Maker Spotlight: The Good Twin


Who doesn’t love what Summer brings? At RCF, we particularly love the colors that come around each year, the bright hues and neons, especially. So when The Good Twin heads to our LA Summer Fair, we get super excited. The Good Twin is owned and operated by Katie Wilson, in Los Angeles, California, and with help from her pug assistant, Peggy Day (napper-in-chief), they produce fun-loving Summer-hued stationery. Though Katie has been a (very good) twin her entire life, the line became a reality in May of 2014, with a focus on better paper goods that bring something a bit different to the table.


There is something quite unique yet familiar about The Good Twin’s collection. It reminds us of that bright and vivacious best friend every girl wanted to have freshman year of high school. The one that had the best taste in clothes and music, and new everyone’s crushes. Needless to say, we want to collect all the cards and trade amongst our friends.


Katie is particularly excited about bringing her new collection to our Fair: Pin+Post. Each design is a 4×6 full color postcard that comes with a diecast enamel lapel pin. The first series has all twelve signs of the zodiac, and the color schemes are based on each sign’s element: air, water, earth, and fire. Just like the rest of The Good Twin’s stationery, Katie hand draws all of the lettering on these postcards.

For the pins, Katie started her design with traditional symbols, slowly playing around with the imagery until she came up with a modern, geometric version that still references the original sign. TheGoodTwin_4

The best part about The Good Twin? All illustration and type work is hand drawn with love, and are printed locally using high quality recycled materials. We cannot wait to see The Good Twin at our LA Fair once again! You can find Katie’s work online here:



Maker Spotlight: Nora Floral Studio

NFS Tall Black and WhiteHappy July, everyone! We’re kicking off the month with features from sunny Southern California. First up, Nora Floral Studio! These gorgeous floral + ceramic pieces will be at our LA Summer Fair July 11+12 at Grand Park.
NFS double triangleNora Flora Studio is a very special floral design company based in Los Angeles. Started by ceramicist and floral designer, Nora Jean Peterson, Nora slip-casts stoneware and porcelain vessels, fills them with plants and flowers and delivers her creations to customers all over L.A.

NFS Black and White Trapezoid

Nora started doing ceramics in high school, and soon apprenticed with a potter in her hometown in East Texas. Her interest in clay led her to a background in sculpture design, that she received from Art Center College of Design.  Before starting her own company, Nora was a practicing sculptor for years, exhibiting in the US and Europe.

NFS three small pots

In 2012, Nora decided to leave the art world and start her floral design business. And we are so glad she did! Nora wanted to design work that anyone could own. At the beginning stages of her floral business, Nora realized that she should be making her own vases and planters. She cut up some of her old sculptures and made them into molds for her first slip-cast pieces.

glazing 1glazing2

For Nora, flowers are simply another material to work with. Arranging them is all about the eye and hand working in tandem; a marriage between color and form. Nora’s floral design stands out by its gentleness. The flowers are not forced into shapes or positions – Nora’s deep respect for natural direction takes patience as well as creative ingenuity.

NFS Yellow FlowerIn Nora’s ceramics, she embraces skewed lines and imperfections. Using layers of high- fire glazes in a gas kiln, produces a glassy and drippy surface. The unpredictable nature of this process creates one-of-a-kind color and pieces. This facet of the process becomes part of Nora’s forms and makes for a pleasant surprise each time.

NFS OrchidWe cannot wait to grab all of these floral arrangements at our LA Fair in just a week and a half! You can find Nora Floral Studio online here:



Maker Spotlight: Sanborn Canoe Co.

Wood Hangers 3

This maker feature makes us down right giddy! Today we’re thrilled to be featuring canoe paddle makers, Sanborn Canoe Co. The guys behind these quality paddles will be setting up at our Chicago Pop-Up at The Hideout this weekend! Rejoice!

Shop 2

Sanborn Canoe Co. is pretty small woodshop nestled in the river valley just south of Winona, MN. After establishing in his friends’ basement, Zak Fellman and company built their own shop space on their families’ land out in the country.


Sanborn IG


Shop 6

What’s incredible is everything is done in house at the Sanborn Shop. The crew decided to use cedar for paddle-making for a few reasons – 1. it’s lightweight 2. it’s buoyant and water resistant to rot and 3. it’s beautiful.

Shop10 Shop 3

Each paddle is a combination of thin strip that we glue/press together to make a paddle blank. From there each paddle is crafted start to finish by one of the Sanborn craftsman using various chisels/block planes/saws and sanders.

Shop 7Shop5

Each is a work of art and in using tools that are guided by human hands(not computer generated copies) each is slightly different than the other. Sanborn Canoe Co. relies on highly skilled craftsmen.

Shop 1Also each paddle is designed and painted in our shop. After a paddle is finished it then goes to the painting room where each design is painted using spray-paint and scotch tape.
Shop 8Zak and his company are inspired by all of the canoeists that have come before them. Sanborn patterned their Artisan paddle shape similar to paddles the old French voyageurs would have used, with long narrow blades. With 30 men in a canoe they would use these long narrow paddles to take up to 60 strokes a second for 14 hours a day. They would also a lot of the time paint there paddles. In part to seal the wood from the elements and in part to identify their paddle from another. This long and rich tradition sparked Sanborn Canoe Co. to paint their paddles in a similar way.Shop13 Shop14 Wood Hangers 2We are so thrilled to have Sanborn Canoe Co. join us in Chicago for our Pop-Up this weekend at The Hideout! You can find them online here:






Maker Spotlight: SOYOU


Today we’re thrilled to be featuring SOYOU! These gorgeous bottles will be making their way to our final Brooklyn Pop-Up this Saturday at East River State Park.


SOYOU is Brooklyn based craft-making studio, formed with an idea that delivers a small pleasure to the people when our products are given to their hands.


SOYOU’s Bottle Project is a collaboration between founder, Youngjoo Sung and artist Jeawon Kim. The two met while studying Fine Arts in school. Both love making crafts using their artistic perspectives on beauty and simplicity that come from a modern and contemporary era.

The motivation for making aromatic ornaments was from Youngjoo and Jeawon’s curiosity on the evolutionary meaning of “vintage” (usually considered old and abandoned). The two work to emphasize the beauty of vintage bottles’ shapes while creating a new look with unique colors and delicate fragrances.

bottles-6SOYOU is inspired by diverse culture, old architecture, and fashion. Youngjoo and Jeawon are always working to find a strong point of view through their pieces and derive much pleasure from the process of creation as a maker which is anchored in sustainability and simple, sculptural form.
bottles-8 bottles-9

Every selected bottle is carefully crafted by hand, at the SOYOU studio in Brooklyn. Youngjoo and Jeawon use the highest quality ingredients making sure everything is entirely free of artificial fragrances, colorings, and genetically modified ingredients.  bottles-10

For Youngjoo and Jeawon, they hope that these ornaments are treasured by their consumers, offering not only a small delight in their home, but also a feeling of stability and relief from stress and fatigue.bottles-11We cannot wait to see these bottles in person and take in all of their fragrances! Don’t forget to stop by our very last Brooklyn Pop-Up this Saturday. You can find SOYOU online here:




Maker Spotlight: Cocoruto

IMG_7517 edit

Now that Summer is charging full steam ahead, it’s inevitable that some of us will be donning sunburns on our shoulders. So when we come across beauty products such as Cocoruto, we start planning ahead. Cocoruto will be bringing their handmade body products to our final Brooklyn Pop-Up this Saturday at East River State Park. IMG_7528 edit

Cocoruto is a line of 100% natural skincare products, handcrafted from plant-based ingredients. Extremely effective, and very gentle, all of their products are formulated to nourish and hydrate your skin. Cocoruto sources organic, fair trade, and local ingredients, carefully selecting herbs and essential oils that are safe for a wide variety of skin types.

IMG_7536 edit

Caroline Hall is the creator behind Cocoruto and has been determined to formulate products for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. Caroline is an apparel designer by trade, but soon found her passion for making natural products shortly after her second daughter was born. She has eczema and food allergies, and her skin is easily irritated. Caroline’s own sensitive skin made it difficult to find skincare products that work for her.

IMG_7544 edit

Caroline believes in using only the most nourishing and essential ingredients in each product. Essential oils are also carefully selected for their healing/therapeutic properties, and not just for their beautiful aromas. All Cocoruto products are made by hand in small batches. Recently, Caroline has expanded her line to include beeswax candles. Burning beeswax candles purifies indoor air by releasing negative ions that bind to toxins. Plus, Caroline uses wax from a local beekeeper. We absolutely love the smell of honey that fills the air when beexwax candles burn, so we are particularly excited about this extension in the Cocoruto line.

IMG_7564 editWe cannot wait to see Caroline and her Cocoruto products again at our Brooklyn Pop-Ups! This Saturday is our last one so be sure to stop by East River State Park to say hello! You can find Cocoruto online here: