Thank You, Brooklyn!


Brooklyn, you are just so cool! What an amazing month we spent together! It was great seeing old friends, meeting new faces, and loving all the handmade wares and good vibes our Makers brought to the Brooklyn Pop-Ups each Saturday! Over 150 extraordinarily talented independent Makers showcased their work in East River State Park alongside Smorgasburg to New Yorkers and tourists from beyond.


photo by Kate Stamas Photography

We saw a lot of smiles in the Magnolia Photo Booth! You can view your photo booth strips from from each weekend here: June 6 | June 13 | June 20 | June 27.
One of our favorite post-fair activities is combing through the #RenegadeBrooklyn collection of photos. We loved witnessing Makers and shoppers alike, posting about their favorite products, booths and experiences! Here’s some of our favorite moments below:


Row 1: @bitter.sweet.hearts | @car_mor | @alisacharova | Row 2: @statexstate | @radillustrates | @fritzandmash

We always try to top each Fair, and it couldn’t be possible without your feedback! We value your opinions seriously, and always want to improve our Fairs to be the best events you attend each year. If you attended any of our Brooklyn Pop-Ups this June, please fill out our Attendee Survey or Vendor Survey! It only takes a few minutes, we swear!


photo by @barsoapbrooklyn

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Maker Spotlight: SOYOU


Today we’re thrilled to be featuring SOYOU! These gorgeous bottles will be making their way to our final Brooklyn Pop-Up this Saturday at East River State Park.


SOYOU is Brooklyn based craft-making studio, formed with an idea that delivers a small pleasure to the people when our products are given to their hands.


SOYOU’s Bottle Project is a collaboration between founder, Youngjoo Sung and artist Jeawon Kim. The two met while studying Fine Arts in school. Both love making crafts using their artistic perspectives on beauty and simplicity that come from a modern and contemporary era.

The motivation for making aromatic ornaments was from Youngjoo and Jeawon’s curiosity on the evolutionary meaning of “vintage” (usually considered old and abandoned). The two work to emphasize the beauty of vintage bottles’ shapes while creating a new look with unique colors and delicate fragrances.

bottles-6SOYOU is inspired by diverse culture, old architecture, and fashion. Youngjoo and Jeawon are always working to find a strong point of view through their pieces and derive much pleasure from the process of creation as a maker which is anchored in sustainability and simple, sculptural form.
bottles-8 bottles-9

Every selected bottle is carefully crafted by hand, at the SOYOU studio in Brooklyn. Youngjoo and Jeawon use the highest quality ingredients making sure everything is entirely free of artificial fragrances, colorings, and genetically modified ingredients.  bottles-10

For Youngjoo and Jeawon, they hope that these ornaments are treasured by their consumers, offering not only a small delight in their home, but also a feeling of stability and relief from stress and fatigue.bottles-11We cannot wait to see these bottles in person and take in all of their fragrances! Don’t forget to stop by our very last Brooklyn Pop-Up this Saturday. You can find SOYOU online here:




Maker Spotlight: Cocoruto

IMG_7517 edit

Now that Summer is charging full steam ahead, it’s inevitable that some of us will be donning sunburns on our shoulders. So when we come across beauty products such as Cocoruto, we start planning ahead. Cocoruto will be bringing their handmade body products to our final Brooklyn Pop-Up this Saturday at East River State Park. IMG_7528 edit

Cocoruto is a line of 100% natural skincare products, handcrafted from plant-based ingredients. Extremely effective, and very gentle, all of their products are formulated to nourish and hydrate your skin. Cocoruto sources organic, fair trade, and local ingredients, carefully selecting herbs and essential oils that are safe for a wide variety of skin types.

IMG_7536 edit

Caroline Hall is the creator behind Cocoruto and has been determined to formulate products for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. Caroline is an apparel designer by trade, but soon found her passion for making natural products shortly after her second daughter was born. She has eczema and food allergies, and her skin is easily irritated. Caroline’s own sensitive skin made it difficult to find skincare products that work for her.

IMG_7544 edit

Caroline believes in using only the most nourishing and essential ingredients in each product. Essential oils are also carefully selected for their healing/therapeutic properties, and not just for their beautiful aromas. All Cocoruto products are made by hand in small batches. Recently, Caroline has expanded her line to include beeswax candles. Burning beeswax candles purifies indoor air by releasing negative ions that bind to toxins. Plus, Caroline uses wax from a local beekeeper. We absolutely love the smell of honey that fills the air when beexwax candles burn, so we are particularly excited about this extension in the Cocoruto line.

IMG_7564 editWe cannot wait to see Caroline and her Cocoruto products again at our Brooklyn Pop-Ups! This Saturday is our last one so be sure to stop by East River State Park to say hello! You can find Cocoruto online here:




Maker Spotlight: Ironwood Design


We’ve had such a pleasure hanging out with makers every Saturday this month, and it’s sad to think we won’t be meeting with our friends in Brooklyn for awhile after our final Pop-Up. We’ve loved getting to know Ironwood, as they’ve set up shop each weekend, and this Saturday with be their (and our) final Pop-Up with RCF!

IMG_2274Ironwood creates beautiful, functional homeware and furniture inspired by innovative simplicity and daily use. Their commitment is to design and build vibrant, useful pieces of art that can be passed down in families for generations.


Designers Bay and Josiah Jackson founded Ironwood Designs in 2012. Their studio and workshop are located in Bristol, Vermont where they design and build all of their furniture and homeware collections.


From an early age, Bay was immersed in many facets of Danforth Pewter, her family business. This gave her both a sense of appreciation for handcrafted works of art that could be broadly available as well as a desire to make handmade goods. With a fine arts degree, Bay gained exposure to a variety of media and opportunities to discover her true creative inspiration, the juxtaposition of elements worn by age and the simplicity of modern lines.


Josiah was raised in and around a family of fine artists. He started traveling the world in search of beautiful places, inspiration that has given him the motivation to design and build in a way that brings the natural world into daily life. His ability to observe the material world through sculpture and home building has refined Ironwood’s handmade aesthetic and craftsmanship.


Bay and Josiah’s process is very collaborative. Bay will come up with the design concepts, paints or sketches them out and then we meet up and go over the ideas, Jo will contribute to the design and come up with the proportions and general size.  Jo is a very skilled woodworker and takes the design concepts from the paper sketch to reality.  Bay then will help with the sanding, painting and finishing aspects.  Being located in rural Vermont near two wonderful saw mills has made Jo’s love of wood very attainable.  The duo enjoys the synergistic balance between honoring the beauty of the wood and their obsession with color and the design element that brings to the piece.


Both Bay and Josiah come from families of artists and makers and have been making with their hands for as long as they can remember. Their work is strongly influenced by their travels throughout the years to New Zealand, Australia, Ghana, Sweden in their aesthetic visions as well as their style of a simple life.

One of the best parts of getting to know these makers is how they go about their daily life. In 2006 they built their house in Vermont. It’s a small off the grid home where raising chickens, sheep and pigs is an every day part of life. With their 3 kids, they run an Art and Adventure summer camp at their house and studio called Apple Yard Arts. How amazing is that?!

unnamed-5We’ve loved having Ironwood join us all these Pop-Up weekends. Be sure to say hello to them one last time at the East River State Park! If you haven’t yet, check them out online:



Brooklyn and Chicago Applications Close Today!


Hello Everyone! Applications for our last two amazing fairs in Brooklyn (September 11+12+13) and Chicago (September 19+20) close TODAY! Apply now to participate in our last Summer Fairs of 2015!

Don’t forget! We’ve switched it up a bit, so if you’re applying as a Pre-Packaged Edibles Vendor, you’ll now move on over to use our new and improved Food and Drink application. Want to participate on a different level? We are always looking for artisanal food makers, workshop hosts, installation artists and more! You can learn more on our Participate page.