Portland Mini Market Starts Tomorrow!


4. Matchboxes


The Renegade Craft Fair Portland Mini Market Starts Tomorrow!

We are so thrilled to be hosting our first-ever Portland Mini Market tomorrow! Join us tomorrow, Saturday, August 9 and Sunday, August 10, 2014 outside Rejuvenation. From 12-6pm you’ll be able to shop our curated selection of today’s best and brightest Makers from the Pacific Northwest and beyond! Find us outside on SE 6th St. (between SE Salmon and SE Taylor) surrounding Rejuvenation’s SE Grand store.

Spend your weekend with us shopping local and handmade! There will be a variety of outstanding handmade goods at the Fair – ranging from natural skincare, stationery, clothing and jewelry, to ceramics, housewares and much more. Browse this year’s line up of 60+ talented makers, artisan food vendors, and workshops here.


Row 1: Blu Skillet Ironware | Pigeon Toe | Make It Good | Row 2: Year Round Co. | Beedy | Row 3:Machete | The Granite | Jess Flegel Handmade

Expect a lively atmosphere at the fair, appropriate for all ages.  The venue will be decorated with art installations by Renegade Craft. Shoppers will browse the finest independent makers such as, Combed ThunderRevolution Design HouseCradle, and Herbivore Botanicals. Want something more interactive? Connect with the plant nerds and wildcrafters from Portland Apothecary and make your own mini pinata with Red Circle Crafts.

In an effort to connect with and support small business growth, we’ve teamed up with The Business Outreach Program (BOP) at Portland State University. BOP helps local small businesses, including emerging, minority and women-owned businesses, achieve their potential while providing students with opportunities for community based learning. We are so thrilled to have BOP offering their expertise and services at our Mini Market!

Getting There: Visitors are encouraged to walk, bike, or take public transportation to the Fair. You can route directions to SE 6th Street (between SE Salmon and SE Taylor) here.

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About Rejuvenation: Founded in Portland, Ore., in 1977, Rejuvenation serves as a general store of functional and beautiful goods for home improvement projects that add real value to homes, buildings and projects. From classic American-crafted lighting and timeless hardware to useful house parts and home goods, Rejuvenation’s high-quality products are inspired by history, designed for modern consumers and made to last. Throughout its history, Rejuvenation has provided home improvement resources, products, and education to home and business owners who restore and rejuvenate their homes and communities. A member of the Williams-Sonoma Inc. family of brands, Rejuvenation sells its products by catalog; at retail stores in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and Berkeley, Calif.; and via the company’s website, www.rejuvenation.com.

Want to see what our Makers are up to before the Mini Market? Check out #RenegadeCraftFair #RCFMiniMarket #RCFMiniPDX for RCF-related Instagram pictures and tweets!

For more details, check out the RCF Portland Mini Market page, Facebook event, or visit our Pinterest for current and previous rosters. You can even get a closer look at some of our vendors in the Maker Spotlight series.  See you all in Portland on August 9+10!

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Maker Spotlight: Matchbox Studio

4. Matchboxes

 Happy Friday, everyone! We’re thrilled to be featuring Portland jewelry designer, Matchbox Studio. We can’t wait to see these pieces in person at our Portland Mini Market this Saturday and Sunday!

1. Alki Earring

Matchbox Studio was born out of the designs of Megan McKean and Agnieszka Zoltowski. Two designers with their own individually unique styles and techniques began to artfully blend their love of making with deep attention to create something new. Matchbox Studio is the result of jubilant play in the studio, and delight in the processes of creativity and construction. Each piece is handmade in their lovely workshop in Portland, OR. 

2. Alki Necklace and Salix Earrings

The design duo balances one another in every aspect from design to day-to-day business tasks, and this constant striking of balance between their aesthetics and proclivities is what makes their work and brand special. Megan loves to play with form, while Agnieszka is obsessed with color palettes. 

3. Yukta Earring

The current collection combines traditional metal smithing techniques with peyote stitch, a highly intricate bead weaving technique found in historic Native American beadwork often used to decorate items used in peyote ceremonies. Each bead is meticulously added one by one to create a fabric that is then sewn to the piece.

5. In progress - Shushumna

Megan and Agnieszka are full of ideas, finding inspiration everywhere. Most recently they look to their industrial neighborhood in Portland where their space is filled with plants and open windows and nature fills their studio. The joy that Megan and Agnieszka feel from what surrounds them is infused into every piece they craft.

6. Our tiny beads..,

We cannot wait to see the beautiful new collection Matchbox Studio will be showcasing at our first-ever Portland Mini Market starting tomorrow! Browse their full line on their website and be sure to follow them on Instagram! See you all tomorrow!

Maker Spotlight: Grey Paw


Today we are featuring Portland Makers, Grey Paw Design! Founded in 2011, Grey Paw works diligently to create pet accessories with a focus on modern design and quality craftsmanship.


Grey Paw’s philosophy combines a design approach with a strong commitment to hand-crafted goods. From dog beds and collars, to rope leashes, every product is designed, dyed, cut, and sewn in their Portland studio.


We are crazy about these roll-up camp mats featuring gorgeous Pendleton fabrics to keep your pets stylish and comfortable.


What is perhaps one of the best features about Grey Paw is their true love of animals and their desire to contribute to a world that respects and protects them. Every year, Grey Paw donates a portion of their internet sales to a rotating list of local and national pet relief organizations. Buying your pet an accessory from Grey Paw not only benefits your dog with an awesome Southwestern collar, but it also helps dogs and cats in need.

We are so excited to shop Grey Paw Designs at our Portland Mini Market this weekend! Get a glimpse of all they have to offer on their website, etsy, and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter as well.

Maker Spotlight: Pigeon Toe


Today we’re so happy to be featuring Portland ceramicist extraordinaire, Pigeon Toe. In honor of our first steps into the Northwest, we’ve invited Pigeon Toe as well as a couple other Portland vendors who will be guest-posting on our Instagram account starting today until our Portland Mini Market this Saturday and Sunday! Follow us on Instagram to see the inner workings of Pigeon Toe’s studio, process, as well as some of their favorite Portland haunts. We’ve been told they have some grand plans in store for our followers.


After settling on art as her life’s focus in first grade, Lisa Jones, creator of Pigeon Toe, spent her adolescence exploring a variety of art mediums from painting to video installation before settling into product design with the founding of Pigeon Toe in 2009. Steering clear from the excess of mass-produced products, Lisa formed Pigeon Toe with a vision to create uniquely beautiful objects that incorporate and celebrate the extensive history of handcrafts.

PT 1

Realizing that understanding materials on an intimate level leads to refined and imaginative objects, Lisa’s work under Pigeon Toe has evolved with her own artistic enrichment and hands-on study of new techniques and mediums. This growth is fostered through relationships with other esteemed craftspeople, with a focus on building community through shared learning opportunities and love of making.


Lisa continually finds a fresh perspective through innovative material combinations, harking back to an era where artisans not only create, but inspire. We are constantly inspired by Lisa’s unique take on ceramic jewelry, such as her breathtaking Twined Quill Necklace.lg_arc_bangles_model

Pigeon Toe is a new perspective on the beauty inherent in every day. It is an exploration of the aesthetic potential of objects that populate and create our lives. Every piece from Pigeon Toe runs through a process of imagination and insight. It is then shaped through skilled hands; every form and mark placed with intent and purpose.


Pigeon Toe accentuates function and redefines form. We think Pigeon Toe’s adage is not only true but perfectly fitting.Twinedquill_model

Lisa was kind enough to offer a glimpse into her incredible studio in Portland. We are amazed by the expansion of her artistic vision and are so happy about her success!


We are so thrilled to have Pigeon Toe join us at our first ever Mini Market in Portland! The talent and quality of homemade goods that has reached out to this fair has been truly remarkable. Please join us this weekend at Rejuvenation from 12-6pm both days. In the meantime, browse the Pigeon Toe website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Plus, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to see a Day In the Life of Pigeon Toe!

Maker Spotlight: The Granite

Today we are so thrilled to be featuring Portland makers, The GraniteThe Granite is an emerging female-owned and operated creative studio and workshop with evolving focus and inspiration. Meg Drinkwater and Megan Perry started as friends who came together to explore their common interests in design.  In 2013, Meg and Megan began to explore various art mediums, such as folded paper projects and soon began designing objects for the home.


Meg and Megan’s backgrounds in interior design, metalsmithing and ceramics have provided a perfect foundation for artistic collaboration as well as a wealth of knowledge and materials the duo utilizes to design and create a wide spectrum of usable home accessories.


The Granite was formally introduced in 2014 and currently focuses on designing and creating functional objects for the home with a special interest in lighting.  


Currently Meg and Megan lend their attention to slip cast ceramics but are set to expand their material focus with groundwork laid for a textile project and other collaborations. We can’t wait to see what these two create next!
RENblue espresso2
With each new design project The Granite’s goal is to investigate the interaction that exists between objects, interior space and the individual.
RENpolyhedron votive1
From mold making, cleaning up the porcelain, to hand-painting each vase, this team does everything by hand in their Portland studio.
REN_process2 RENprocess_moldmaking1
We love the colorful patterns The Granite paints onto their vases. The modern vessel is elevated into a more playful and unique piece.
REN process _handpainting
We cannot wait to see these beautiful pieces in person at our Portland Mini Market this weekend! If you want to see some of the variety The Granite will be bringing, check out their website and browse their beautiful Instagram feed.

Maker Spotlight: Year Round Co.


Happy Monday, Everyone! Today we are featuring Washington Makers, Year Round Co.  We are so excited to meet the duo behind these bags at our Portland Mini Market this upcoming weekend! Founded by Scott and Jacqui Scoggin, Year Round Co. is a creative studio located in Tacoma, WA producing thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted items.


Jacqui and Scott met in design school and after graduating went straight to work as in-house graphic designers for prominent Seattle companies. In 2008 they left their day jobs behind to run their own business full time. With 10 years of experience in the field of graphic design, they spend half their time designing and half making handmade goods, while still finding time to get out into nature with their dog Nico.


The variety of patterns they offer is outstanding. From traditional folk-inspired patterns, to abstract brushstrokes, we can’t help but want a bag in each color and pattern they offer!

Every product Year Round Co. makes starts with a blank piece of canvas. The canvas is cut, then screen-printed with Scott and Jacqui’s beautiful patterns.


After each canvas piece is printed, they are sewn, then fashioned with leather and hardware accessories to complete the bag.  The best part about this is that all of this is done in-house in their studio. Year Round Co.’s bags draw you in with interesting pattern details, yet still remain classic and modern enough for everyday use. YRCO_8

If you have a chance, watch their process video that shows all the steps of making a Year Round Co. bag.  There’s something so calming and peaceful about this video and it only takes a minute of your time!

Year Round Co. – the process of making our products from YearRound on Vimeo.


We are so excited to try on a Year Round Co. bag in person at our Portland Mini Market this weekend! To get a glimpse of what will be at the Mini Market, browse their shop and keep up to date on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  We can’t wait to see you all in Portland!

Maker Spotlight: Combed Thunder

combed thunder-rcf-2

Today we are so thrilled to be featuring Portland maker, Combed Thunder. We cannot wait to see these wall weavings in person at our Portland Mini Market on August 9+10 outside Rejuvenation! If these weavings look familiar to you, it’s because we featured Combed Thunder in our flyers!

combed thunder-rcf-5

Combed Thunder was born of Natalie Novak’s desire to share her love of weaving by making small but complete pieces that are accessible to everyone and at home anywhere.

combed thunder-rcf-3

In 2012, Natalie Novak stumbled upon a little weaving school in Damascus, Oregon. Being enthralled with southwestern weaving and wanting to learn the techniques herself, Natalie began to meet with a group of weavers at a little 1800s school house in Damascus. Since Natalie’s beginnings as a weaver, she has collected 3 looms at home, including a large upright loom in the Navajo style. She continues to weave with others in Damascus, sharing in the extraordinary wealth of knowledge she’s collected from her teachers and fellow weavers.combed thunder-rcf-4

 Natalie’s style of weaving draws from traditional indigenous motifs with a modern edge. We love the variety of colors and patterns Natalie designs on her loom. Although sometimes a sketch is drawn out first, many of Combed Thunder designs are created right on the loom as if its second nature to her.

combed thunder-rcf-process

combed thunder-rcf-1

We are so thrilled that Natalie will be bringing a collection of her Combed Thunder weavings to our first-ever Portland Mini Market!  Be sure to check out her website as well a preview all her weavings on Etsy.  If you want to stay up to date on Natalie and her creations, follow her in Instagram!

Maker Spotlight: Blu Skillet Ironware


With our first-ever venture into Portland right around the corner, we’re beginning our Maker Spotlights for our Mini Market!  Today we’re featuring Blue Skillet Ironware.

Patrick Maher, artist and blacksmith, and Caryn Badgett, painter, began making things together that were both beautiful and useful around the home. They found they shared a similar aesthetic in designing and creating objects  - whether it was gifts or things they needed around the house, Patrick and Caryn soon began making more things together as a hobby.  Their iron pan was the inspiration and beginning product for Blu Skillet Ironware.


Blu Skillet creates iron pans, that are forged rather than cast. This makes the pans lighter and easier to handle, as well as less porous and quicker to season. They can take high temperatures and they can go from stove top, to oven, to table.  The blue color is a product of heat treatment, which forms a protective layer of blue iron oxide on polished steel. It is a natural rust deterrent, and combined with organic virgin coconut oil, provides an excellent preseasoned surface – making the pans nonstick and ready to use. They’re iron pans and therefore reactive, so they won’t stay blue – they’ll darken and patina as you cook and season them, and their polished finish will continue to contribute to an easily maintained nonstick surface.

4_bluskilletwares Each pan and product Blu Skillet creates can take a long time and a lot of effort, however, Patrick and Caryn’s diligent and careful work on every product produces incredible results. Blu Skillet takes raw material and gives it form and a purpose, and soon after that, a new home. 

Patrick and Caryn kindly gave us a sneak peek into their metal and iron shop and we couldn’t be more amazed!

Every pan is skillfully hammered by Patrick in their Seattle workshop.  Caryn carefully adds the final finishing touches to create a one-of-kind long-lasting skillet. 8_bluskilletstduio 9_bluskilletstudio

After researching and testing out their pans, Patrick and Caryn found that blue steel pans aren’t just beautiful, and lighter, they’re also great for searing and caramelizing.  They believe that there is something so satisfying and wonderful about cooking dinner in a pan that is made by hand. We can’t help but agree and hope to test out their skillets ourselves!10_bluskilletstudio

Currently, Blu Skillet produces about 20 pans per week, which are either sold through their online shop, out of their studio directly, or at their local farmers market. We’re thrilled that Patrick and Caryn chose our Portland Mini Market to showcase their iron pans to the handmade community. 11_bluskilletstudio

We are so excited to have Blu Skillet Ironware join our Mini Market for our first venture into Portland!  Browse the Blu Skillet store for their full line of products, plus follow them on facebook and instagram to stay up to date!  See you all in Portland soon!

Maker Spotlight: RillRill Jewelry

1 Today we’re featuring the incredible jewelry of RillRill. Katie Freedle is the Portland-based designer behind Rill Rill Jewelry. We cannot wait to see these beautiful brass and marble necklaces at our Los Angeles Summer Market this weekend!

3RillRill’s collection arose from freestyle experimentation with new materials that interested Katie.  Katie, being drawn towards black and white marble, created a series of modern jewelry pieces that embraced the sophisticated classicism of marble.  5

Accented with copper bars, each graphic pendant represents an “abstract take on architecture and negative space.”2

Words cannot express how much we adore the Katie’s styling.  The contrasting pieces of marble elevate her necklaces so perfectly!


The marble pieces cut and forged into graphic designs are tied with leather straps and copper bars, invokes a new and unique perspective on jewelry as high art.7 8We’re so excited to have Katie showcase her jewelry at our LA Market tomorrow and Sunday!  Check out the beautifully designed Rill Rill website, plus follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  We can’t wait to see you you all this weekend at Grand Park!


Maker Spotlight: Concrete Geometric


We’re thrilled to be featuring Los Angeles maker, Concrete Geometric today! Be sure to check out these beautiful vases and plant pots at our Renegade Craft Fair in LA this weekend at Grand Park!



Krizia Flores is the architect behind these geometric vessels, officially starting Concrete Geometric in 2013. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a business when friends and stores began to ask for prices and how to buy a vessel for themselves.


Krizia draws admiration for clean lines and architectural and industrial spaces is a clear inspiration for her work.  At first she started designing, cutting and folding shapes without any real purpose in mind for her creations, until one day she decided to pour concrete into the shapes.


Krizia is familiar with the trial and error process when creating new shapes and designs for her concrete vessels.  This is one of the reasons we love her modern, yet perfectly imperfect plant pots. Krizia utilizes a variety of materials for creating 3d molds, from paper, to silicon and clay. Each method yields a different result which is why Concrete Geometric’s vessels are so interesting.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We love the sharp, precise lines of Krizia’s Minimal Floral Centerpiece Vase.   CG007

We can’t wait to see Concrete Geometric’s beautiful vessels and plant pots in person! Check out the Concrete Geometric website, browse all of her products in the Etsy shop, plus gaze at her beautiful Instagram feed.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our Renegade Craft Fair in LA this weekend at Grand Park!