Maker Spotlight: Ele Story

Happy Friday! We’re here to dole out some adorableness and feature Ele Story! This whimsical clothing line will be at our Austin Fair this weekend!
Judy Jou is the woman behind Ele Story. With a passion to design cute and sweet things, she could not wait to design clothes for her daughter.  Judy love dresses and thinks kids are little versions of adults and they should be dressed well.  For Judy, designing for children means more freedom and fun, because it allows her to mix bold prints together in a wonderful way. FallJacket_Snow_HighTeaWeb
 The name “Ele Story” was inspired by a song in Chinese Judy’s mother sang to her as a child, about a little elephant who is encouraged to be proud of her long nose because it is what makes her who she is.  The clothing line celebrates the uniqueness of every child as they grow up and discover who they are. Pinafore_RiseAShine_web
As a former costume designer, Judy does a lot of research before putting anything to paper.  Judy spends the bulk of her time taking in images that she finds and then spend time doodling and drawing out silhouettes. Both the fabric and Judy’s inspiration informs how she decides to move forward with a piece. Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 2.59.52 PM
At the end of production, Judy takes time stepping back and viewing the collection as a whole, making sure cohesion and fluidity is felt, similar to dressing characters on the stage. SwingJacket_Rain_Web

We’re so thrilled to have Ele Story at our Austin Fair this weekend. Check the entire collection online and stay up to date on Facebook and Instagram. See ya’ll tomorrow!

Maker Spotlight: Amber E Lea


We’re gawking over jewelry designer and ceramicist, Amber E Lea today! Amber will be bringing her designs to our West Elm Pop-Up tomorrow and our Austin Fair this weekend!


Amber is a ceramic artist turned jewelry maker. Truth be told, Amber E Lea Designs evolved through a series of fortuitous happenstances. Amber worked with clay since she was a kid and hasn’t been able to deny her fascination with its properties. After studying ceramics and arts in college, Amber took a job at a local jewelry making company. Now, years later, she’s a jewelry designer and has started a company specializing in ceramics.singlestriperings


Amber began making jewelry for herself to fill the void of simple yet interesting wearables in the world. At first, Amber was drawn only to the timelessness and versatility of the color white. However, it wasn’t long, until she began creating all kinds of colored porcelains, experimenting with metals and hand painting 22k gold and silver lusters on to the surfaces. These miniature porcelain sculptures have become her passion. For Amber, bringing art into everyday lives is a beautiful and necessary thing.ringdish

Both the color palette and textures of Amber’s work are largely influenced by her time spent in the high deserts of New Mexico. Amber translates the intrinsic and extrinsic beauty of the four classic elements, earth, water, air and fire, into each clay piece.
 All hand-sculpted porcelain jewelry pieces are paired with fine metals. Once in awhile, Amber throws in the occasional leather or fiber element to keep things interesting. The raw porcelain’s integrity and durability is preserved through a series of high temperature firings in her kiln.firingupclose


Amber offered us a little peak into her studio and workspace. We love all the hanging inspiration, and the raw vessels waiting to be fired up in the kiln.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed

We can’t wait to buy all of Amber’s designs at our Pop-Up tomorrow and Austin Fair this weekend! Check out her collection and Etsy shop, plus stay up to date on Instagram.

Maker Spotlight: Pastrana Studio

planter2 (1 of 1)
Who doesn’t want to spend time on a Monday looking at gorgeous wooden wares? And by gorgeous, we mean G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Today we’re focusing our eyes on the modern, minimalist designs of Pastrana Studio. The husband and wife duo behind Pastrana will be bringing their wares to the West Elm Pop-Up on May 14th, and our Austin Fair this weekend at Fair Market!
mediumindigo (1 of 1)
 Born and raised Texans, Julian and Kate created Pastrana Studio out of their appreciation for well-made goods and hard work. The things that they are inspired by and enjoy most are evident in their design and product creation. They not only consider design when creating a product, but functionality as well, stressing the idea of creating for a purpose. For Julian and Kate, knowing that others will be able to use Pastrana Studio pieces in their homes to create their own memorable moments is the reason they put more time and care into focusing on each detail. From the selection of the materials they use to the craftsmanship of each piece, Julian and Kate’s process allows for them to create quality heirloom products that not only will be enjoyed, but passed down for generations to come and continue the story.
Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.00.51 AM
While Julian and Kate handle different aspects of the business – the force between these two can be strongly felt in the finished product. Julian handles the construction aspect of the process which includes milling the wood, joinery of the pieces, grinding, and shaping to its final form. Kate handles the finishing phases which include an extensive sanding process, and several coasts of their oil-based finish.
Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.01.50 AMScreen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.04.16 AM
Both Julian and Kate have equal contribution in the design concepts, sketch up drawings, and prototype critiques for their products, breaking up the physical labor in the shop with photo-shoots, marketing, and packaging for shipments. After spending a long time working on prototyping and designing last year, Pastrana Studio launched an online shop in September while both had full time jobs. Julian is still a firefighter/paramedic, but just this month, Kate has started doing Pastrana Studio full time.
IMG_3407To the duo, there are no limitations when using the natural world for inspiration. Julian and Kate find something spiritual in working with wood; which allows them to create their pieces while continuing the existence of the wood’s inherent qualities. They appreciate the ever-present beauty and refinement of each piece of untouched wood, and that idea and thought process is a humble reminder to them.
pastranastudio_neckthree (1 of 1) copy
Pastrana Studio finds beauty in the wabi sabi nature of their medium. Julian and Kate don’t try to disguise a crack or knot in a piece of wood they’re working with – but rather find beauty in the uniqueness and incorporate it into their finished design.
pastranastudio_shop (1 of 1)
They allow the wood to speak for itself, to tell its own story. For some creatives, allowing the natural medium of their craft to tell its own story might be challenging. But for Julian and Kate, that challenge can be the best inspiration, gifting them a launching point to start their design.stool1 (1 of 1) copy
Through the continuing revolution within the Maker movement, Pastrana Studio stands out by using high quality hardwoods, refined designs, and master craftsmanship. pastranastudio_servingboard (1 of 1) copy
 We absolutely cannot wait to set our eyes on Pastrana Studio’s wooden wares at our Austin Fair and West Elm Pop-Up this weekend! Watch out, ya’ll, there might be some brawling over that plant stand! Check out the Pastrana Studio website, and spend some hours gawking away at their Instagram. See you soon!

Maker Spotlight: Betty Alida


Today we’re thrilled to be featuring Betty Alida! These jewelry pieces will be kicking off our handmade weekend in Austin at our West Elm Pop-Up on May 14th and our Austin Fair May 16+17. Get ready, Austin!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Betty Alida jewelry is designed and handmade in Austin, Texas, by Jennifer Gaewsky. Created in 2014, Jennifer’s line was named after her maternal and paternal grandmothers, Betty and Alida.  The designs began as a passion project and stem from a desire to create unique and beautiful pieces with high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. Jennifer has had a strong love for art and design since childhood, when she first began exploring jewelry construction.


During the day, Jennifer is a pediatric physical therapist – but for her entire life, she has explored all types of craft from pottery to wood working to painting. She spends much of her free time learning and exploring new mediums. For Jennifer, there is something about the limitless aesthetic potential of materials that she finds addicting and she loves to create and uncover that potential. Jennifer created Betty Alida in 2014 in response to this love for making and creating, as many others do.


Jennifer is highly inspired by her surroundings, finding and absorbing inspiration everywhere. The abundance of countless highly talented artists in Austin and the city itself breathes their influence. Jennifer’s multi-colored pendants are actually inspired by the Graffiti park at Castle Hill, a large, dynamic, outdoor art gallery in Austin.

“After I spend all day absorbing inspiration, I process it, synthesize it, and make sense of it when I go for a run. That is my brainstorming time and I tend to do a lot of my rough designing during those runs. Sometimes they come to my when I am sitting in Austin traffic. Next I sketch the design and test it out on the loom. I can’t tell you how many designs look amazing in my head and terrible on the loom. But if it works out, great! And that’s how I have come up with my current designs that I will be bringing to Renegade.”


Jennifer utilizes a simple bead loom that she has grown to love after countless experimentations. Using Japanese Delica seed beads, she carefully selects the colors, creating bright, colorful palettes. Although time-consuming, Jennifer’s attention to detail shines in the colors she chooses. Once the piece is woven, it is secured in a slide bar and chain, giving the designs their unique look.


We are so thrilled to have Jennifer and Betty Alida join us at our West Elm Pop-Up and Austin Fair next weekend! Visit the Betty Alida website and follow on Instagram to stay up to date!

Maker Spotlight: Est Wst Collective


Happy Monday, everyone! We’re kicking off this week by getting to know Est Wst Collective. The guys at Est Wst Collective have been working hard to bring aid to rural areas of Nepal and we want to spread the word on how to help them. You can donate to their fund here.Photo_RKTQ_RKBBBL203

EST WST Collective was founded by Jhana and Arya Cayton, a brother-sister team with roots in California and Kathmandu. Their bags are made in a small workshop in Nepal using sustainable and handloom textiles sourced directly from their partner weavers. Colors are drawn from nature and tradition, shedding light on the beauty that persists through a nation in transition.


Inspiration for EST WST was born when the siblings returned to Nepal in 2013, where their parents met 35 years earlier. In an effort to support marginalized populations, EST WST utilizes traditional craft, offering a functional product based in authenticity and sustainability. Collective Salijar Walk

Jhana and Arya work closely with their partner artisans, alternating time spent in Nepal and Northern California to develop new products, work with their weaver collectives on new designs and examine ways they can decrease their environmental impact while increasing their social impact. The regular travel also maintains the authenticity and balance between Eastern and Western aesthetic.

“We put thought into everything we source, incorporating artisanal craft and sustainable materials to ensure each piece has substance and a story behind it.” Even their hangtags are handmade from a natural plant called loktah, which grows like a weed in the foothills of the Himalayas and provides income for women in remote villages. IMG_8698 IMG_8891

Their Himlayan Nettle, which is used extensively throughout the collection is harvested, spun and woven by hand without the use of electricity. Each bag is lined with a waterproof lining made from recycled materials, and a portion of each sale is dedicated to supporting rural populations through clean energy initiatives. IMG_87199

The latest collection, debuting at Renegade’s Austin Fair features a variety of ikats from their collective in India. The designs are all custom made and handwoven using the ancient 12 step process which originated in South Asia. RKBBBL203_Topi

We are so thrilled to have EST WST Collective join us for our Austin Fair on May 16+17 at Fair Market. For more on their story and to stay up to date on new partnerships and travels, follow their instagram, Facebook or check out their website. EST WST is currently on the ground in Nepal working to bring aid and support to those who have not yet been helped. You can donate to their fund here.








Maker Spotlight: Bole and Buck


We’ve been swooning over this Maker Spotlight since the photos came in our inbox! We’re thrilled to have Bole and Buck share their wooden wares at our Austin Fair and they’ll also be kicking off the handmade weekend extravaganza at our West Elm Pop-Up on May 14th!
Kyle Tueffert
A quick history. I picked up wood working around eight months ago, having gone to school to study fine art painting and work experience in the professional  culinary field Bole and Buck is a melding of the two in hopes of creating visually beautiful but purposeful art. I couldn’t have imagined the positive  response that has occurred over the past few months, although i feel my drive should not be directed by response either good or bad it has been a reassuring motivator. All kitchen tools are shaped by hand using traditional woodworking technique, and i find that each day there is something new to learn and new inspiration is born.My goals for the future are to continue to innovate and introduce new ideas from kitchen tools and serving boards to a small line of furniture. There is such a beautiful resurgence of makers occurring not just here in the us but all over the world and i hope that we foster a community that pushes each other positivity and respect. I owe everything to those who have supported me and helped along the way i hope i can constantly strive to return that kindness each day.



Bole&Buck-6Bole&Buck-18 Bole&Buck-22 Bole&Buck+Stirring spoons-2

instagram- @boleandbuck

Maker Spotlight: Foxwares Ceramics


Today we’re thrilled to be featuring the gorgeous work of Foxwares Ceramics. Lindsey Wohlgemuth will be bringing her gorgeous ceramic pieces to our Austin Fair May 16+17 at Fair Market!


Lindsey started working with clay while taking ceramics courses at UT. Her interest in ceramics stuck after graduating, and Lindsey bought a kiln to begin working on her own ceramics collection. Foxwares Ceramics contains functional and decorative ceramics for the home. From lanterns and coasters, to mugs and tableware, Lindsey’s pieces are not only gorgeously detailed, they are also meant to be used. We’ve got a deep love for ceramics and needless to say, we want one of everything!


Lindsey is often inspired by her travels. She makes an effort to seek out other ceramicists and finds inspiration in the simplicity of the craft and what some artists can do with so little. When she can, Lindsey visits archeological museums to see the some of the traditional pottery on display, taking in how the process and significance has remained steadfast.


Looking at Linsey’s work, you can see that she has adopted some old world techniques, as traditional patterns, textures, and shape shine through some of her pieces. Although some of Lindsey’s designs start from sketches, much of her designs are born on the wheel, letting the organic shape evolve more naturally than if she were to draw on paper.


For Lindsey, the process is all about trial and error. She finds she can only get better from practicing the process start to finish. When something good comes out of the kiln, Lindsey starts making it in production. Out of that repetition comes more learning and new ideas. The more she makes, the more she learns. Lindsey finds the practice of creating ceramics fascinating. While it may be beautifully simple – just earth and fire- it takes a lifetime to master.

fw-studio-throwingFoxwares webshop is still in the works, so you’ll have to buy all the Foxwares Ceramics pieces at our Austin Fair, unless we get to them first! Fall in love with Lindsey’s entire collection on her website, and follow her on Instagram to stay up to date!


Maker Spotlight: Studio KMO

austin ink drawing, 11x14

Like anything in life, good things are created with hard work, dedication, and love. Today we have the pleasure of featuring Studio KMO, a true master of hard work, dedication, and most importantly, patience. Karen will be bringing your papercutting skills to our Austin Fair at Fair Market on May 16+17.

austin 10x10

Studio KMO is the studio artwork of papercutting artist, Karen M. O’Leary. Her modern maps are handcrafted and created with just an x-acto blade and watercolor paper in her Charlotte, North Carolina studio. The first mapcut (a hand cut modern map) was created as part of Karen’s 5th year architecture thesis. Karen’s mapcut was more than just an average map – it was a beautiful, non-typical map, layered with more information than any other. Since then, she quietly worked on these beauties for her own enjoyment.

austin MAPCUT, 11x14

In October of 2009, Karen listed her NYC mapcut on Etsy, in hopes of earning a few dollars. The images of the delicate streets of New York quickly circulated throughout the online design community and a business was unintentionally created.

View More:

Karen’s modern maps are more than a navigational tool, they are collected and treasured by many for the memories and stories they tell. These maps are truly a sight for sore eyes and the immaculate detail within them is a reflection of painstaking work and Karen’s passion for beauty in the smallest things.Karen’s maps are often collected as reminders of where we have been and where we aspire to go. And rightly so, they become heirlooms.

View More:

We can’t wait to set our sights on Studio KMO’s maps in person at our Austin Fair. All you Austin locals out there, be sure to stop by and view your city through Karen’s hard work. Check out some of the city mapcuts she’s created on her Etsy shop, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Maker Spotlight: Pup Tart Handmade

watermelon purse

Happy Friday, everyone! Today we’re featuring Pup Tart Handmade, a London-based textile brand dedicated to creating awesome products for your furry pets and your home. We’re so excited to have Pup Tart join us for our London Fair kicking off tomorrow! Hannah’s bringing some brand new fruit and cactus printed housewares, so keep your eyes open at our Fair!

Pup Tart was founded by Hannah and her Norfolk Terrier mixed dog, Indy. This adorable duo set out to create hip dog accessories, that were practical, beautiful, and also affordable. The success of Pup Tart led to an expansion of products, including home goods that complement Hannah’s pet accessories.tuti fruti teatowel

Pup Tart is truly a handmade collection – everything is designed, printed, and sewn by Hannah herself, including the fabrics and papers. Hannah tie dyes, marbles, and block prints to create bright, colorful patterns and designs to freshen up your home.

Think Pink TipiMarbled paper

Hannah has such a great eye for color when it comes to her marbling. The swirls of neon pink, electric blues, and shimmering golds blend seamlessly together, yet maintain their bold originality. If you visit the Pup Tart blog, Hannah even has a tutorial on how you can marble yourself! tote multi glitter bow

Meet Indy, Hannah’s adorable pooch, and partner in crime. Indy is the model and inspiration behind the brand. Just look at that handsome face!Midnight Glitter Multi glitter clutch 1 copy

We’re dying to get our hands on Hannah’s summery pet tipis! Our dogs in the office would go nuts for them.il_fullxfull.589500547_9nmm

We can’t wait to see Pup Tart Handmade’s bright and colorful booth pop up at our London Fair this weekend! Be sure to check out the Pup Tart Etsy shop, and follow Hannah and Indy’s adventures on Instagram

Maker Spotlight: Girae Rigira


With our London Fair just around the corner, we’re so excited to be featuring this adorable apparel Maker, Girae Rigira.

Girae Rigira is an Italian clothing line founded by Germana Bargoni, who has become a passionate textile archeologist. Germana digs up and retrieves long-forgotten precious remnants of fabric and cloth that have been resting quietly in abandoned warehouses and old storage rooms for 30 to 50 years.


Her search for precious fabrics leads her through Italy, Europe, and the United States to find miles and miles of textiles waiting to be repurposed into something new and beautiful.


What emerges from Germana’s expeditions, is the ancient story told through texture, brightly colored fabrics, and unique patterns. These stories inspire retro yet timeless fantasies that Germana pieces together by crafting unique items and often, given the preciousness of her collection, turning them into one-of-a-kind rare gems: dresses, shirts, blouses, bowling pants…

unnamed-4 unnamed-5

Every item is handmade and hand-stitched by Germana in her Bologna workshop. In each article of clothing, a fragment of a colorful, elegant and unique past is given fresh life, and a new story can be told.


Germana crafts unique one-of-a-kind pieces that are sometimes inspired by the decade of fashion the textile was created, or reinvented into a bolder, modern parcel of clothing. Girae Rigira understands the cyclical world of fashion and embraces the ever-turning wheel.

foglie2 primaThe Girae Rigira lookbooks artfully tell stories themselves, creating a character-filled landscape where the viewer captures glances at the outfits in time. Perhaps it is how Germana sees herself, as she dives into history, unveiling the textiles that will shape her own stories.

We love seeing into Germana’s Italian workspace, full of deep, dramatic color and light. unnamedunnamed-1We are thrilled to have Germana bring her line of clothing to our London Fair this weekend, April 11+12, at the Old Truman Brewery. Her pieces are perfect statements for Spring, don’t you think? Before the weekend hits, check out the Girae Rigira website, pre-shop her Etsy store, and follow Germana on Facebook and Instagram. See you soon!