Renegade Craft Fair

July 8, 2014



Today we are featuring seasoned Renegade Craft vendor, Alchemilla.  If you’ve ever gone to a Renegade Craft Fair on the west coast,  you’ve most likely stumbled on a uniquely distinguishable booth that looks as if you’ve walked into a miniature curiosity shop. Jen Lorang is the architect of this booth and the designer behind Alchemilla. The creativity behind her brand and jewelry stands out at each fair, and we’re so happy to have her join us again for our San Francisco Summer Market.

Alchemilla uses vintage, deadstock, and reclaimed materials to create one-of-a-kind and limited collections of jewelry.  Each piece is designed by hand with great attention to detail and craftsmanship in Jen’s Oakland studio. Alchemilla merges the techniques and spirit of old craft and mysticism to create modern day jewelry and accessories of an enchanting nature.
2014 lookbook4
Alchemilla’s jewelry collections are thoughtfully selected pieces designed to evoke magic, beauty, and resilience in the wearer. Each piece is created in the hope that future wearers will appreciate jewelry and self adornment for its ability to turn every day life into expressions of personal creativity.

pink globes

Influenced by the punk and d.i.y. ethos, Jen is a self taught illustrator and printer. She studied bookarts and political theory and went on to collectively run a non-profit letterpress and screen printing workshop. Along with her jewelry, Jen illustrates stunningly beautiful journals and printed fabrics that look as if they were discovered in an ancient apothecary.  Her etsy shop is full of unique books and fabric patches that can be hung or sewn onto various bases.


Jen gave us a sneak peek into her Oakland studio and we couldn’t be more mesmerized by her collection of bottled charms and chains, and the styling of her space.

studioWe love the golden hues and natural night reflecting off of all of her jewelry pieces and ornaments.studio2


As you can see, we weren’t lying when we said her studio was like a curiosity shop!  The tiniest details of Jen’s studio give you a glimpse of the creative eye she brings to her jewelry and booth at our fairs.

studio4As always, we’re so excited to have Alchemilla join us at Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco.  You can view some of Jen’s jewelry on the Alchemilla website as well as her Etsy and Instagram.  See you all in San Francisco soon!