Maker Spotlight: Seagrape Bath and Body + Giveaway


We’re beginning our Austin Maker Spotlights by featuring soap extraordinaire, Seagrape Bath + Body! This Utah maker most recently showcased her products at our New York Holiday Market and we can’t wait to see her again at our Austin Holiday Market on November 29+30! Plus be sure to continue reading for the exciting Giveaway offer!


Seagrape bath + body is a luxurious line of  soap products created by Maria Vashakidze. Maria’s collection of cold processed soaps, perfumes, massage oils, aftershaves, balms and serums, specialize in all natural handmade aphrodisiac blends and romance products. Maria likes to focus on creating products that allow individuals to surround themselves with things that make them feel happy, sensual and centered.


Inspired by the beauty found in nature, all of Seagrape’s products are made with oils, butters and botanicals derived from the earth. Synthetic dyes, preservatives, sulfates or chemicals are never used in anything Maria makes. Instead, soaps and products are created with clays, ground herbs, charcoal and spices. Pure essential oils are used to scent the soaps and oils creating unforgettable one-of-a-kind gifts.


Maria uses traditional cold-process techniques to create Seagrape’s soaps and shampoo bars. Every batch is made lovingly with carefully researched ingredients to ensure that the goodness of the herbs and essential oils is retained.


The massage oils, balms, perfumes and serums are all made to order to ensure freshness, a long shelf life and quality. Using rich vegetable oils like avocado and jojoba, organic beeswax and luxurious butters, the products not only smell and feel divine, but also work really well. DSC_0026

You can tell how much Maria cares about her work by the quality of ingredients and scents she carefully chooses for each product. What’s more amazing is that she’s listed and described all the ingredients she uses in her ingredient list!DSC_0028



We can’t wait to stock up on stocking stuffers and holiday gifts from Seagrape Bath + Body at our Austin Holiday Market! Stay up to date with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and stop by the Seagrape booth and say hello!



lavender gift set

Our makers are in the giving spirit this holiday season! Seagrape Bath + Body is continuing our Renegade Giveaway tradition, offering up their Lavender Gift Set to one lucky winner on Instagram.


– Follow RENEGADE CRAFT and Seagrape on Instagram.

– Re-gram the Giveaway Picture and tell us why you want the set (or perhaps who you might be gifting it to) using the hashtag #RenegadeGiveaway.

– The Giveaway will run from today, November 20 – Tuesday November 25 (midnight PST). The winner will be announced on Wednesday from the #RenegadeGiveaway collection.

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Good luck!

Maker Spotlight: Caitlin Hinshelwood

Caitlin Hinshelwood - New Purses

Today we are featuring the gorgeous handiwork of Londoner, Caitlin Hinshelwood. Caitlin’s illustrative work will be showcased at our London Holiday Market this weekend!

Caitlin Decorated Duck Egg

Caitlin Hinshelwood is a printed textile designer living and working in east London. She produces collections of hand screen-printed or hand painted textile products predominantly for the home.

Caitlin Dianthus Handkerchief

Caitlin’s work is often produced in limited runs or as carefully crafted unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. We were immediately drawn to her illustrated silk scarves, aren’t they just gorgeous?!
Caitlin Love Token Hankerchief gold-navy-white

Her textiles maintain a strong sense of character and a considered use of color. Bright electric colors are balanced out with rich, deep hues. Sheep Cushion

Process and upholding traditional methods of textile screen printing is an integral part of Caitlin’s work. Longstanding inspirations come from the natural world, ethnographic textiles, ceramic decoration, and the craftsmanship of the anonymous maker.We can’t wait to see Caitlin Hinshelwood’s work in person! If you aren’t local in London but want to get your hands on some of Caitlin’s illustrative goods, shop her Etsy shop! If you want to keep updated and what imaginative designs Caitlin comes up with next, follow her on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re in London this weekend, stop by our London Holiday Market and say hello to the Renegade Gang and Caitlin in person! See you all soon!


Maker Spotlight: Hechizo


Today’s the big day! Our New York Holiday Market is starting today at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. From 11 am – 6pm you’ll be able to shop over 200 vendors and get those Holiday gift lists done early this year. One of our jewelry designers that will be showcasing her work at our fair is Hechizo. We’re looking forward to marveling at these leather and ceramic earrings in person.


Hechizo is a collection of ceramic jewelry handmade by Hali Emminger in Brooklyn, New York. Roughly translated from Spanish as a spell or magical charm, Hechizo is an exploration of jewelry construction that allows for interaction and adaptability.


Hali’s earrings are mostly made out of leather and ceramic beads which she forms and hand paints. We love the color combinations and patterns Hali delicately adds to every unique piece of her collection.

Hechizo_process6 Hechizo_process8

Every item in the collection contains the magic of a material that transforms itself from vulnerably ductile to enduring and utilitarian. Hali loves bringing these balancing energies to ceramics as wearable pieces. Hechizo_process9

We love seeing this inside look into Hali’s jewelry design sketchbook.

Aren’t these jewelry pieces incredible? Get your hands on them today and tomorrow at the Metropolitan Pavilion during our New York Holiday Market. See you all soon!

Maker Spotlight: Pop-Up Pinhole Co. + GIVEAWAY


We are kicking off our London Maker Spotlights with a fantastic maker (and if you keep reading, there’s a great Giveaway contest below)!  Pop-Up Pinhole Company will be joining us for our London Holiday Market and we cannot wait to see these cardboard cameras in person!

2_COLOURThe Pop-Up Pinhole Co. was founded by London based designer Kelly Angood who has been crafting pinhole cameras since 2010.
Kelly develops beautiful, educational, and fun DIY pinhole camera kits and manufactures them using independent suppliers and traditional processes.

During her time at university, Kelly designed her first pinhole camera, the ‘pinhole Hasselblad’.  She took the Hasselblad, something exclusive and unattainable and re-imagined it in everyday, accessible materials. The camera soon gained popularity and Kelly began to think about how she could make her design accessible to the public.


Inspired by the interest in her design and the values of sharing and accessibility, Kelly developed the camera into a downloadable 35mm version that could be made at home for everyone to enjoy. What had started out as a personal project now had much of the design community downloading the the camera, building it, and sharing their photos online.


This community was active, engaged and keen to explore pinhole photography even further. It was time for them to have a design they could truly call their own. Through a successful Kickstarter campaign, in 2013 the community brought Videre to life. Over 800 kits were shared with backers from 41 countries across the world. And aren’t you glad they did? These pop-up cameras are incredible!

1491741_539189192858919_2510590837565284521_n 10155366_531760860268419_685613041902199528_n

Each kit is screen-printed and die-cut individually by hand onto thick recycled card and supplied with instructions, a spare medium format spool (reclaimed from some of the best darkrooms in London) and a precision laser-cut pinhole along with all of the other bits you’ll need to construct your camera. All you need is a 120 film and some craft glue.  10155564_539188892858949_4661205764534416664_n 10264945_539188719525633_128840605233554552_n

We cannot wait to see these pop-up cameras in person at our London Holiday Market on November 22+23 at the Old Truman Brewery. Hopefully many of you will pick up a camera for yourself and share your photos with us! If you’d like to learn more about Pop-Up Pinhole Company, visit their website, Facebook and Tumblr. Plus, see some behind the scenes photos of their process on Instagram! Speaking of Instagram, we’ve got another fantastic Giveaway for you!



Our makers are in the giving spirit this holiday season! Pop-Up Pinhole Company is continuing our Renegade Giveaway tradition, offering up their classic Viddy camera to one lucky winner on Instagram.


– Follow RENEGADE CRAFT and Pop-Up Pinhole Co. on Instagram.

– Re-gram the Giveaway Picture and tell us why you want the camera (or perhaps who you might be gifting it to) using the hashtag #RenegadeGiveaway.

– The Giveaway will run from today, November 13 – Tuesday November 18 (midnight PST). The winner will be announced on Wednesday from the #RenegadeGiveaway collection.

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Good luck!


Maker Spotlight: Erika Barratt


We are so excited to be featuring this new Renegade maker with you all today! Hailing from New York, Erika Barratt has been crafting up these breathtaking dolls and stuffed animals and will be presenting them at our New York Holiday Market this weekend! You do not want to miss stopping by her booth!

From a young age, creating has been an integral part of Erika’s life. Her childhood was spent with a group of women makers in a small Midwest town. Through these women Erika learned the things that she still loves most in life, such as harvesting gardens, basket weaving, embroidering, sewing, baking, and more. These women were influential in cultivating Erika’s lifelong appreciation and love for all things handmade.


Erika relocated to the Arizona desert for school where she was inspired in a completely different way by the landscape and beauty of the Southwest. She received a BFA in fibers and textile arts, falling in love with every aspect of textile processes.


As you can see by the doll above, Erika’s love for everything fiber and textile is translated into each doll. Every aspect of the doll is meticulously and lovingly stitched and embroidered. Just look at that little ukulele!


Erika has now settled in New York with her partner in crime and her little pup Nigel, both who spend their summers with her, treasure hunting at flea markets and taking the backroads. During these adventures, Erika has found inspiration from antique toys and rag dolls; tattered objects imbued with life by the layers of stories from generations of owners who once cherished them. It was here that Erika was inspired and determined to design her own heirlooms with a strong commitment to create an object that is made to last, to be passed down through generations, with carefully sourced materials and antique finds.barratt_erika_sewingmachinedeskdetail

Isn’t Erika Barratt’s work simply stunning? We cannot wait to see the detail of these heirloom dolls and animals at our New York Holiday Market tomorrow and Sunday! If you simply cannot wait until this weekend (and we don’t blame you), check out Erika Barratt’s website, Facebook, and Instagram to see more of her work!

Maker Spotlight: Polaris Books


Today we are thrilled to be featuring Polaris Books by Scout Dunbar. Polaris Books will be at our New York Holiday Market at the Metropolitan Pavilion this weekend!


From start to finish these journals are constructed entirely by Scout Dunbar’s hands. Each cover is created with her own original art that she developed in printmaking studios in both Brooklyn, and Ithaca, NY.

Scout is of the belief that the objects we possess and fill our lives with should have sacred and sentimental meaning to us. As creators and consumers we should be thoughtful of the items brought into this world. By creating these objects with this in mind, Polaris Books aims to embed with in each book their own identity and spirit that can hopefully inspire those who interact with them.


The process for crafting these handmade, hard-covered journals begins with a trip to the printmaking studio. Scout first works to explore different visual and design ideas to be used for the book covers.  The main printmaking process she focuses in is called gum-transfer printing. It allows her to explore color and various ink-application techniques while repeating the initial image. For the more complex cover designs, Scout plays with collage techniques to combine patterns.


Once the covers are complete the rest of the binding process unfolds. From start to finish the journals are constructed entirely by hand, and because each cover is individually designed and hand-printed, no two books are a-like. The colors and patterns change with every cover made in an effort to craft a variety of designs and styles. Each book has its own identity and spirit.


Scout currently live in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Alfred University’s School of Art and Design in 2011, and has since then been working on a number of drawing and printmaking series. Simultaneously Scout has been focusing on creating handmade journals made with her original hand-pulled prints. image_4
I think it’s safe to say we are already in love with Polaris Books, but can’t wait to view these stunning handmade books in person. Be sure to view Scout’s portfolio featuring many of her books, as well as her etsy shop and Instagram to stay updated. Plus, don’t forget to stop by our New York Holiday Market this weekend in Manhattan at the Metropolitan Pavilion! It’s going to be an incredible show you will not want to miss!

Maker Spotlight: South of Arden

grupofinal (1)

Today we are featuring these outstanding shoes sold by South of Arden. You won’t want to miss trying these on at our San Francisco Holiday Market this weekend!marisa

South of Arden is a brand new shop created by Kelsey Otsuka, Merrilee Hale and Paulina Santos Torres that features and supports Latin American designers who currently may not have the means to reach the US market but are driven and yearning to expand. The designer that will be featured at our Holiday Market is Josefina Basso, an Argentinian shoe designer Kelsey met two years ago while shopping in the Buenos Aires bazaars.


Josefina Basso is a talented Argentinian shoe designer with humble beginnings. Unknowingly, her passion for shoes began during the numerous visits to her grandmother’s shoe factory, where she loved dressing her dolls in all the shoes. After university, she spent about seven years making her way through small workshops learning the whole shoe making process, which served as her guide and inspiration to creating her own shoe designs. In 2012, her passion for shoes propelled her into creating her own line and and has been running a successful small business ever since. Josefina and her partner operate out of their apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

photo (4) (2)

All of Josefina Basso’s shoes are hand-crafted in Argentina and made with genuine leather.  This is the first debut of the designer selling her line outside of Buenos Aires. The shoes are a fun combination of traditional oxford style paired with gorgeous jewel tones and bright hued leathers. We can’t get enough of them!

To stay true to their eco-conscious nature, the team at South of Arden never use packaging for the shoes for shipping or actual shoe boxes to store the shoes. Instead, they only have hand-made shoe bags that serve as the perfect carrier bag for traveling and can be used to tote around other things as well.


We are so excited South of Arden is bringing the talent and hand-crafted shoes of Josephina Basso to San Francisco for our first Holiday Market of the season! Be sure to follow South of Arden on Facebook  and Instagram to learn more about potential Latin American designers they will be bringing to the US. See you all tomorrow!

Maker Spotlight: Kertis + GIVEAWAY


Today we’re kicking off our New York Maker Spotlights with Kertis. We are so excited to have Kertis join us again in New York for our Holiday Market on November 15+16!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Kertis is a line of leather goods, accessories, and housewares started by Jessica Kertis Ulrich in 2012. Kertis specializes in hand-painted leather featuring vibrant botanical patterns. Everything is designed and sewn in her studio located in Ridgewood, Queens.




Kertis is inspired by a love of the natural world, a sense of adventure, and nostalgia for times past. Fascinated by early naturalists and explorers and the beautiful illustrations they created to document what they discovered, Jessica began creating the botanical patterns that now appear on her leather goods.


After careful testing of various leathers, color combinations and patterns, Jessica arrived at the collection of goods she currently sells today. Since then, the Kertis collection has expanded exponentially from leather pouches, to jewelry, and now clothing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A passion for natural history, anthropology, and discovery informs Jessica’s work. Crafted with attention to detail and quality, Jessica looks for unique materials and has an eye for organic textures, geometric patterns, and original prints.

BTS_Kertis_Cut Leather

Over the years, Jessica has grown to love the process and the challenge of making goods with her hands. She hand-paints each piece of leather, then treats it with a special finisher before trimming and finally sewing it into a clutch or a pouch.
BTS_Kertis_Painted Leather

Just like all well-made things, it takes time, but Jessica has found that sitting by the window spending a few hours painting is one of the best parts of the whole process.BTS_Kertis_Desk

We can’t wait to see Jessica’s new line of Kertis leather goods at our New York Holiday Market at the Metropolitan Pavilion! Be sure to browse her stunning website, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKertis-Mini Zipper Pouch-Gold-A

Our makers are in the giving spirit this holiday season! KERTIS is continuing our Renegade Giveaway tradition, offering up a Golden Palm Leaf Mini Leather Pouch to one lucky winner on Instagram.


– Follow RENEGADE CRAFT and KERTIS on Instagram.

– Re-gram the Giveaway Picture and tell us why you want the pouch (or perhaps who you might be gifting it to) using the hashtag #RenegadeGiveaway.

– The Giveaway will run from today, November 5 – Monday November 10 (midnight PST). The winner will be announced on Tuesday from the #RenegadeGiveaway collection.

– Don’t forget! If your Instagram profile is set to private, we won’t be able to see your re-gram. So make sure your profile is set to public in order to qualify.

Good luck!

Maker Spotlight: Oxgut Hose Co.

Oxgut Bronson_Chair_v1_cropped

Today we are featuring Oxgut Hose Company. An incredible California housewares company that salvages retired firehoses. We cannot wait to see these goods in person at our San Francisco Holiday Market this weekend!Outdoor_Hose_Stack_V1 copy

Each of Oxgut Hose Company’s “exclusive designs with a heroic past” are hand-made using retired fire hose salvaged from U.S. fire departments. While the name Oxgut honors the very first fire hose of Ancient Greece, the designs are fresh and modern—from sleek chairs, to tote bags, colorful floor mats and even wine bottle holders and wall art.

1410-Oxgut-53-Log Carrier Wide

With the help of Kickstarter LauraLe Wunsch’s dream turned became Oxgut, which works to keep this amazing material out of landfills, incorporating it into beautiful products, exciting both design-minded and eco-conscious individuals. Oxgut even works to give back to the community via The Children’s Burn Foundation.

1410-Oxgut-223-retouched 1410-Oxgut-252-seamless rug

Oxgut finds and chooses the most interesting decommissioned fire hose to put into the hands of local designers and artisans, who help give the hose a whole new purpose. They’re always coming up with new ways to integrate the amazing, resilient material into beautiful, hand-made pieces.

Oxgut Handbag_v1Backdraft_v1_Door Stopper

Because of the many color combos and all that the hose has been through, each design is unique and tells a story. On some pieces, original stenciling can still be seen, such as the original San Francisco Fire Dept. “SFFD”. In others, the hose is simply a pristine, gorgeous fabric, backed by a great history.


Oxgut truly shows the incredible durability and ingenuity of the firehose material. What can you not make out of retired firehoses? We can wait to see the floor mats and Bronson chairs in person!

Oxgut Rug_Collection_V1

We are so excited and thrilled that Oxgut will be bringing their housewares and goods to our San Francisco Holiday Market this weekend! Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, plus browse their collection online so you can prepare yourself for the awesome shopping ahead. See you all soon!


Maker Spotlight: Misaki Sano


Today we’re featuring the jewelry of Misaki Sano, who will be bringing her one of a kind jewelry to our San Francisco Holiday Market next weekend! This will be the first time Misaki’s jewelry will be showcased to the public and we are so honored that Renegade Craft Fair gets to be the venue!


Misaki Sano recently finished her metal arts degree at California College of the Arts. Every piece Misaki creates is one of a kind and stems from an artistic stream of consciousness type of process. There are no strict designs or drafts. Instead, Misaki follows her internal aesthetic guide, replacing the pencil with her metal tools, and “sketches” her designs as she shapes and molds them.  Each piece of jewelry is like a time capsule of how the artist was feeling at the very moment it was created. We are in love with her effortless drawing earrings, which is named perfectly to encapsulate Misaki’s “sketching with metal” process.


Misaki finds beauty in things that are simple, subtle, asymmetrical, irregular, imperfect, and her work is inspired by those elements. These inspirations are then made tangible, being formed and shaped out of 14K gold and sterling silver, becoming wearable art.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We love seeing maker’s workspaces and Misaki kindly captured some of her process for us. Isn’t it wonderful seeing materials in their raw form juxtaposed with the final piece? Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Excited for our San Francisco Holiday Market? So are we! Take a look at all of Misaki’s work on her website and what she’s up to on Instagram. And don’t forget to come to our fair at the Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion this weekend. Only a few days left!