesses asking us for our reclaimed wood frames.  We dedicated more and more time to growing the business- moving into a warehouse, developing a website, signing up for craft fairs, establishing more wholesale accounts, etc. etc.  We soon realized we were making a living off this hobby and have felt blessed every since.


We inspire each other.  Chris builds out a simple table and I’ll give feedback and together we’ll mold it into something else.  Our home by the sea and our lifestyle inspires us.  I’ll take a bath and think how convenient a wooden bathtub tray would be for my glass of wine and book.  The next day, Chris brings one home and we use it and refine it until we’re happy with the product.  I wanted a frame with depth and dimension so that I could display my collection of apothecary bottles and, voila!  Our shadowbox was born.  


Reclaimed wood garden beds, book shelves, tables, planter boxes for our succulents, these products were all developed because we wanted them for our own home.  


2014-RCF-AlibiInteriors-0081Our neighbor delivers fence boards to our home, where we pull nails out of and wire brush each board.  The boards are stacked and brought to our warehouse (2 miles away) where they are ripped down to the size needed, depending on whether we are making picture frames or planter boxes.  The routed boards are nailed together, first the inner frame, then the outer frame, and finally all stapled together.  Next, they’re taken to the finish / details station, where brass hangers are hammered into the wood, glass and backing are placed in the frame, a point driver is used to tab the back closed, and the final logo is branded in.


Alibi Interiors wouldn’t be what it is without our business partner from Young America Creative, Brian Friel.  He is the architect and mastermind behind our booth designs.  The three of us create a fantastic trio- Chris and his wood working skills, Brian and his architectural and graphic design skills, and my interior design skills, all make up the dynamic trio we’ve become.

Chris and I say every day to each other: “I can’t believe we’re doing this.”  Its pretty incredible that we’ve grown as much as we have in the two years we’ve been in business.  We feel blessed a thousand times over, and honestly owe a lot of our success to Renegade.  They’ve boosted our connections ten fold- THANK YOU TEAM RENEGADE!


Some sage advice from Alibi Interiors: Keep your start up costs as minimal as possible.  Hire professionals to do what you’re no good at- it leaves room for you to do what you are good at.


Thank you, Chris and Paige for letting us spend the day with you in your studio! And, congratulations on all those upcoming wholesale orders! If you want to learn more about Alibi Interiors, visit their website as well as follow them on instagram to stay up to date!

Studio Visit: Bird of Virtue

2014-RCF-BirdofVirtue-9618During our trip in San Francisco, we had the pleasure of meeting with Linnea of Bird of Virtue. We have always been a fan of Bird of Virtue’s jewelry and couldn’t wait to see where the pieces were created. Linnea’s studio is white and airy with pops of bright color. We loved the wall art she made out of her wood laser scraps. Bird of Virtue has been a part of many Renegade Craft Fairs, and we were thrilled to be able to talk to Linnea more about her business.


I had been making/selling jewelry for 20 years, but because it was always part-time, it could never be anything huge because I wasn’t taking much of a risk. Bird of Virtue was born in 2012 + came out of a desire to make changes in my life. At that point, I had been working various corporate jobs for close to 15 years + realized my life needed a serious overhaul. So I quit my job, joined a maker studio in downtown San Francisco + launched Bird of Virtue.


The name, stems from my affinity with British culture + their flippant term for a woman, a “bird,” and the “virtue” is symbolic of my desire to make positive changes in my own life. It’s not intended to be a proclamation that I’m virtuous, but rather, humbly admitting that I am working towards becoming a better person. The cornerstone pieces of Bird of Virtue are my Braille necklaces – which express these virtues I strive to live my life by. 





I’m inspired by the patterns I see in the world – both naturally occurring + manmade forms alike + my process almost always starts by heading out into nature (the beach is one of my faves) with a sketchbook + pencil. I then translate those sketches into my computer so I can cut them on the laser. I still prefer to design in a tactile manner, rather than just on the computer – so I’ll cut various shapes/versions of the concept + then see how best they interact with one another to get the final version.


Then, I decide my color palettes, which can take me forever. Jewelry is such a personal expression – I want to make sure I’ve perfectly mixed wearable shades that also compliment the design + material (wood). Finally, its a detailed process of hand-painting + gluing the thin layers of wood together.2014-RCF-BirdofVirtue-95602014-RCF-BirdofVirtue-9579 2014-RCF-BirdofVirtue-95922014-RCF-BirdofVirtue-9617

Be brave + never give up. I think in the long-run its about stamina + faith to make your voice heard.


Thank you, Linnea for letting us spend the day with you in your studio! Plus, congratulations for the big Anthropologie order! We can’t wait to see Bird of Virtue pieces in their stores. If you want to learn more about Bird of Virtue, visit the etsy shop as well as follow her on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date!

Thank You, San Francisco!

1-RCFSanFranciscoSummer2014-9966 Thank you, San Francisco! Last weekend’s Summer Market was by far one of our best fairs yet! Over 250 Makers from San Francisco and beyond showcased their incredible products and stellar booths to thousands of attendees. f7d3392f-7407-49cc-8415-045adb18f39e

Instagram (clockwise from left): deadia | unurthwonder (featuring jo boyer) | laurelskin | julia_lucey(featuring porcelain and stone)

  Like our other fairs, this Market celebrated a curated selection of today’s best and brightest indie makers!  Plus, shoppers enjoyed delicious food and treats by Tante’s and Post Street Creamery, as well as coffee by Four Barrel and other artisan food vendors. Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 4.30.59 PMDJs Nick and Dillon kept the fair lively as they spun tunes while visitors perused each booth. The Dog and Wolf set up an elaborate woven yurt where attendees were encouraged to weave in fabric strips throughout the weekend. Shoppers also had a chance to get crafty and have fun letter-writing, making jewelry, and learning watercolor and block printing in workshops hosted by Letter Writers Alliance, Legendary Beads and Tierracast, and Sienne Josselin. Plus, makers met The Pricerie’s experts and artists in their instant appraisal booth.  1-RCFSanFranciscoSummer2014-9807 It was such a pleasure seeing so many happy shoppers meeting our talented Makers and buying handmade. 1-RCFSanFranciscoSummer2014-9834 1-RCFSanFranciscoSummer2014-0313 We saw a lot of smiles at the Magnolia Photo Booth! Find your GIF sets here andhere. Want to relive the good times? You can get a recap on Instagram and Twitter using#RenegadeCraftFair and #RenegadeSF to view RCF-related Instagram pictures and tweets! 16237481-c719-4600-ae72-20478e98cdd3  Instagram (clockwise from left) | katiebarrie | siennejosselin | sarah_safavi | coolvanillabeans

If you attended our 2014 Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco Summer Market, please fill out our survey!  It only takes a minute, we promise!

Stay tuned for updates on our other upcoming Summer Renegade Craft Fairs. And be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to stay in-the-know on our Makers and all things Renegade Craft!

Big Thanks to San Francisco, our Sponsors, Fort Mason, and our friends!

2014 SF logo strip

Maker Spotlight: LWPH Sews


Today we’re featuring San Francisco maker, LWPH Sews. We are so excited to have these baby quilts and textiles showcased at our Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco this weekend!


LWPH Sews was started by Jen Anderson in 2012 after she began sewing quilts for her baby. LWPH Sews was born out of Jen’s love for quilting and all things modern. Each quilt is completely handmade, down to the hand stitched binding, and truly meant to be an heirloom piece.


Jen envisions every quilt she sends out being loved for years then passed onto the next generation. One of her favorite features of modern quilts is that they are not only functional but something that can be laid out on a chair or crib as an added statement piece to the room.


The patterns and color combinations Jen stitches together in her quilts are just beautiful!  The southwestern geometric patterns, the pale yellows and blues, to the modern and bold black and white – each quilt is uniquely designed and evidently sewn with care and attention to detail.


Within the last few months, LWPH Sews has expanded her product line to include baby blankets, crib sheets, and even wall hangings that reflect the playfulness of childhood plus Jen’s classic modern aesthetic.

soft pink

We are so excited that Jen will be bringing her LWPH Sews quilts to our Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco tomorrow and Sunday!  Browse all the patterns and combinations she offers on her website, and keep up-to-date with her on Instagram and Twitter.  See you all tomorrow at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion!



Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco starts tomorrow!

9416458031_7648feecae_oWe are so excited to return to San Francisco for our Summer Market and breathe in the crisp ocean air! Join us at Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion tomorrow, Saturday, July 19, and Sunday, July 20, 2014. From 11am – 6pm you’ll be able to shop our curated selection of today’s best and brightest Makers along with workshops, art installations, food and drinks, DJs, and more. And, as always, it’s free!

Grab a cup of Four Barrel coffee and head into the Festival Pavilion to find a variety of beautifully handmade goods at the Fair – ranging from one-of-a-kind jewelry, clothing and accessories, to leather goods, art prints and stationery, ceramics and much more. There’s something for everyone! You can preview this year’s line up of 250+ talented makers, food and drink, and workshops here.

SF collage

Row 1: By Madeline Trait | Milkhaus Design | An Astrid Endeavor Row 2: Bush Smarts | Spazz Happy Line Design | Pen and Palates | Row 3: Three Bad Seeds | Magic Carpet Yoga Mats | 45Wall Design

Bring your friends and family to shop local and handmade! The venue will be decorated with interactive art installations by The Dog and Wolf. DJs, Nick and Dillon, will be spinning both days to keep the atmosphere lively as you peruse each booth. Food and desserts will be offered by Tante’s and Post Street Creamery among other artisan food vendors. Want something a little more hands-on? Take part in a make-and-take workshop hosted by Legendary Beads and Tierracast, write letters with the Letter Writers Alliance, and meet The Pricerie’s experts and artists in their instant appraisal booth. 

Renegade Craft Fair Eats + Treats Map: If you’re a maker or visitor in San Francisco, we’ve collected some recommended eateries + coffee shops for your convenience! Check out our Google Map here (you can even add in your favorite spot, too).

Getting There: Visitors are encouraged walk, bike, or take public transportation to the Fair. To make parking for the Renegade Craft Festival stress free, we have partnered with Parking Panda, the nationwide leader in online parking reservations, to allow visitors to purchase guaranteed parking reservations. Great parking options within walking distance to the festival are available! Once purchased, parking passes are emailed instantly and guarantee you access to your selected location. Parking is very limited and locations fill up, so we strongly recommend that you reserve either one day parking passes or a multi-day parking pass today!

Attendees can route directions to Fort Mason Center here


Want to spread the word?  Join our Facebook event and invite your friends.  Grab our e-flyer and pass it around.  Add #RenegadeCraftFair and #RenegadeSF to your RCF-related Instagram pictures and tweets!  We love seeing what our followers and makers are up to!  

We are extraordinarily pleased to announce our new partnership with Martha Stewart Living, the Official Media Sponsor of Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco and all Renegade 2014 flagship events. Keep an eye out for our ad in the July issue of Martha Stewart Living!

For more information about this event, please visit the Renegade Craft Fair websiteEtsy eventFacebook event, or browse the Makers on Pinterest.

Special thanks our San Francisco sponsors:

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