Maker Spotlight: Artifact Skin Co. + GIVEAWAY

We’ve got a great Maker Spotlight for you today, plus a little surprise! Artifact Skin Co. is heading to San Francisco for our Holiday Market on November 8+9, and we can’t wait to try their masques for ourselves!


Artifact Skin was founded by Narae Kim and Elie Nehme, both graduates of Architecture and Design at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Narae worked as a cosmetician for a number of years during her studies and could not find any facial masque products out in the marketplace that were healthy, innovative, and beautiful.


This lack inspired Narae to create masques with unique and purifying ingredients such as rice and papaya extracts, Rhassoul Clay, and more. Thus, Artifact Skin was born.7

Narae and Elie set out to create a line of natural masques that would be based on cultural beauty secrets from around the world. What are the everyday rituals people around the world use to better their skin? What ingredients are they using? The result is a line of facial masques that combine the elements of aroma, memory, place and beauty traditions from across the globe.


Inspired by memories of her mother pulling ingredients from the kitchen to create healing mixtures that would help with her sunburnt, dry, adolescent skin, Narae created – a weekly blog based on DIY beauty and health tutorials. We love that Narae and Elie not only produce and sell facial masks, but they love to share and educate readers on how to better their skin and wellbeing. Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of a homemade coffee body scrub?


Narae and Elie have created a skincare line that not only utilizes beautiful clays of the earth, tantalizing extracts from fruit, they have also created the most lovely designed packaging – which is why we are so thrilled to be announcing that this holiday season, Renegade Craft is teaming up with vendors from each city for a Holiday Giveaway on Instagram!



Our makers are in the giving spirit this holiday season! Artifact Skin Co. is kicking off our Holiday Giveaway, offering their Glacial Coast Detox Masque and Brush to one lucky winner on Instagram.


– Follow Renegade Craft and Artifact Skin Co. on Instagram.

– Re-gram the Giveaway Picture and tell us why you want to masque using the hashtag #RenegadeGiveaway.

– The Giveaway will run from today, October 29 – Monday November 3. The winner will be announced on Tuesday from the #RenegadeGiveaway collection.

Good luck!

Maker Spotlight: Magszilla


Our first Holiday Market is just days away, starting on the West Coast in foggy San Francisco. One thing our team has noticed while combing through the applications is that our curated selection of makers continue to create some of the best handmade goods out there. Magszilla is no exception. Based in Pasadena, this husband and wife team will be trekking their wooden products up to San Francisco this November 8+9 to showcase their stunning craftsmanship.


Magszilla is the joint creation of Margaret and Justin. Working as a graphic design for over 13 years, Margaret yearned for to create tangible products. After receiving scraps of wood, Margaret brainstormed ways in which she could hone her woodworking skills, thus creating a maple wood iPhone stand. After more designs and experiments, Margaret took a leap of faith to dedicate herself full time to MAGSZILLA. Learning through self-taught education and hands-on trial and error experimentation, Margaret has mastered the geometric line and modern design of her wooden craft.


In contrast to his wife, Justin works part time at MAGSZILLA and also creates an exclusive collection of wooden vases under his Bjorn label. Each vase is one of a kind and blends the storied traditions of Scandinavian wood carving with Ikebana. We love how Margaret’s modern and sleek wooden docks, clocks, and objects are juxtaposed with Justin’s organic and earthly Bjorn vases. Their common love of walnut wood fuses the two very distinct lines of products into a well-rounded collection of goods pleasing those who love both the graphic modern and the natural.


All MAGSZILLA products are handmade by Margaret and Justin, utilizing conventional power and hand tools, as opposed to CNC machines and laser cutters. Time and care has been put into each piece to achieve high quality products with a human touch. The absence of high powered machinery seems to make MAGSZILLA’S wooden objects all the more visually tactile.


Margaret and Justin kindly gave us a sneak peek into their Southern California workshop. 
workspace_bench workspace_shelf workspace_tools

Don’t you just wish you could have a large studio space with tons of remnant woods at your creative disposable?

process_sandingWe can’t wait to see MAGSZILLA wooden charging stands and Bjorn vases go home with lots of eager shoppers checking off their gift lists at our San Francisco Holiday Market! If you can’t wait to see more MAGSZILLA before November 8+9, you can browse the full collection on the Magszilla website, plus follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on the happenings in their wood shop. See you at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in less than two weeks!


Maker Spotlight: Little Bear Pots

download (2)

We’re doubling up on our Maker Spotlight features today, mostly because there’s so much amazing talent in Brooklyn that we just can’t help it! Today we’re featuring the incredible work of Little Bear Pots. Is it just us, or is there just an amazing variety of ceramic talent out there?! Little Bear Pots will be joining us tomorrow and Sunday for our Brooklyn Summer Market at 50 Kent. Get excited, ya’ll! It’s going to be an awesome weekend.DSCN1719

Little Bear Pots is collection of ceramic adventures by Lindsey Schneider. Filmmaker by day, potter by night, Lindsey crafts beautifully painted pots and dishes in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

download (3)

For Lindsey, making ceramics is all about small, repetitive movements, and she find the process soothing in its slowness and deliberateness. 


Every piece from Little Bear Pots starts as a ball of stoneware clay, ranging from dark brown speckled clay body to a bright burgundy clay called Brooklyn Red.


Lindsey finds a lot of inspiration in tramp art and Eastern European and African textiles, and loves when patterns and textures combine in interesting, tactile ways. We can definitely see the influence these textiles and art have had in Lindsey’s painted and glazed pots. DSCN1739
There is a lot of unpredictability in the process of making pottery and always a surprise when you unload a kiln. Lindsey loves this about the process and how it imprints on each item a little reminder that it’s handmade.


We can’t wait to see (and shop) Lindsey’s Little Bear Pots this weekend at 50 Kent! Be sure to stop by from 11-6 Saturday and Sunday to shop handmade at our Brooklyn Summer Market. If you want to feast your eyes on more beautiful ceramics, check out the Little Bear Pots website and follow Lindsey on Instagram

Maker Spotlight: ABJ Glassworks


Happy Friday, Everyone! Today we’re thrilled to be featuring ABJ Glassworks! ABJ Glassworks will be bringing their lovely designs to our Brooklyn Summer Market tomorrow and Sunday at 50 Kent!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

ABJ Glassworks was started by Ashley-Bram-Johnson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With degrees in Art History and Anthropology, Ashley began working to create whimsical and modern pieces for the home using traditional stained glass techniques.


Ashley finds most of her inspiration in the natural world. Often she will have a backlog of ideas, and is inspired by the nuances of light throughout the day and the changing of the seasons.

LignaPyr LineaTerrarium

For Ashley, the hardest part is deciding what designs to make first. Her inspirations turn into sketches with some suggested dimensions in her old black and white notebook.

LyraPyr Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Once Ashley decides to add a piece to the ABJ Glassworks line, she carefully crafts samples to finalize the ideal size and shape. With the collection in place, Ashley then photographs each product, something that she considers to be one of the most fun parts of her business. Browsing through her collection, we love the way Ashley captures her products and presents them in a lifestyle setting. It definitely makes us want some pieces in our home!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Each product is made with concern for the environment, using eco-friendly techniques, non-toxic flux, and lead-free silver alloy solder, creating pieces for the person who appreciates beauty, functionality and the natural world.

RingBoxPrism Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We love that Ashley’s home studio is filled with all of her gorgeous work. We can’t imagine being surrounded by all those beautiful moon wall hangings and terrariums!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

If you want to see some of the products Ashley will be bringing to our Brooklyn Summer Market, check out her website! You can also follow ABJ Glassworks on Instagram and Twitter. We can’t wait to see you all this weekend at 50 Kent!


Maker Spotlight: Owlkill Studio

Owlkill Studio 2

Today we’re featuring the beautiful work from New York maker, Owlkill Studio.  We’ve been fans of Owlkill Studio and can’t wait to see their work again in Brooklyn this weekend!

Owlkill Studio 5

Owlkill Studio is owned and operated by Adelia Sugarman. It’s primarily a one-woman venture, though Adelia collaborates with her mother on some woodworking and sewing projects. The name comes from the Owlkill River, which runs through the woods behind Adelia’s parents’ property in rural upstate NY where she grew up.

Owlkill Studio 7

Adelia believes strongly in local sustainability and supporting small businesses. As much as possible, she finds locally sourced, vintage or discarded materials to use in creating our wares. Each item is thoughtfully and carefully sourced and crafted one by one in her studio in upstate NY.Owlkill Studio 6Owlkill Studio 4

Owlkill Studio’s simple utilitarian design aesthetic attracts a lot of fans. We love these leather and brass key fobs, especially because they’re designed to stand the test of time!

Owlkill Studio 8

Adelia is constantly inspired by the materials she finds; their cutting boards and marble + wood cheese boards are made entirely from salvaged and reclaimed materials, and each piece of jewelry features a vintage element as the main component of the piece. Adelia loves the fact that these materials lived another life before being re-appropriated into something new. We couldn’t agree more!

Owlkill Studio 1

The Owlkill Studio space is in the corner of a big old industrial building that’s been home to many different production processes over the years. With a lot of renovation and careful design, Adelia has turned her studio into a beautiful space. Such wonderful natural light and perfect studio plants!

Owlkill Studio 3
We can’t wait to see more of Owlkill’s latest collection of products at our Brooklyn Summer Market this upcoming weekend! Be sure to visit the Owlkill Studio website as well as shop their products on Etsy. You can also stay up to date with Adelia on Facebook and Instagram.  See you all soon!

Maker Spotlight: Lean to Lights


Happy Monday, everyone! Today we’re thrilled to kick off our Brooklyn Maker Spotlight series with Lean to Lights. These gorgeous hanging lights are being showcased at our Brooklyn Summer Market this upcoming weekend!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Lean to Lights was inspired by one’s desire to escape to nature, with tents and canopies in tow, and rest under the stars. Noah Burton, the designer behind these paper light structures, wanted to design a similar experience for the home, bringing the grand and rustic relationship between the humble tent and nature’s infinite landscape. The lanterns evoke such a strong sense of glowing tents planted underneath a blanket of the night sky.

Processed with VSCOcam with t2 preset

Every step to create these unique lights is done in Noah’s Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY studio. From cutting and forming the brass hardware, to designing, building, and soldering the frames, each and every light has been executed by Noah’s skilled hands.

Each light is formed with sections of apple mulberry paper, which Noah carefully wraps so that the paper hugs the custom wire frame, creating an exquisite and ethereal glowing lantern.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Lean to Lights paper lanterns are uniquely set apart by Noah’s perspective and self-taught design aesthetics. Without traditional design education, Noah’s work is playfully idiosyncratic and all of his lights remain true to his artistic sensibilities. Every lantern has his characteristic fingerprint.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWe can’t wait to see Lean to Lights in person at our Brooklyn Summer Market. If you can’t handle the anticipation, feel free to follow Lean to Lights on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with Noah and his latest work.


Maker Spotlight and Studio Visit: Rebe and Specks & Keepings

2014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-0172
We have a treat for you today! We are featuring mother daughter duo Rebe by Debra Weiss and Specks & Keepings by Hillery Sproatt. Debra and Hillery will be bringing their textile artistry to our Chicago Summer Market this weekend in Wicker Park on Division St. and we can’t wait!
Debra Weiss has been working in fabric and textiles since the the 1970’s and has produced some of the most beautiful work we’ve ever seen, from clothing and accessories, to wall weavings, blankets, and more.
A conversation between pattern, function and form; Debra Weiss wraps the body beautifully in unique yet flattering silhouettes. Everything is handcrafted by Debra herself in her home studio in Los Feliz, CA.
We absolutely love the intricate details Debra adds into her artwork. From unusual seams and stitching in her dresses, to gorgeous colors and weaving in her textile art, we continue to remain in awe of her skilled hands.
Debra’s daughter, Hillery continues in her mother’s footsteps, earning a BFA in fine art and creating art prints, drawings, embroidered dolls, and small tapestries in her Grand Rapids, MI home studio.
Hillery’s work explores the integrity of textiles, pattern as image making, and the narrative of forms. Her tapestries are small soft drawings made with thread and her stitched dolls, which resemble folk dolls, seem to inhabit the landscapes of her drawings.
speck 2
Specks 1
Hillery offered us a sneak peek into her home studio and we love the rich tones and simplicity of her space.
Hillery DS-44_small Hillery DS-49_small
Hillery and Debra run an online shop called Specks & Keeping that specializes in handmade goods and features many of their creations.
During our travels to Renegade Craft Fair in LA we had the pleasure of visiting Debra’s home and studio and marveling at her incredible work over the years. It was such a wonderful experience being able to talk to these two talented women in their home space and learn more about their beginnings as artists and makers. We loved hearing the stories about where all of Debra’s furniture and decorations came from and how she got started in design. Her home was like a museum exploring the history of her craft, her children, and her family heirlooms.
2014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-01022014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-0090
I started Rebe in 2000. But I have made things all my life. I received my degree in textile design in 1977, but it wasn’t until I watched Hillery’s art talent blossom as a teenager that  I felt it was time for me to begin a business. Rebe began as a wholesale business and I recently transitioned to strictly direct customer sales, which makes me very happy.
Hillery launched our online shop Specks & Keepings in 2011 so we could showcase our work along with the work of other artists we admire.
2014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-0105
I have a love of textiles and I start by finding beautiful fabrics from all over the world. The inspiration from these fabrics guides me towards what I then want to make. 

2014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-01242014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-0087 2014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-0095

2014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-0089
I begin by sketching and then we create a pattern. There is always revising as well as problem solving, but this is also where the play happens. From there it becomes a functional or wearable product that we bring to market.
2014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-01252014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-01282014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-0145

2014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-0110 2014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-0122 2014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-0130 2014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-0149

I would encourage others to do what they love and to believe in what they do. 2014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-01642014-RCF-Rebe Studio Visit-0181
We hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into Debra and Hillery’s home studio as much as we did! Be sure to browse the Specks and Keepings website, follow Debra and Hillery on Instagram, and come to our Chicago Summer Market this weekend. We suggest you try on a few beautiful Rebe dresses and marvel at all the textile glory while you’re there!

Maker Spotlight: Paper & Clay


Today we’re featuring the beautiful work of Tennessee ceramicist, Paper & Clay. We are beyond thrilled to have Paper & Clay ceramics showcased at our Chicago Summer Market this weekend!


Brit McDaniel is the ceramicist behind Paper & Clay. After enrolling in ceramics classes at a community art school in Austin, Texas, Brit immediately fell in love with the art and was determined to make a career of it. After running a successful Kickstarter campaign, Paper & Clay was founded in June 2013 in Memphis, Tennessee.

“I want my work to be beautiful, but also very usable. I’m very influenced by Scandinavian design, and look to a lot of American Mid-Century designers as well. Essentially, I try to create the pieces that I want to have and use in my own home, and it’s so rewarding when someone else wants my work in their house too!”


Each piece is handmade with careful attention to detail, and with usability in mind. Brit’s ceramic style is the perfect relationship between handmade and the sophistication of modern form. We’ve followed Paper & Clay for awhile now and have loved seeing Brit’s form and aesthetic grow into pieces that stand out and are unlike any other pieces out there. We’re so excited to see Brit’s newest collection of 22K Gold speckled mugs at our fair!


We love Brit’s color-blocked and gradient aesthetic! We can’t help but think of a beautiful sunset on the horizon, or staring through a foggy horizon line.


IMG_0689PC IGWe can’t wait to see Brit’s amazing work in person! I think each and every one of us will want to reset our tables with a brand new collection from Paper & Clay. Take a look at the collection on the website, and be sure to follow Paper & Clay on Instagram, her feed in gorgeous! See you all this weekend in Chicago!

Maker Spotlight: Margins

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.07.26 AM

Hello Everyone! We hope you had an awesome and relaxing Labor Day weekend, we sure did. Our biggest fair of the year, The Chicago Summer Market is coming up this weekend, so to kick the week off we’re featuring print company, Margins.


Jeremy Rendina is the designer and printer behind Margins, a print company that focuses on the natural world for inspiration, printing processes, and sustainability practices. He produces original and archival serigraphs, letterpress, and Giclée prints. One of his most popular prints and “giftable” items is his beautiful Moon Calendar.


Drawing on the natural world and numerous spiritual traditions, Margin’s line of calendars, cards, and prints seek to enhance the one’s interior space. It’s Jeremy’s desire as a designer to provide conscious design in an elegant way, which is accessible to all.
Margins makes every effort to work in accordance with sustainable printing practices that support the well-being of all living creatures and the greater ecological system. Their vibrant inks are water and soy based, and they also work with indigenous communities, using Fair Trade and tree-free papers when possible. 


The elements play a central part in Jeremy’s printmaking process. He collaborates with the world around him to create unique one of a kind prints. Recently moving his studio to Ojai, within the Los Padres National Forest, Jeremy has been able to apply many unique methods to his work process. His cyanotype prints are exposed in the sun and rinsed with ocean water and some of his silkscreen and lithographic prints use pigments from the earth which are used in color mixing and various open air drying methods are used to achieve the desired texture and color.
We are big fans of Jeremy’s work and we can’t wait for all of you to see Margins at our Chicago Summer Market this weekend! Take a look at all of the paper good beauty at the Margins website and be sure to stop by Jeremy’s booth on Division St.!

Maker Spotlight: Territory Design

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Today we’re thrilled to be featuring Chicago maker, Territory Design in our Maker Spotlight series. Territory Design will be joining us at our Chicago Summer Market on September 6+7!


Territory Design is an emerging textile and craft collective founded by Rebecca Crall. Territory Design is deeply inspired by traditional textile culture, the natural dye process, and sustainable and ethical production methods. Through working in developing regions of the world for almost 15 years, Rebecca has been able to observe and connect with inspiring and creative communities that continue to work with their craft in traditional ways.

Currently, Rebecca is working with some of these communities to design textiles which Territory Design uses to create beautiful home products and accessories. You can learn more about their craft collective with these communities here.

Territory Pillows on BedTools 2

For our Renegade Fair in Chicago, Rebecca will be showcasing home and personal accessories crafted from handwoven and vintage textiles that are sourced from her weaving cooperatives that are then transformed into pillows, bags, and other accessories in her studio.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

All of Territory Design’s collection is entirely handcrafted starting with the natural dye-process, to the weaving of the cloth and the final assembly in their Chicago studio. Only natural fibers including hemp, linen, cotton, wool and silk are used in Rebecca’s collection, which we can’t help but love and appreciate.Batik Pillow on couch

The batik pillow pictured above is crafted from a one of a kind vintage textile from Indonesia. Using a indigo resist-dyed cotton, Rebecca took pieces of a larger textile and made these striking lumbar pillows.


These fabrics were created in conjunction with Hmong weavers in northern Thailand and then constructed in Rebecca’s Chicago studio. These pieces showcase the back strap loom hemp weaving which the Hmong are famous for in addition to an incredible, embroidered appliqué with indigo dyed tassels as an embellishment. All crafted and put together to tell the story of the Hmong in The Territory Design studio.

Tools 1 Indigo and hemp pilows

The batik deep indigo pillows use fabrics from one of the last groups in Thailand using this type of resist-dyeing process. The fabrics were designed by Territory, in collaboration with this weaving and dying group and combine traditional and modern patterning.

Office space Sewing machineRebecca workingWe are so thrilled to see the collection of goods Territory Design will be bringing to our Chicago Summer Market in just a couple of weekends! Be sure to browse the current line of products on the Territory Design website as well as follow Rebecca on Instagram to learn more about her work and inspirations.