Maker Spotlight: Cardtorial

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Today we are thrilled to be featuring stationery makers, Cardtorial. Cardtorial has been trekking their wooden cards and notebooks up the Coast and will be joining us this weekend in Seattle!

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Yvonne Leung is the designer behind Cardtorial. Hand-crafted and laser-cut onto beautiful, sustainable wood, each Cardtorial keepsake is meant to be just that—kept and treasured for always.

SEA Studio_3

Yvonne chose wood after being inspired during a trip to Asia. Wood is natural, elegant in its simplicity, and it lasts and lasts, like all great memories should. Yvonne’s modern, whimsical designs paired with wood’s timeless charm make for a surprising, delightful gift.

Product 1_Heart Journal

A few years ago, after having worked in finance for a number of years — it was infinitely clear to Yvonne that a life walking that straight path wouldn’t be her path to fulfillment. While there was no single “Aha!” moment, no dramatic breaking point, each honest moment and the small decisions following lead Yvonne to realize that she yearned for the freedom to create, explore, and feel human. Yvonne wanted to build something meaningful to her & hopefully those around her.

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That form of expression began as a single wooden card. Something Yvonne could make and share with those she loves. Something a dear friend could keep forever and that would bring lightness and joy for years to come.  Encouraged by the kindness and enthusiasm of friends & co-workers,Yvonne began to see her wooden creations were unique & allowed customers to express their love & friendship in a new and wonderful way.

Product 2_Eye Chart

SEA Product_1

Those first wood cards gave way to a modest online shop. And from there, it grew. Despite the growth and evolution of this business, the core of Cardtorial remains.  It is a place into which Yvonne pours her thoughts & heart, hoping that what she creates resonates and helps to highlight the beauty of creativity and craft.

SEA Studio_2

Since Cardtorial’s beginnings back in 2011, the collection has expanded beyond cards and Yvonne is excited for all the possibility the future brings.
Yvonne Leung, founder of Cardtorial photographed on July 10, 2014 for OC Metro. Photo by Robert Zaleski/
 Yvonne Leung, founder of Cardtorial photographed on July 10, 2014 for OC Metro. Photo by Robert Zaleski/
 Cardtorial’s wood is both sourced domestically and certified sustainable.  They make each and every product in-house in their Los Angeles studio.  Each wood panel is branded, engraved, laser cut, cleaned, packaged and shipped (with great care) from their home to yours.
Yvonne Leung, founder of Cardtorial photographed on July 10, 2014 for OC Metro. Photo by Robert Zaleski/
Photo by Robert Zaleski

We can’t wait to hang out with Cardtorial for another Renegade Craft Fair! Seattle, get ready, we’re coming for you this weekend at Magnuson Park’s Hangar 30! You can find Cardtorial online here:




Maker Spotlight: Hatton Henry

hattonhenry + july studio-1

Today is the big day folks! Our Portland Fair kicks off today and we are so thrilled to be back in this glorious city! Some of our favorite people are joining us to share their handmade goods with Oregonians, one being Hatton Henry. Look out for the smiling face behind these bags! hattonhenry + july studio-2

Hatton Henry is a line of leather goods by Vanessa Vaught.  Each bag is hand crafted in their Houston, Texas studio.  Due to the nature of working with natural materials, each colorway is limited and often one of a kind. hattonhenry + july studio-3 hattonhenry + july studio-4

Vanessa recently moved Hatton Henry into a beautiful studio space in order to expand her line and be able to create more beautiful things for her lovely customers!  Hatton Henry has always strived to continually grow their collection, always having new bag and accessory designs and have even dabbled in home goods as a compliment to Vanessa’s boyfriend’s company Eridu Modern (midcentury modern furniture and design).

IMG_6008hattonhenry + july studio-5 hattonhenry + july studio-7

 The Hatton Henry shop is the namesake of two true American entrepreneurs, George Hatton Vaught and George Henry Vaught (Vanessa’s Grandpa). Better known to the saddle making world as G.H. Vaught & Son, they produced saddles, harnesses, men’s belts, and more out of their Rockwall, Texas based leather workshop for over 100 years.

hattonhenry + july studio-8 IMG_6024 IMG_6060

We love how Vanessa has continued her family’s tradition of creating high quality leather goods in Texas, using her own modern and artistic aesthetic.hattonhenry + july studio-9

photos by Vanessa Vaught and Melissa Laree
We love Vanessa’s work and also Vanessa herself! She always brings a beam of sunshine to all of our fairs and we cannot wait to hang out with her (and all of you!) in Portland! You can find Hatton Henry online here:

Maker Spotlight: Minoux Jewelry


We can’t wait till our Portland Fair this weekend at Rejuvenation! There are so many talented Makers headed to SE Portland, plus Lost Girls Vintage and Portland Flea will be sharing their curated found goods from all over the country. Needless to say, it’s going to be a grand weekend! Today we’re featuring Minoux Jewelry. Learn more about this maker and gawk and these gorgeous pieces.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 7.58.32 PM

Minoux jewelry was founded by Portland artist, Kristen Robison. Minoux is all about melding a love of style with a commitment to thoughtful consumption. Kristen creates classic, refined and meaningful pieces that make you feel good because you look great wearing them and you know they’re made by happy hands.

Details are important to Kristen, and she takes great care in every stage of making the jewelry. From concept and design, to execution and final presentation, Kristen is dedicated to product integrity. Minoux jewelry will last, even through all the daily wears and outfit changes, because let’s face it, these pieces go with everything!


Each piece is handmade using recycled sterling silver, bronze and gold wherever possible. Minoux is an environmentally-conscious studio, and practices this philosophy by choosing recycled metals, using less-toxic chemical alternatives for metal-smithing, and using recycled paper and packing materials.


The newest Minoux collection is the first time Kristen has created a line using the lost wax casting method. In this process, Kristen carves a design out of a special hard wax, using the wax model to create a single exact copy in metal.

Once Kristen had made the metal prototype, she wears it around in daily life, to make sure it’s comfortable, and to see if there are any design tweaks that would make it wear or look better. Kristen’s perfectionism produces flawless jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also comfortable to wear everyday. Changes are made until Kristen creates that perfect prototype.

Once a prototype has been approved, the final version is used to make a master mold, so that copies can be made. And in some ways, that’s just the start of the process! After a copy is cast from the master, the surface of the piece comes out quite porous and rough. At this stage, you almost wouldn’t even recognize it as jewelry. To bring the jewelry to the high shine that you see in a finished piece, imperfections are first ground off, then the entire piece is hand-sanded, then it spends about 24 hours in a mechanical tumbler to smooth the surface, and then comes the final hand-polish.

IMG_1565The hand polishing especially is a pretty dirty process, and Kristen has completely given up on ever having completely clean hands or fingernails.

Lost wax casting allows for a huge range of creativity, and Kristen feels like she’s just begun to understand both the limits and the possibilities of the process. Archeological evidence shows that people have been using a process like this to make metal objects as long as 5000 years ago, and Kristen appreciates feeling connected to an ancient method of human expression and creation.
Minoux Jewelry

Minoux Jewelry is timeless in its design. The pieces are simple to be worn daily – yet retain a very special quality that makes the wearer feel significant.Minoux1

We can’t wait to meet Kristen and buy up all these Minoux Jewelry pieces at our Portland Fair this weekend. You can find Minoux Jewelry online here:



Maker Spotlight: VitrifiedStudio

brown stoneware collection

Gorgeous things are constantly popping up in Portland. The city is chock full of so many talented artists and Makers, one of them being VitrifiedStudio. These pieces will be making their way to our Portland Fair alongside Rejuvenation and the Sunday Emporium this weekend!

dark grey vase large

VitrifiedStudio is a small home-based ceramics studio located in Portland, Oregon. Started in 2011 by Shelley Martin, VitrifiedStudio was a dream of Shelley’s while in architecture school. brown canister set

All of VitrifiedStudio wares are all limited production, high quality studio ceramics hand thrown and designed in Shelley’s backyard studio. These handmade studio ceramics are an alternative to the high volume mass produced repetitive work you find in other studios, workshops, and factories.

vitrifiedstudio 5

Shelley understands the importance of not only handmade, but the importance of artisan and locally made objects, which is why Shelley and her partner chose Portland to put down their roots. Portland thrives on local, artisan culture and Shelley’s work thrives off of the city’s surroundings.herb bottles on sand 2

VitrifiedStudio vessels are utilitarian yet dramatic. The simple shapes of each jar or cup are complimented with deep glazes or contrasting lines. While Shelley’s palette is mostly neutral, the soft blues, greens, and browns of her pieces reflect Portland’s landscape so strongly.four brown cups

Each piece is unique, considered, and made only using Shelley’s hands, the pottery wheel, a few simple tools, clay, food safe / lead free glazes and natural cork stoppers. Just as Shelley’s craftsmanship evolves, so does her work and each piece tells a story.
pair of low mugs brown and whitevitrifiedstudio_1

The clay used is either colored stoneware or a white porcelain, hand glazed and fired in Shelley’s electric kiln to 2100-2200 degrees in her backyard studio.  Shelley loves being a part of the continuing tradition of pottery and ceramics that has been going on for thousands of years.throwing with lily

Don’t you just love that calm scene of Shelley in her studio with her cute pup? We can’t wait to meet VitrifiedStudio and see all of the ceramic vessels in person at our Portland Fair. You can find VitrifiedStudio online here:

Maker Spotlight: Loom Room


Today we are thrilled to be featuring Loom Room by Jackie Thomson. Jackie will be bringing her woven rugs to our Portland Fair this weekend at Rejuvenation!


Jackie Thomson is a Portland creative with a love of textiles. She weaves rugs and other textiles in her studio, Loom Room, a name Jackie’s husband created when they moved in. The Loom Room is in Jackie’s attic, where she spends most of her early morning designing and hand-weaving her rugs before the Summer sun becomes too hot.


Jackie started weaving in 2003 while in college studying for a BFA in Graphic Design. She got her start in the creative industry working as an illustrator. These days, she uses her illustration background to develop her weaving designs. All rug designs are original to LOOM ROOM textiles. The vibrant community in the Pacific Northwest continues to inspire and encourage her work.


This Summer, Jackie has been busy hand weaving a summer collection to debut at our Renegade Craft Fair in Portland this year. Everything in her studio is handwoven with 100% USA Wool.


For the new Summer collection Jackie has created two main rug designs, named after her most loved Portland places (The Hawthorne Rug, and the Tabor Summer), with different color ways, and a series of pillows that are adapted from the rug designs. What’s even better is, just for RCF, Jackie is expanding this collection to include some smaller table rugs, and coasters! We cannot wait to see!!!!



We cannot wait to meet Jackie and see all the gorgeous Loom Room goods at our Portland Fair this weekend! You can find Loom Room online here: