Maker Spotlight: RillRill Jewelry

1 Today we’re featuring the incredible jewelry of RillRill. Katie Freedle is the Portland-based designer behind Rill Rill Jewelry. We cannot wait to see these beautiful brass and marble necklaces at our Los Angeles Summer Market this weekend!

3RillRill’s collection arose from freestyle experimentation with new materials that interested Katie.  Katie, being drawn towards black and white marble, created a series of modern jewelry pieces that embraced the sophisticated classicism of marble.  5

Accented with copper bars, each graphic pendant represents an “abstract take on architecture and negative space.”2

Words cannot express how much we adore the Katie’s styling.  The contrasting pieces of marble elevate her necklaces so perfectly!


The marble pieces cut and forged into graphic designs are tied with leather straps and copper bars, invokes a new and unique perspective on jewelry as high art.7 8We’re so excited to have Katie showcase her jewelry at our LA Market tomorrow and Sunday!  Check out the beautifully designed Rill Rill website, plus follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  We can’t wait to see you you all this weekend at Grand Park!


Maker Spotlight: Concrete Geometric


We’re thrilled to be featuring Los Angeles maker, Concrete Geometric today! Be sure to check out these beautiful vases and plant pots at our Renegade Craft Fair in LA this weekend at Grand Park!



Krizia Flores is the architect behind these geometric vessels, officially starting Concrete Geometric in 2013. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a business when friends and stores began to ask for prices and how to buy a vessel for themselves.


Krizia draws admiration for clean lines and architectural and industrial spaces is a clear inspiration for her work.  At first she started designing, cutting and folding shapes without any real purpose in mind for her creations, until one day she decided to pour concrete into the shapes.


Krizia is familiar with the trial and error process when creating new shapes and designs for her concrete vessels.  This is one of the reasons we love her modern, yet perfectly imperfect plant pots. Krizia utilizes a variety of materials for creating 3d molds, from paper, to silicon and clay. Each method yields a different result which is why Concrete Geometric’s vessels are so interesting.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We love the sharp, precise lines of Krizia’s Minimal Floral Centerpiece Vase.   CG007

We can’t wait to see Concrete Geometric’s beautiful vessels and plant pots in person! Check out the Concrete Geometric website, browse all of her products in the Etsy shop, plus gaze at her beautiful Instagram feed.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our Renegade Craft Fair in LA this weekend at Grand Park!

Maker Spotlight: SpazzHappyLine Designs

long and lean all three plant great

We are so thrilled to be featuring one of our newest Makers to the Renegade Craft circuit, SpazzHappyLine Design! Tiffany Zlatich started SpazzHappyLine Design in 2013 after starting a hanging mobile project for her home. What began as a hobby for home decoration soon became a side business.

double teardrop aluminum with plant great

A lover of math, geometrical design, and symmetry, Tiffany searches for balance in her designs. Since her start, Tiffany has rapidly produced unique metal mobiles and structures, with prototypes for animal busts and hanging pods in the works.

diamond sconce close II

A clinical psychologist by day, Tiffany is grateful for the time she has to create these metal wall hangings and structures. We’re grateful, too – we can’t get enough of Tiffany’s variety of minimalist designs to her more ornate wall hangings.

nesting triangles

Every piece of metal is sawed by hand, polished, and sanded individually in Tiffany’s Detroit studio space. After each piece is carefully cut and measured, it is assembled with monofilament fishing line and hung.

geo drop S brass plant II


We love the juxtaposition of the organic, wild aesthetic of the air plant with the symmetrical, cage-like structure of Tiffany’s designs.

heart brass plant pyramid sculpture M all 3We are so thrilled Tiffany decided to join us for our San Francisco and Los Angeles Summer Markets.  We can’t wait for LA to see these incredible metal structures this weekend!  You can view all of Tiffany’s work on the SpazzHappyLine Design Etsy shop, plus follow her on Instagram to see all the inner workings of her metal designs. See you all at Grand Park this weekend!


Maker Spotlight: Magic Carpet Yoga Mats


Today we’re featuring Magic Carpet Yoga Mats!  We saw these beautifully printed yoga mats first hand in San Francisco, and can’t wait for all our LA shoppers out there to see them at our Summer Market this weekend at Grand Park.

Sophie Leininger is the founder of Magic Carpet Yoga Mats (MCYM) and is a Northern California-based artist. Her long-time fascination with traditional textile and rug design has never found an appropriate outlet for study, which is why she started MCYM.


Magic Carpet Yoga Mats embrace traditional design with the hand painted attention of a trained artist.  Sophie’s mat designs are heavily influenced by traditional persian rugs as well as Southwestern weaving techniques. Each design is hand painted by Sophie, then digitally scanned and printed onto the yoga mat, providing a unique and artistic alternative to a common mat. 


Sophie desired to take the metaphorical and physical definition of the “rug,” being a boundary for a specific practice or activity, and reflect it in her yoga mats. Sophie believes that performing yoga postures on a beautiful mat enhances the yoga experience by connecting the pleasures of the heart to the movement of the body. We also love that the designs on Sophie’s yoga mats are made to make positioning your body all the easier and more fluid. 


Not only are Sophie’s designs stunning in their floral details and diamond flourishes, but they are also always non-toxic, phthalate-free, and sustainably printed in California, USA. KarenDoolittle2

Sophie’s natural eye for pattern and color is outstanding.  Her patterns are nods to culturally traditional rug designs, yet the hand painted aesthetic with Sophie’s color combinations breathes a fresher, California vibe in each mat.OliviaVale1

We can’t wait for Sophie to bring her Magic Carpet Yoga Mats to Downtown Los Angeles at our Summer Market in Grand Park!  You can see all the mat designs MCYM has to offer at their website and gallery.  Plus, be sure to stay up to date on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  See you all next weekend in sunny L.A.!

Maker Spotlight: LWPH Sews


Today we’re featuring San Francisco maker, LWPH Sews. We are so excited to have these baby quilts and textiles showcased at our Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco this weekend!


LWPH Sews was started by Jen Anderson in 2012 after she began sewing quilts for her baby. LWPH Sews was born out of Jen’s love for quilting and all things modern. Each quilt is completely handmade, down to the hand stitched binding, and truly meant to be an heirloom piece.


Jen envisions every quilt she sends out being loved for years then passed onto the next generation. One of her favorite features of modern quilts is that they are not only functional but something that can be laid out on a chair or crib as an added statement piece to the room.


The patterns and color combinations Jen stitches together in her quilts are just beautiful!  The southwestern geometric patterns, the pale yellows and blues, to the modern and bold black and white – each quilt is uniquely designed and evidently sewn with care and attention to detail.


Within the last few months, LWPH Sews has expanded her product line to include baby blankets, crib sheets, and even wall hangings that reflect the playfulness of childhood plus Jen’s classic modern aesthetic.

soft pink

We are so excited that Jen will be bringing her LWPH Sews quilts to our Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco tomorrow and Sunday!  Browse all the patterns and combinations she offers on her website, and keep up-to-date with her on Instagram and Twitter.  See you all tomorrow at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion!



Maker Spotlight: JCR Work


Today we’re featuring Austin maker, JCR WORK!  We are so excited to have JCR Work showcase their wooden mobiles in San Francisco this weekend at our Summer Market!


JCR WORK was founded in 1979 as a creative output for Julio Carreon-Reyes. We love Julio’s description of what he does at JCR Work and think it is quite fitting: One man and one laser working together in the name of human / machine harmony.


Julio is inspired in equal parts by the natural and technological worlds. JCR Work draws upon the emergent patterns in animal and plant morphology.


The current range of wooden mobiles includes a family of native Texas birds, a collection of whale species drawn to scale, a shark, a bat, and a winged serpent. We’re personally big fans of the Narwhal, and of course the native Texas birds, which we included in one of our e-flyers.


At JCR Work, each piece is drafted by Julio in his Austin workshop, and then it is prepared using a layered method of laser engraving, cutting, screen printing and hand finishing.


Here at Renegade Craft, we are amazed at the quality and finite detail in each animal mobile JCR WORK creates. JCR Work believes these mobiles represent fragments of imagination for the home, and we couldn’t agree more!


We can’t wait to see JCR Work’s mobiles in person this weekend at Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco!  Be sure to check out the variety of birds, whales, and other animals on the JCR Work website, and follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things JCR Work.

Maker Spotlight: Coral & Tusk


Today we are featuring Brooklyn makers, Coral & Tusk!  We are so thrilled to have their incredibly detailed, embroidered wares showcased at our San Francisco Summer Market this weekend!

Founded in 2007 by Stephanie Housley together with her husband Chris Lacinak, Coral & Tusk embodies the spirit of luck and good fortune.


First enchanted by the natural world during childhood trips to the Eastern seaboard, Stephanie’s frequent travels now span the globe. Magical experiences everywhere from Wyoming to Nepal inform the imagery and humor behind Coral & Tusk’s designs.


Inspired by a love of animals, travel and adventure Coral & Tusk invites you on a journey to explore the whimsical and sometimes adventurous nature of her animal characters.062713-059A RISD-trained textile designer, Stephanie begins the design process by sketching pencil drawings of her elaborate scenes, telling stories about animals in love, the circus, and whatever Stephanie’s imagination creates.


Once they have met her approval, Stephanie painstakingly redraws them stitch by stitch using special computer software so that her original drawing remains in tact on the fabric.

3 Finished by hand in Coral and Tusk’s Brooklyn loft, every machine-embroidered pillow, doll, napkin and artwork retains the story-telling spirit and hand-drawn allure of the original illustration. A mix of smart design, magic and mischief is at the heart of every Coral & Tusk embroidery.4 5

We are in awe of all the work and extra hands it takes to carefully execute crafting these embroidered products.  The craftsmanship of the Coral & Tusk team is evident in every tiny stitch that is perfectly manicured on each linen and stuffed animal.6

Coral & Tusk offered a peek into their Brooklyn loft space and we absolutely love it!

visit_2Isn’t their space stunning?  The pops of color amongst the neutral linens gives such a cheery air and we love the hanging shelf of plants next to their inspiration wall!


All photos by Kate Lacey Photography

We can’t wait to see Coral & Tusk’s tiny embroidery stitches in person!  Be sure to check out their website as well as follow them on instagram, pinterest, facebook, and twitter.  Can’t wait to see you all this weekend at the San Francisco Summer Market!

Maker Spotlight: Palanquin


Today we’re featuring Oakland maker, Palanquin. Palanquin is a design company with a focus on lighting and well-crafted objects.  Using time honored techniques of glassblowing, wood turning, and mold making, Palanquin produces modern, yet warm and approachable designs for living spaces. We are so thrilled that Palanquin is joining us for our Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco this weekend and in Los Angeles July 26+27!


Founded by Alex MacDonald in 2013 in Oakland, California, Palanquin is the crystallization of a vision to provide an organically growing line of handmade products.  With a background in fine art and training in both woodworking and glassblowing, Alex has set out to create dynamic pieces that express his love of materials and devotion to craftsmanship.


Palanquin collaborates with a small group of local artisans and trusted visionaries to deliver a well made and finely distilled vision of the modern lifestyle.  Their goal is to offer ethereal lighting and versatile objects crafted in the west coast design tradition.


Alex gave us a special sneak peek of his workshop in Oakland.  We are in awe of his craftsmanship and dedication to well made objects!

IMG_1953IMG_4250IMG_9269We are so thrilled to have Palanquin join us for our San Francisco and Los Angeles Summer Markets.  You can browse all of Palanquin’s beautiful glass pendants and objects in their lookbook, plus follow Palanquin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date!


Maker Spotlight: 3rd Season


We are so excited to be featuring 3rd Season Designs today in our Maker Spotlight series!  3rd Season will be joining us in San Francisco on July 19+20 and Downtown LA on  July 26 + 27 for our Summer Fairs!

Los Angeles makers, 3rd Season, specializes in hand made textiles and fine goods.  Mabel and Alycia are the designers behind 3rd Season, and they’ve put in great effort and care to create unique, fashion forward clothing and home accessories. Their textile designs are inspired by classic hand dying techniques, combining contemporary imagery and applying it to timeless silhouettes.  Together, Mabel and Alycia print and dye fabrics focused on exploring and developing new techniques.

DSCN0869 DSCN0882

Mabel and Alycia find constant inspiration in Los Angeles, with its mixture of cultures and its vibrant love of art.  The LA influence is beautifully apparent in 3rd Season’s carefree, draped silhouettes and their sun-bleached aesthetic.


Mabel and Alycia make an effort to travel for inspiration as much as they can, most recently, drawing inspiration from architecture and color in Italy. Their traveling experiences, partnered with their passion for fashion, the art they admire, the music they love and they people that move them, is the heart of their creative process. photo 5

We cannot wait to see these indigo dyed pillows in person – just look at those rich blue tones paired with a bright contrast piping!DSCN0831We’re thrilled to have 3rd Season join us again at our Renegade Craft Fairs in San Francisco and Los Angeles Summer Markets.  You can preview some of the items they’ll be bringing on their website.  Check out their updates and daily inspirations on Facebook and Instagram, too!


Maker Spotlight: Herbivore Botanicals

il_fullxfull.579318833_d8ll Happy Monday, Everyone!  Today we are featuring Seattle makers, Herbivore Botanicals.  Here at Renegade, we’ve been admiring Herbivore Botanicals’ packaging for quite some time now, and we’re thrilled that they are joining us for our San Francisco and Los Angeles Summer Markets! processphoto

Herbivore Botanicals is a 100% natural skin care company based in Seattle, Washington.  Starting in their Seattle kitchen in 2011, Julia and Alex set off to create natural skincare products that are effective and sustainably crafted.  Alex and Julia have put in the time, care, and effort to source 100% natural and vegan ingredients, GMO free soy wax, and the highest quality ingredients (many of which are organic). Plus, their packaging is recyclable and reusable!

il_fullxfull.577418646_k5wyJulia graduated from a Naturopathic medicine school, learning  about the benefits of herbs, aromatherapy and Chinese medicine had to offer. Combined with Alex’s artistic background in design and photography, they set out to create a beautifully crafted and packaged line of skincare products that have sparked fans and followers across the country. jprocess1processphoto2 processphoto1Sometimes people assume that natural ingredients are not as effective as products packed with strong chemicals.  Herbivore Botanicals doesn’t  believe you have to swap one for another, and all their products are 100% natural and extremely effective.  They source the finest raw natural materials, like Japanese Bamboo Charcoal and Micronized Tourmaline gemstone powder, to formulate products that are luxurious and all natural by combining essential vitamins, minerals and botanicals to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality. aprocess1processphoto3 il_fullxfull.579771393_4mre We absolutely love the essential oil and scent combinations Herbivore Botanicals uses, like their Blood Orange and Geranium Pink Clay.il_fullxfull.577525721_q7js workspaceplant We are so excited that Herbivore Botanicals will be heading South to our San Francisco and Los Angeles Summer fairs!  Shop their website, see what they’re up to on Facebook and Twitter, and marvel at their Instagram account.  See you all soon!